Bill Wilson Signature Jacketed Match Load

Wilson Combat is now selling match.45 ACP ammunition. The Bill Wilson Signature Jacketed Match Load is guaranteed to shoot ten-shot groups at 25 yard through a “fixed barrel testing device” of under 0.5″. The load pushes a 230 gr. Hornady HAP (Hornady Action Pistol) bullet at 760 fps.

Wilson is pricing it at $70 for a pack of 100 rounds.

Steve Johnson

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  • Warning: The HAP bullet, while a hollowpoint, is not designed to expand like its sibling the XTP. This is strictly a competition-oriented projectile.

    • Daniel, thanks for the info.

  • zack991

    Not worth the cost to me.

  • nick

    This is an excellent hunting round for those in states that require bullet to not be FMJ. I’d love to shoot rabbits with a .45 FMJ but am prohibited.

    Tell me a .45 FMJ is insufficient for a cottontail…. only a politician.

    In Wisconsin a FMJ is illegal for ALL hunting.

    This is the solution! Non-expanding HPs!