Stephen Hunter’s upcoming book


Congrats to Stephen Hunter on his seventh book in the Bob Lee Swagger series, Dead Zero , that is due to be released on December 28 1. Stephen has created a video promoting the book …

Only a real man does not edit out missed targets ;) I was videoed last weekend when out shooting with friends and my misses will never end up online!

Stephen has been a reader of the blog for a long time.

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  • Mr Fahrenheit

    Ha! Nice promo video.

    Stephen Hunter, huh? I’ll have to read something by him before his new book comes out in January.

  • Ewan

    I like this guy! :) I think I will try to find one of his books.

  • Sturm44

    Hey, when the old guy walks away with the girl at the end, it looks like he’s got a replica Stg-44 on his back.


  • SpudGun

    Great way to promote the new book and really made me laugh. Nice to know he’s a reader of The Firearm Blog as he comes across as a very likable and knowledgeable fellow.

    Not really a book reader (can you tell?), so if by some chance Mr. Hunter reads my post – any news of more Bob Lee Swagger movies coming out in the near future?

  • CinSC

    Wow, I wish I could get my subconscious to do that for me! (bring me guns, that is ;) )

    Looking forward to the new book!

  • Chris

    Actually, I think this will be the 7th book in the Bob Lee Swagger series. Excellent books, by the way. Perfect for us gun nerds.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Good vid…

    I must admit, that girl from his subconscious is a hotty, but a guy that can write a great book like “Time To Hunt” (My favorite of his books thus far) clearly has a vivid & graphically detailed imagination & subconscious mind!

    Congrats, Mr. Hunter, on your newest BLS book! I’ll have to read it soon! :-)



  • SPQR

    That’s hilarious. I’m a great fan of Stephen Hunter.

  • Jeff

    Funny video… this will be the 7th Bob Lee Swagger book though, not the 3rd.

    • Steve

      Jeff, thanks, my brain was not functioning ;)

  • Raptor

    Nice! But it’s actually the 7th book in the series. The first was Point of Impact (which the movie Shooter was based on), then Black Light, then Time to Hunt, then The 47th Samurai, followed by Night of Thunder, and most recently I, Sniper.

    Cheesy video, but I have to say I’m really hopeful. The first three books were awesome, 47th Samurai was real bad, Night of Thunder was boring, but I, Sniper was the best book in the series after Point of Impact, so here’s hoping Dead Zero will be just as good.

  • Doug

    His name didn’t click with me until he mentioned “shooter.” He seems pretty down to earth and takes a light hearted attitude towards the promo.

    I’ve already got quite a list of classics to read before I make it to Dead Zero though. Maybe if I had read something other than comic books as a kid I’d get to it sooner:)

  • Don

    that guy seems like he has a really good sense of humor!


  • Alan

    Um, by third, you mean 7th, right?
    And shame on y’all, go read! Good books, lots of shooting mumbo jumbo and history and lore.

  • J Star

    It’s not the third Swagger book. It’s the 7th. ;)

    • Steve

      Thanks guys. I have updated the blog.

  • JonMac

    Yep – and the Tommy that he gives the girl is an airsoft replica also.

  • Rob De Witt

    OK, silly video – but Stephen Hunter gets all the slack in the world for having written all those great books. Wonderful stuff for gunnies, of course, but maybe more to the point, Stephen Hunter is a massive writer in every sense. For those of you who haven’t read them all, don’t miss the early ones, and read them all in order sometime to see the development of the characters over the years.

    I’ve read ‘em all several times, and as much as I like Bob Lee, I’d really love for Hunter to write a couple about the early years of his daddy Earl, one of the truly great characters in American fiction.

    I’m rereading I, Sniper at present. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new one

  • Jason

    I am with ya on the Earl Swagger books – I think those would make a great series of movies too.

  • btr

    I’d like to see a novel about Bob’s gradfather, and his exploits in WW1.

    There would be a lot to delve into with that character.

  • Ethan

    Just finished the new book, it’s fantastic. Anyone know of a way I can write to Mr. Hunter?

  • Sam Suggs

    ive red the majority of his books loved them all. however he looks ironically like macheal moor