Michael shoots his pistol with his feet

You must watch this video. It is amazing! Michael was born without arms, yet he has managed to learn how to load and shoot a Tanfoglio Witness pistol. He is a very inspiring guy!

[ Many thanks to Heath for emailing me the video. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt

    Wow that guy is hoss.

  • primo capo

    it is a victory of the human soul.

  • Jesse

    That is absolutely insane.

  • WeaponBuilder

    WOW. I am humbled & impressed!

    That’s just awesome, and inpsiring!

    I have friends that are lightly handicapped, and for some reason they believe that they simply could NOT shoot a firearm due to their disability. I think this video might help inspire them.

    Thanks for posting this!

  • SpudGun

    That is toe-tally awesome and an amazing feet (sorry for the puns), but seriously, that is very inspiring and incredible to see.

  • Glen

    Some men will go to great lengths to keep and bear arms.

  • Wow….that’s truly an inspiring video!

  • Jim

    I am absolutely floored by this.

  • Wow. I think that goes to show that you are really only as limited as you believe you are.

  • And yet many states would deny him the right to Keep and Bear arms due to his disability.

  • Axel Nordberg

    Very awesome! I wonder what other guns he’s shooting.

  • Jeff M

    Where are all the firearm safety nazis?

  • Stuff like this makes me feel like a chump when I complain about something.

  • Falcon500

    I should really stop complaining about bad things that happen to me.

  • DC

    I was impressed until he started reloading the magazine. Then I was amazed.

  • Rifleman336

    Wow!! Now all he needs after he gets his CCW license is a good ankle holster!!! 😛

  • zack991

    I was going to say that what he is doing is incredibly stupid, then I seen he had no arms. It just amazing what a person can do when you put your mind to it.

  • greasyjohn

    It could be a whole new market. 1911 makers could brag about who has the best ambidextrous toe safety!

  • Joel

    Wow, that is amazing, noy only that he can shoot it, but also load the magazines. One question though, can he field strip and clean it? 😉

  • He is not the only one:
    Yeah that should be an inspiration for all of us.

  • Kyle

    We need to throw in a few bucks to get a gunsmith to pin that thumb safety. 🙂

  • Justin Grigg

    This just shows you don’t need arms to bear arms. 🙂

    But for real this is an amazing guy. When it started I was thinking “Ok, he can shoot it, but theres no way he can reload the mag….” and bam, he starting reloading.

  • Big Toe

    I would like to start out by thanking you all for the nice comments. They were toe-tally aw some. lol
    My name is Michael Strong, aka: Big Toe. I was running through some of the many web-sites that are posting my video when I saw the Firearm Blog., read the comments and thought I’d say hi.
    First, I have bad news, it’s not a 1911. It’s a Witness, made by Tanfoglio. I tried a 1911. I couldn’t get it to set in between my big and second toe far enough to press the grip safety in all the way.
    I tried a Glock. The wide grip was my first problem. Was very hard to get a good, solid grip. Second problem was that when a Glock ejects a spent round, it tends to come straight out, instead of that little arch that a 1911 gives you. So each brass bounced off the top of my right big toe.
    When I tried the Tanfoglio, it fit between my toes great, very smooth action, and no brass hitting my toe.
    To answer a couple of the questions. I have shot a .22, a .38, a .357, a 30 cal. carbine pistol, the .45 (my baby), a .410, a 20 gauge bolt action, 12 gauge, and I deer hunt with a Pardner 10 gauge. Yes, I can field strip and clean the pistol. I’m working on putting that on video too.
    Lol, the safety is a pain, but I think it can be worked a bit to where it won’t hit my toe anymore, but where I can still put it on with no problem.
    Well all, thank you very much for listening to me ramble, lol. I hope I have answered a couple of questions, and had some fun. Good luck, keep shooting, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • He has a video up now where he loads a magazine on his own using his feet.

  • chris

    Inspiring guy!! 🙂 I’m gonna practice reloading with my foot so i can have more shooting time with my hands.. 😉