More on the Browning 1911-22

Browning has announced the specifications of their new mini-1911 pistol.

It is a replica of a standard 1911 but is scaled down to 85% of the original size. The frame and slide are made from an aluminum alloy with a blued-like finish. The gun utilizes a straight blowback action. The sights are fixed.

In my opinion, not having seen the pistol, the only let down is the plastic grips. Nice wooden grips would suit this little pistol much better – especially with the $600 pricetag being a lot higher than other 1911-style .22 pistol.

The pistol is being released next year in celebration of the 100th anniversary of John Browning’s masterpiece. All 1911-22′s shipped in 2011 will receive a commemorative canvas and leather pistol case.

I really look forward to shooting this gun. It looks like a lot of fun.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tim

    The plastic grips don’t bother me. Our old issue 1911’s had brown plastic grips so it reminds me of the G.I. guns. I kinda like it.

  • Tom

    This size 1911 would make for a great 9mm 🙂

  • Cymond

    I’m disappointed by the combination of the high price and zinc construction. Ruger manages to make quality steel 22 pistols for $400. GSG makes a good 22lr zinc 1911 clone for about $350. So why is Browning charging $600 for something that borders on pot metal?

  • Rex

    I agree, at this price point it should be all steel, with the possible exception of an aluminum (no zinc) alloy frame. If Llama could do it, Browning certainly can.

  • Dave

    What have you heard about their full size 1911? I saw one on Gunbroker, but it’s part of the special package going for a lot of money.

  • gary

    Has anyone heard when in 2011 the pistol will be released?

  • JD

    The Browning website states the slide and frame are made of aircraft grade Al alloy. Do you believe they would lie about something like this? For about $250 more, you can get a Beretta 87 in 22cal which has probably has only a slightly better fit, finish, trigger, materials, plus real wood grips and a proven track record. With that in mind, the Browning is a great deal for only $500. Shoot it until it turns ulgy, have a better quality finish put on it, trigger job, wood grips, polish all internal parts, etc and shoot it till it turns ugly again. Browning website states it has been tested for 25K rounds durability!!

    • Freddy

      Browning 1911-22 try and get spare parts for this pistol don’t hold your breath— plastic guide rod broke + a bent slide spring—- if you pay for shipping both ways + parts and labor—- that little 85% pistol is expensive—- bad day at the range

  • Art

    It’s funny how people are ready to buy this firearm without having handled one at the gun shop. But for the price I would expect more than what I’ve read in a couple of reviews. No .22 needs an 8-lb trigger pull. As for function, the ACE kit for the real 1911 works great, of course the combination of the two makes for a hefty price now that folks have decided 1911’s are cool, again.
    I use a .22 conversion on my Beretta M92. It works great, has a far better trigger than any Glock or Smith I’ve ever held and it serves as an inexpensive practice gun for my 92SBC, which I occasionally carry in place of the PT-145. If you’re looking for a shooter, get something else. If you’re looking to buy them and put them in the safe for 20 years then they may grow in value due to scarcity. But, if they are dogs (as the reviews have indicated) then there will be very little appreciation on value for a long time. Remember, it took 30 years for an Edsel to become a collectable…

  • Chip

    Just bought a 1911 22 today… I am impressed! I’ve been around firearms all my life having been in law enforcment for many many years. This little gun is perfect for plinking up to self defense.
    Good fit and action, as you might expect.