EAA importing Baikal rifles and shotguns

EAA Corp is once again importing Baikal rifles and shotguns into the US market. They expect the first shipment in December.

One of the more interesting guns that they are importing is the Baikal MP-161K, which I blogged about a few months ago. The are import the MP161K in .22 LR, .22 Mag and .17 HMR.

MP161K. Photo from Tozman

Another interesting range being imported is the MP94 range of combination guns. They are double barrel guns with a shotgun on the top and rifle at the bottom. The centerfire model comes in 12 gauge on top and .30-06, .308, .223 or .45-70 on the bottom. The rimfire model has .410 gauge along with .17 HMR, .22 LR or .22 Mag.

MP94 Rimfire

Also of note is the MP153 Shotgun. This shotgun has been imported many times over the years and is reputed to be a very good budget autoloader.

Also being imported are the single shot MP18MN rifle range, side-by-side MP210 shotguns, over-and-under MP310 shotgun range and the single shot MP18 shotgun.

UPDATE: They have not yet published pricing.

[ Many Tomas for emailing me the info. ]

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  • Reda Benammar

    Hi, do you have an idea about the expected date for avability and the price list.
    Thanks for info,

    • Reda, sorry, they have not published prices.

  • Gunnar Brewer

    This is wonderful news! I cannot wait to get my hands on their semi auto rimfire.

  • jdun1911

    The problem will be parts. I shot my IZH35 to death and I couldn’t find parts to fix her. At over 80k rounds she couldn’t give anymore.

    • jdun1911, 80k! After that many rounds the price of the gun is very little in the scheme of things!

  • primo capo

    excuse me, but you have to see the firearms (and effects) of these african action movies (and also the S.U.V)…
    absolutely hilarius!

  • Komrad

    You misspelled 45-70.
    I love the way those rimfire autos look, I just hope that someone makes bigger mags for blowing away pop cans. The MP94 combo gun sounds good too. I’ve always liked shotgun rifle combos, but I’ve never been able to find a new one to buy, now I may have my chance.

  • Hudson


    • its a type. Fixed.

  • Frank

    I thought there were weird laws about importing guns from Russia that didn’t have certain names or something.

  • Alan

    In Estonia and in Finland the MP-161 costs about 425-440 euros. Consider it to be cheaper in US because all firearms tend to be 25% or more cheaper over there. The closest competitor to Baikal MP-161 is Walther G22 which costs about 500 euros. This should make the price guessing a bit easier.

  • Brian

    $300 for a decent autoloader shotgun? I am intrigued!

  • jdun1911

    Yeah 80k in two years. I got pictures somewhere. I’ll post it up if I find them.

    • jdun1911, quite an achievement!

  • Wuulf

    Looking foward to the combo guns. the semi automatics look interesting as well.

  • Komrad

    Maybe they’re importing to Canada then exporting to the US or some other shenanigans. But of this were the case we’d have tons of Russian and Chinese guns here.
    More likely than not, they got them added to the list, or got a special exception, or just renamed them.

  • The MP 221 Artemida is a very nice gun. I wish they do well and also import the Baikal Deluxe line. Very reasonably priced guns and superb value for money.

  • jdun1911

    I bought the IZH35 for around $300 or so new from CDNN. It was imported by EAA and they gave the rest of the inventory to CDNN for liquidation. You can’t pass up for that price.

    I love my IZH35. I adjusted the trigger pull to 1lb. Great target pistol for the price.

    It still work. All it needs is new barrel shroud and slide. Both cracked. The barrel shroud I epoxy it at around 35k when I noticed the first crack. Two more cracks later show up. The slide release flew off somewhere. Don’t know when it happened just noticed it one day. The slide cracked and that’s when I gave up on her.

    Be advise that you will have a hard time finding parts for imported firearms that are not popular. A lot of people that I know that tries to get onto the Olympic team have a hard time finding replacing parts for their $2k imported target pistol.

    Anyway here the pictures.

    You can see the epoxy.



    Two cracks. One was epoxy.

    Another cracked on the other side.

    Slide lever flew off one day without me noticing it.

    Slide cracked. I was thinking to either epoxy or jb weld but decided against it.

    It can be fix. The frame is still in great condition. All I need are those parts and it probably last for another 150k or more.

    My current .22lr pistols are Browning Buckmark and S&W 422.

    • jdun1911, heh, you sure took a lot out of her!

      I love the Buckmark 🙂 Was what I used for target shooting back in the day.

  • Ric

    I am glad to see the Baikal products back home at EAA and still available in the states.

    I am going to be interested in the Rimfire rifle. If the price is comparable to the price in Canada and the quality is up to Baikal standards then it should be a fun gun to have.

  • Andy

    Is it just me or does the MP161K look like a Beretta Cx4 Storm clone?

  • None

    I’ve had a Baikal combo rifle (12 ga over 308) for a couple of years as a replacement for a Savage 24V (223 over 20 ga) because 12 ga is more common than 20, and 308 is just about as common as 223 and more effective. No big complaints, but it’s a 150 yard rifle, which, with iron open sights, is about all I can foresee a use for. Big advantage is it breaks down into a pretty compact package (LL Bean soft breakdown shotgun case) so it’s always in the car. Triggers aren’t bad, considering. Not sure if I’d pay over $300 for it (I consider it a SHTF gun), so it’ll be interesting to see what they sell for with the new imports.

    • None, what, in your opinion, is the practical advantage of a combo gun?

  • None

    @ Steve – The only advantages I see to a combo gun is they offer a standard shotgun gauge and a reasonable rifle cartridge in a break-down package that doesn’t cost or weigh too much. It doesn’t do either task excellently, only acceptably, which I’m willing to put up with to always keep a rifle and shotgun in the truck.

  • Michael

    I am looking forward to seeing the Combo guns back into the market and become available again. I have two of the MP94 in 22LR & 22 WMR over 410 respecively. AM very much interested in acquiring a .22 WMR over 20 gauge, and a 12 gauge over .308 version.

    I use the .22WMR/410 versaion quite a bit for small game,…wife tends to use the .22LR version as hers. Both do a good job for what I ask of them,..and do so at a fairly reasonable price. Hopefully the costs won’t go thru the roof on the Sever 20 gauge versions or the centerfire’s.