Black Friday Gun Deals


Gander Mountain’s Black Friday Sale ’10 catalog is now online. If you know of any other gun-related Black Friday sale catalogs, please post them in the comments.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • lordstickmax

    Meh. These are the going rates in pa.

  • gunslinger

    not bad. although i’m looking for a cabinet/safe right now. i’m surprised how hard it is to actually find anything in my area

  • larry weeks

    Not full guns but Brownells will be having their Black Rifle Friday again this year with overall discounts and some specials.

  • TCBA_Joe

    Struggling to find a deal on that page…

  • Wuulf

    It is nice to see that they have the circuit judge in the ad. although my wallet is screaming otherwise.

  • Advocate

    i love how Gander Mountain’s black friday deals bring down their prices to the somewhat normal levels that every other sporting store has the other 364 days a year.

  • gunslinger

    oh, forgot to mention this.
    in South Carolina, from 12:01 am Friday through 11:59.59 Saturday following thanksgiving is considered a “2nd amendment holiday” this means that all firearm purchases (guns only, no ammo/accessories/etc) will not be charged state sales tax.

    The link below is a PDF of the legislation.

  • Mehul Kamdar

    Thanks, Steve! You’re going to save me some money that could be spent on more guns and ammunition.

    Or, take that back, you’re going to make me spend even more money than I originally intended to, ha, ha! :)

  • lee n. field

    Faah! I have yet to see Gander Mountain actually have any of the loss leader sale guns on hand.

  • Karl

    Gander Mtn is a rip off…even with their “deals”.

  • alex

    OK academys in the past had the little 22/22mag combos for $100. they are kinda rough, but that cheap, why not

  • alex

    ^the herittage rough rider

  • Steve
  • SC Mike

    Palmetto State Armory is having a sale too.

    Here’s their Facebook page:

  • xxkinetikxx

    So you’re all saying that M&P with the Eotech is not a steal???