Safir opening factory in USA

Turkish AR-15 rifle and AR-15 shotgun manufacturer Safir Arms is opening up a manufacturing facility in Willingboro, NJ.

Dawood Qureshi, who works for the current distributor of Safir Arms in the United States, left this comment on this blog …

Safir Arms is setting up a manufacturing facility in Willingboro NJ. Building has been leased and infrastructure is in place. Waiting for ATF FFL. Inspection of premises has been carried out satisfactorily by ATF, FFL should be forthcoming. We shall market the gun for Safirarms as their sales agent in USA. we hope to be able to offer the gun and its accessories for sale by Jan-Feb 2011. T-14 will be imported from Turkey initially till manufacturing begins.
In US, Safir will be manufacturing T 15 ( .223 cal. Semi auto model) and T 22 ( .22 rimfire model) in addition to T 14 and its uppers. 5.56 (.223) caliber AR 15 magazines of 10 and 20 rounds.

We are taking projected requirements from the dealers at this time for T-14, Uppers and Magazines for delivery in March 2011. Safir Arms can be followed on Tweeter at Safirarms for latest updates or send us an e mail.

I am surprised they are going to manufacture the T-15, a standard AR-15.

Steve Johnson

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  • Slim934

    Why on earth would one want to build a manufacturing site of any kind in New Jersey?

    It is probably one of the top 5 least friendly states in the Country for a business.

  • Joe Hooker

    Why on earth would anyone want to open an arms plant in New Jersey?

  • APismoClam

    WOW! I was born and raised in liberal suburban Willingboro NJ, and I can’t believe that they’re going to set up an AR-15 shop there! I think that’s great because their local economy has been depressed for years, but the idea sounds almost like trying to start up a chocolate shop in Hell.

  • JC

    Of all the potential states to choose from, they pick NJ? Oh my…

  • Lance

    Why did they pick a state with such anti assult weapon laws wont this make things harder for them? Pick Texas or Vermont or Idaho is better than NJ.

  • Matt

    I like the t-14. And if they make the t-15 cheap enough it will definitely have it’s place for super budget builders.

  • Ladyfox

    I’m MORE surprised that someone is opening up shop in New Jersey. Really would have been interesting to hear how that conversation went:

    Government: Oh, you’ll LOVE it here and we’ll give you lots of money and gifts.

    Safir: But what about your opresive and freedom-hating laws especially those relating to RKBA?

    Government: Oh, that’s just what those Tea Party people say and they lie ALL the time. Heck, some are even terrorists!

    Safir: OH! We had no idea it was like that!

    (fast forward one year later after the tax breaks expire…)

    Safir: We’re dying here! Nobody’s buying our stuff because we gave in to you guys and they’re calling us sellouts and anti-gun sympathisers! Ane even worse the taxes are not helping either that you levied on us.

    Government: The government shrugged, and did a little jig on the conference table as they continued to count their tax money.

    “I could not help myself. It is my nature.”

  • Jdun1911

    NJ is not a good place to do any business. The Turks are going to fine it the hard way.

  • Burst

    How I read this, is they will be manufacturing the guns, and not the components (for the most part)

    That means if they’re importing subassemblies from turkey, it’s a relatively short distance to the east coast, where they’ll be ‘manufactured’ into the finished weapons. It’s good logistics, even if NJ is less than a perfect site for this sort of business.

  • Stefan Fycyk

    You mean we need the Turks coming over here and making American clones? Do we really need another AR-15/M-4 copy? Too much foreign stuff here already. Sorry stick to my US made firearms. No money going to towelheads to fund Hamass or Al Quaeda.

  • Bora

    Fantastic, Turks living in Turkey cannot own semi-auto rifles without jumping through burning rings wearing a clowns suit while singing the turkish national anthem backwards but can try and sell the guns mostly manufactured in Turkey to people with real freedoms.



  • If they can get the prices to be significantly less then other AR15’s on the market, then I could see it being popular Otherwise, no.

  • wizemanful


    Not all Muslims are terrorists, Turkey especially. In fact, Turkey is probably Israel’s biggest ally in the entire Islamic world. Don’t toss them all into the same big boat, and stop wallowing in your ignorance.

  • 223Rem

    Willingboro of all places. Wonder how long it will be before a B&E.

  • Dear wizemanful,

    Thanks for stating the facts. This is exactly how I feel.

  • jdun1911


    Turkey isn’t the biggest ally by far, especially since the last couple of years of trying to import terrorists, ops I mean “protesters” into Israel. These so called protesters end up almost stabbing an Israeli soldier to death.

    The biggest ally is probably Jordan and the biggest silent ally has to be Saudi Arabia. How many times do the Saudi turn a blind eye to let the Israeli used their air space to bomb other Muslim countries like Syria or pass intelligence to the Israeli.

  • I suppose technically religion is not politics, but lets keep it out of gun discussions.

  • Mehmet Kamil

    Our Dear American friends,

    The Republic of Turkey is a secular and civil law abiding democratic country since 1923 with an elected Parliament and Government. Being secular , all state and religious affairs in Turkey are separated with profound detail.That was and still is the only example in the Muslim world. People in the Muslim world look up to Turkey for this reason except the radical fanatics.
    And we have been the staunchest NATO and USA ally since the Cold War protecting its flank to the CCCP sharing lots of common ground with Western democracies in culture and beliefs. Turkey is also a prospective member to the European Union that is struggling against all odds to become a full member.
    The latest skirmishes and showdown with İsrael is partly two sides’ Government butting heads on specific political issues. Turkey will always be the most important ally İsrael ever had in the region.
    Please do not judge and show prejudice against beliefs that are not familiar with yours without studying and researching the subject.

    On the other hand believe that for Safir to operate in Willingboro , NJ of all places will be a walk in the park after struggling with the strictest of Turkish Laws and Legislation concerning the outright refusal of the Government to grant Production Licences for rifled long guns of any kind to private sector.I know people at Safir Arms.They tried in vain for years to obtain these licences but couldnt even for obscene amounts export orders right from the USA.

    And the AR 15 design of the Safir T 14 Shotgun has caused the company incredible amount of struggle against Government lawsuits saying that the gun is designed as a war weapon and such nonsense. They even tried to change the Gun Law in Turkey with a new amendment saying that unrifled and ungrooved hunting guns can not be designed as war weapons but failed.

    So I know how is Safir struggled in Turkey for 5 years to survive and become a serious name in the business. They will feel like a free bird out of a cage in NJ compared to Turkey.They have all the support of the Willingboro Mayor and the City Council and waiting for the FFL approval and State Police Dept. of NJ. Licence of security.
    I am very sure that you will see a dilligently run and operated plant and production when they can become operational.

    Best Regards

  • Guys, I did not post the initial message to start discussion on believers and non-believers. I am an American Muslim and I am very proud of my country and my faith. If need arises, I am sure, I will be standing way ahead in the row to defend it. I am pretty certain, people who express hatred through forums and offer comment without knowing ABC of the subject will not be seen anywhere in the row to defend our country. One must think and evaluate his capabilities before opening mouth or writing on any religion. It is a serious and sensitive subject. Don’t form your opinion on some verses that some ignorant dude narrated you without referring to the full context in which they were said. And by the way, infidels are people who don’t believe in God. I don’t think there is any one on the Earth who does not believe in Exisitence of God. For more information, read which says it is a punishable offense to use this term against a Jew or a Christian, under Islamic law. Read Quran as a whole and then form your opinion. However, I respect every ones opinion, but it should be an informed one. They say, Opinion is like an — hole , everyone has one.

    Through the initial message I posted, I simply want to inform the hunting community in Alaska, Arizona and elsewhere in the country that they are soon going to get a unique shotgun, first smooth bore, 410 cal., semi Automatic ever made based on an assault rifle for big game hunting. It is tried and tested works perfectly well with American ammo. “The product is very popular in its home country Turkey with 15.000 guns on the market, all over Europe, and sells well from Latin America to New Zealand, Russia to Thailand with more than 2000 guns and 500 upper receivers already in the US market.” The gun is designed to be used with every kind of ammo, birdshots, buckshots or slugs. Mainly we recommend slugs, because the gun has a powerful gas system that no other shotgun has and also is extremely accurate up to 300 meters. grooving and rifling is a possibility at later stage. The guns will be here by next 60-90 days. Gun enthusiasts and gun shops are welcomed to reserve their monthly quota. For updates keep visiting this forum or follow us on tweeter at “safirarms”.

  • It was poor oversight on my behalf that some of those comments went though. I have deleted some of the comments. This blog is not the place to discuss religion.

    This blog is for all people, regardless of their country, religion or even political persuasion. It is “Guns not Politics”.

  • tarkan

    I really wish this will be good for Safirarms and unemployed people of NJ and other states also,please leave your prejudices and be guest of Turkish people and try our firearms,machines of all kind.Even our enemies who called us ”Abdul the Turk” have graves welcomed after the war.Rarely you can see examples of such in the world.As residents of unique geography we understand wars and what people fight for and we respect.Thank you….

  • Thomas

    I hope they upgrade their manufacturing and parts quality. When these first came out from ATI importing them I bought one for about 900 bucks. My bolt broke before I finished firing the first mag. I ended up having first the bolt and firing pin replaced by ATI who handled Safir’s warranty. Then I had to send the gun to them for service because it kept jamming…until the replacement bolt broke too. In the end I gave up on the gun because I had to send it in three times. ATIs service was great, despite any of them or my dealer or me being able to get the gun to work right. I ended up getting something different from my shop. All in all though the bolt was replaced three times, the firing pin twice, the magazine twice (after we had to turn the spring around cause it was in backwards???) and I don’t even know what else and it still didn’t work. This gun is a really cool idea so hopefully they’ve improved the quality. Either way though, I think I’d prefer an American made one with American quality parts. These were all over the place last year, did anyone else have these kind of issues or did I just get a dud?

  • Dear all:

    I am writing to you from Chile.

    The reason I’m participating in US blogs is to give you all a different perspective on the T14 SAFIR ARMS guns.

    Although attractive, as they look like AR15s, there is a lot to consider before buying one of them. We thought it was a good product, so we went ahead and ordered 4 guns so we could test them before offering them to our customers, against all recommendations from the sales director in Turkey that we should get more guns… that 4 wasn’t an important purchase. After placing the order, paying for them, it’s been more than 4 months, yes…FOUR MONTHS, and still we can not do anything with them.
    One of them came with rust at the tip of the barrel. Parts on the inside of the guns were used and worn out. Springs on all 8 magazines were different. Shells would get stuck and did not feed properly, the side lid of one of them would held close in place…it was worn out…just to name a few.
    The manufacturer makes 2 different versions of the T14. One that goes to the US, caliber .410, and another for latin America, 36 gauge. What I think we got was a mix of parts from those two versions.

    There is a huge language barrier when dealing with Turkey. We’ve done business with other brands, so we speak from experience.
    With SAFIR Arms everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong.
    Everything I have written here has a video back up of the gun’s operation, and also pictures of the items received, together with email back up of the purchase process, that wasn’t respected and they sent whatever they felt like they should send out.

    Please be careful before buying. They have no concept of customer service. They do not own up to their mistakes, despite the amount of written evidence and pictures of the faulty items.

    I lived in the US and go there often. I know the standards you are accustom to, and this company doesn’t even come close.

    Please don’t take this as a “getting back to them”, instead, it’s a heads up before you spend any money on this guns.

    One of the 4 guns is 100% useless. That is 25% of the product received. They even sent an extra mechanism in the order (which we didn’t ask for), but it doesn’t fit any of the guns…

    I will gladly send the video of the jammed guns to anyone who wants it and the pictures of what we got.


  • Charles Hastings

    I have a T-14 it is a great rifle, the only problem I have is I cannot get magazines!! Can anyone help? Thanks Chuck

  • Dear Chuck:
    It took us about 4 months to get the exta magazines we order and paid for in the original purchase. good luck trying to get more magazines from the manufacturer…
    About your T-14, you must be one of the few lucky ones. Ours are just piled up on a shelf. Not even the gunsmith wants to look at them.

  • Dear Thomas;
    I hope you get to see this post.
    I am so glad some one else came through with the real product SAFIR is trying to sell.
    As you can read in the post just below your last one, I detailed all the problems we encounter, and as a result, people who also read the posted message, contacted me with questions and with the same stories.
    People from Brazil got also scammed by this people. They even had to pay a much higher price than you did, due to Brazil’s import taxes. Their gun is also INOPERATIVE…
    I hope you posted what happened to you on other US bolgs, so no more people get these guns.

    Have a good day.


  • Mr. Charles Hastings

    T-14 and its accessories will be imported and distributed by Safirarms LLC NJ from New Jersey. We are setting up our own distribution system in New Jersey, expected to be operational by next 60-90 days. Once the distribution system becomes operational, there will be no dearth of parts, accessories and Guns. The gun sold by us will carry 2 years warranty on parts and labor. All warranty repairs will be looked after from our facility at New Jersey with utmost speed. You will have to wait till we are operational in New Jersey. Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.

  • This message is to inform everyone that Safir Arms LLC has acquired all the licenses required to manufacturer and Import. We have initiated the import process of the T-14 guns. Partial manufacturing will begin soon.
    We will fulfill orders on fist come first serve basis. Thanks.

  • T-14 classic and T-14 Compact with a very limited quantity of Uppers will be available in our factory/Distribution center in New Jersey in approximately one week’s time. All sales will be made through the licensed dealers. Dealers pricing is available upon request.

  • T-14 Classic and T-14 Compacts will be available in about a week’s time for distribution. All sales will be made through the licensed dealers.

    please visit us for more information at Dealers pricing is available upon request.

  • Finally, the waiting period is over. we will have stock on Thrusday. In the first go we will have T-14 Classics , Flat top with carry handle as an option. Compact will be in stock a week or two later.

  • We have stock on T-14 classic and T-14 compacts. Distributors, dealer and customer inquiries welcomed.

  • David Kasper

    I want to purchase a Safir T-14 upper. I need to know from other members on its working with AR-15 lowers. Has any one used them, if so on what brand of upper and how does it fit and perform?

  • Convert your rifles to 410 shotguns, Aluminum upper and guns are in stock now.
    410 GA Aluminum Uppers with Aluminum quad rails look great.

    • KC

      When are the T15 (5.56 rifles) going to be available?

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