Guns, Ammo, Liquor, Beer, Wine & Live Bait

Brian emailed me a photo he took in September of a gun shop in Crescent, Oregon 🙂 Not seen in the photo is a sign for live bait.

Brain says that the store is run by “a really nice old couple”.

UPDATE: The stores website is here.

[ Many thanks to Brian for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • jeff

    have a similar place with a similar sign run by probably similar old people that are VERY nice. They’re like 85 and they still keep the place open 24 hours. You need deer tags at 4am, ring the bell and the wife comes out in curlers, happy as a clam to help you

  • Jon

    The real question is: do they sell tobacco?

  • Brad
  • john

    haha you misspelled brian and typed brain.

    • john, lol, thanks, fixed.

  • ap

    If this store is ironic to you, you’re living in the wrong place.

  • JamesF

    There’s a place like this south of the border here. They have a selection of handguns, rifles, ammo, and liquor. It’s a good place to hunt for dusty old top shelf bourbon.

  • GeoffH

    Reminds me of my business trips to Houston. Would drive by places with signs for beer and ammo. Not that there is anything wrong with that, as long as you don’t drink the beer before using the ammo.

  • btr

    There is supposedly a pharmacy, liquor, gun store somewhere with a big sign that reads: “BOOZE, DRUGS AND GUNS”.

  • AZRon

    I have similar fond memories of a few places like that here in AZ. Often, I’d get a hair up my butt and decide to go fishing at 3:00 AM. As Jeff said, I’d pull into the lot and ring the bell. It might take them a couple of minutes to answer the door (they were asleep afterall), but they would always be friendly and helpful even if your only purchase was a $1.49 bucket of red wrigglers.

    Sadly, soon all of these places will be gone. Not only have chain stores made their existence unprofitable, there are very few “Mom and Pop” personalities left to carry on the tradition.

    It’s truly a shame.

  • I was gonna say, the only thing missing is “Live Bait.” There used to be a place near me that had the trifecta.

  • Is it actually Brain or was that intended to be Brian?

  • What? No tobacco?

  • Lance

    Wheres the chips???

  • DaveR

    The BATF lives for places like this.

  • Alex

    Reminds me of my idea for the A,T&F store.

  • Your Mom’s Box

    “’40s & 9s’ My favorite store”

  • Mountainbear

    Plus a bear on the roof and one on the front side. That’s triple win.

  • Brian

    I found their business card when I was cleaning my wallet out. Pretty good website. Be sure to check out the Gallery.

    • Brian, thanks for that. I have added the link to the post.

  • CountryGirl

    I have been to this store several times. They do have Live Bait & chips, No tobacco at this time (Maybe soon?). They also have a great selection of rigging and lures to catch whatever you fancy in the local lakes, rivers and reservoirs, even the creek behind the store! The staff can set you up with the gear and some local intel to guarantee you catch fish. We stocked up here before heading off with the kids to go fishing and they directed us to a specific spot on Miller Lake. Our friends boy caught the biggest Rainbow he had ever seen. The selection of guns is ever changing and the owner is always showing off the his latest aquisition of collectors guns. Don’t see that particular gun on the shelf? Just ask. They will gladly order it in. The owner also has insomnia and uses it to make sure he is the first to place his ammo orders. There is never a shortage here. These guys are one of a kind and will keep me coming back.