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  • subase

    In a fake stomach one could store tons of goodies. A pistol and mag is just the start.

  • Todd

    Looks like it will be fine if you have abs of steel. I exist somewhere between abs of steel and flabs from meals. I’ll stick to IWB.

  • Don

    That’s a clever little rig.


  • Jim

    Very intriguing. I’m a thin guy and I’m currently considering my first pistol for carry. I’m tempted to go with a full size, but I’m concerned about concealability, particiularly in the summer when I usually just wear a slim fitting tshirt and jeans. This looks like a great system for when you’re wearing a suit (perhaps not for us lefties though), but it looks a bit too cumbersome while wearing a tshirt. I’m not sure I want to wrestle with getting my shirt halfway up and then drawing in the heat of the moment.

  • Seems like a particularly slow draw compared to, for example, IWB carry under an un-tucked shirt or jacket. I use that as a comparison because, just like this holster, you need to clear a moderately constricting cover garment and get your hand in between your gun and body, as opposed to, for example, OWB carry. Also, do you just leave your shirt button un-buttoned all day? I guess you could replace the button with a fake button and put a velcro panel in. Seems like a lot of work.

    At the end of the day, I guess I’d have to try it to see if I liked it.

  • ap

    Tough to run for guys with a belly. Looks like the end of the “strut” would wear holes in pants, pronto. Painfully cheap looking materials for $70.

  • Red

    Dam no retention device, not aloud for me 🙁

  • Mr Maigo

    Sort of an upgraded belly band… I do see it wearing out pants though, too bad

  • Marsh

    Kinda sucks that you’re required to wear a belt.

    I’ve been looking for a holster for years that’s concealable and yet can still work even with typical excercise clothing like shorts and a t-shirt.

    I go jogging in remote forests and lots of shady people like illegal immigrant gangs have moved into my area in the last few years.

    They even murdered my best friend 3 years ago…

    I’d like to be able to carry a gun with me. But I could never find anything that was practical.

    Anybody out there know of a good holster that could fit my needs?

  • ap My friend was murdered by “The Railroad Killer” Angel Maturino Reséndiz although I remember him as Rafael Resendez-Ramirez, one of the many aliases this illegal immigrant used. I am a runner, too, and it’s the best solution I’ve found.

  • packinheat

    I own a Stealth Defense Strut Holster and it’s my favorite for all day concealed carry. It can be worn with normal clothing including slim fit jeans while driving. Larger pants are not required which is often the problem with other IWB holsters. There is no such thing as a perfect holster but I have not found anything better for me.

  • Cale Carter

    The good.
    1. It is very comfortable. Much more than a belly band or shoulder rig.
    2. Sitting down is just as comfortable as standing,turning, bending.
    3. My Para warthog sits in the rig with no movement and only a little printing due to the size of the gun. but if your not looking for it, you cant see it.
    4. Dont be fooled into thinking this is an upgraded belly band or such, it is a very cool rig that is very concealable and very comfortable with my SW bodyguard I could prob pass a patdown if it was positioned right.
    5. IN jeans you do not need a belt. unless the jeans are really baggy the strut holds it well enough to lay down, bend over stand up, run and jump without signifigant movement.

    The bad.
    1. Dont plan on out drawing someone. This is deep conceal and will be slow on the draw. pulling up your shirt and drawing is not as easy as it looks plus cell phones ect get in the way.
    2. A glock 17 will print badly, (but then it does at 4 – 6 carry also).
    3. The extra mag option has too much movement because the band is not supposed to be tight around your middle.
    4. If you carry a Glock there is a slight chance you could engage the trigger with a corner of the rig when you reholster your weapon. (the corner should be rounded instead of pointed)

    For anything the same size or smaller than my Para Warthog this gun is a great carry option.
    Cool in the summer, does not bind around you or have as much skin contact as a belly band, and if worn right is almost undetectable.
    It is overstated with holsters but you will truly forget you have this on.

    TIP – ALWAYS wear a t-shirt between you and the rig and skip the extra mag option.

    Final – This is great as a CC option for your firearm.
    This would also be an incredible backup carry option if you hate the ankle holster.
    You can draw this while driving easily.
    I see this as preferable to ankle carry in every way.

    * I don’t work for this company and the opinions are my personal ones through my first hand observation.

    I am glad I purchased this rig. You will be too.