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  • michael

    1,800 for this? simply get a 6.8 at half the cost for hog hunting….

  • Jeff M

    Or a lr-308 ap4 for $1250, NRA gun of the year.

  • michael

    agreed jeff….I’m actually looking at one of those right now as a early xmas present to myself…lol

    the reason why I said 6.8 is weight and size for hog hunting. just get a 6.8 10.5inch and your all set a 2/3rds the weight of the 308.

  • Stella

    Isn’t .223 okay for hog? Is a more powerful cartridge necessary?

  • Seth

    weird I was watching Fight Club last night…you know the scene…

  • JD

    Looks like a really nice rifle but… over priced.