Weatherby SA-459 Threat Response Tactical Shotgun

Next year Weatherby will be selling a tactical home defense shotgun called the SA-459 TR (Threat Response).

The SA-459 TR features a 18.5″ barrel with ported choke, tactical bolt handle, fiber optic front sight and ghost ring rear sight. It is available in both 3″ 12 gauge and 20 gauge. The 12 gauge model weighs 8 lbs and the 20 gauge model weighs in at 7 lbs.

From the press release …

Key features of the SA-459 TR semi-auto shotgun include a trim forend for easy handling and a bolt with an oversized hourglass design that makes it easy to locate and operate. The ergonomic pistol grip-style buttstock has a rubber-textured grip area for snag-free shouldering. Ideal for female or smaller shooters, the SA-459 TR minimizes felt recoil with its gas-operated semi-auto action. A short 13.5-inch length of pull helps enhance the shotgun’s effectiveness in close-range threat-response situations.

The SA-459 TR’s short, defensive-length (18.5 inches) barrel is chrome-lined for easy cleaning and added durability. For mounting sights and optics, a Picatinny rail is installed on the receiver. The rail includes a LPA-style ghost ring rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation. The front sight is a red fiber optic bead.

The MSRP is $659.

Not included, and costing an extra $20, is the Threat Response Accessory Rail.The rail attaches to the magazine end cap allowing a light or laser to be added.

Threat Response Accessory Rail

Steve Johnson

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  • snmp
  • Andy from West Haven

    I’m glad Weatherby decided to join in the home defense market. Alas, would it kill them to offer more than 4+1? Even a +1 extension would be enough of an improvement for me.

    In the end I’d rather have a Mossberg 930 SPX.

  • Paul

    They’re selling the $20 rail separately?

  • Mr Fahrenheit

    I like the 20 gauge option. Right now all my HD shotguns are 12 gauge.

    Bring the price down to about $450 and I may be forced to add it to my collection.

    It just isn’t possible to have too many shotguns.

  • What are they thinking? This market is tight as is and now we have yet another tactical shotgun from a player that doesn’t have an established entry into that niche? I fear this will go the way of the Charles Daly variants.

  • Erich Martell

    When do they release their 1911 and AR clone?

  • Jim

    Looks like a great gun. I love this blog… Especially during hunting season!

  • R N

    Holy moses that front sight is high!
    Thats about the opposite of a trim front end

  • There should be a really serious tax on marketing hype buzzwords.

    Or maybe we need a 12th commandment (right after “Thou shall not spam!”)

  • Greg

    I picked up the PA-459 when it was on sale for $300 and I like it. I may have to add this to the collection in the future as well. I agree with Mr. Fahrenheit…you can never have too many shotguns.

  • Alan

    @Erich. Soon I hope! I’ve been a weatherby fanboy since I was a kid. My dog is even name Weatheby.

  • Zach

    Is there ANY logical reason for not having the mag tube run the entire length of the barrel? Looks like they could have fit another 3 shells in there. For a semi-auto, 4+1 just seems pathetic, especially at this price.

    • Brian

      The only reason I can think of is so a tactical light can be added.

  • winnie

    Actually, when Weatherby started with their tactical line, I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t go tactical with their semi-autos, since they obviously could. Maybe they just see the market for an affordable tactical semi-auto shotgun from a well-established name brand.

  • John C.

    For that price I can get a better gun that isn’t made in turkey.

    • David

      > For that price I can get a better gun that isn’t made in turkey.

      Care to give examples? I’ve checked a bunch of manufacturer sites, with no success.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I dunno, if its for home defense, a shotgun with an actual pump action has that psych factor of racking the slide and telling the intruders you’re armed and not afraid to use it.

    • Racking ur pump gives away ur position. Most intruders will then just shoot blindly in the direction of the sound and run. Which is bad if u live in an,apartment. Thats why I want a semi. I almost baught this shotgun a month ago but wanted to research it before hand. The tube extension is a must. The space is there, why not. Iv heard a remington,tube extension will fit but when I go back to the store im gona ask the gunsmith about it. Its the only way I will purcase it. Iv read that otherwise it is a nice shotgun

  • Seriously, they need to add a tube extension to that shotty.

  • Definitive Firearms

    Just finished modifying the SA-459 now it holds 6+1 three inch shells or 7+1 two and three quarter shells not sure if the same mod will work on the PA-459, as soon as I get one in to modify ill let you know. This mod will be available after I do some more testing. I plan on selling new SA-459’s with this modification for about $699.00 plus tax in Texas. Shipping to your FFL dealer available also.

    Bill Stowell
    Definitive Firearms
    Highland Village Tx

    • Josh

      I would be very interested in an extension for this weapon. Keep us updated!

    • ShootsAll

      Looking fwd to purchasing an SA-459 TR soon. Not finding many retailers with one available. How much are you selling them for (without any mods)?

      • William Stowell

        I sell the SA-459 for $585.00 plus shipping and tax if in Texas.
        You can email me at
        Thanks Bill Stowell

  • gman079

    In response to the question of tube extension for Weatherby sa-459. Tac star has a 7 inch tube made for benelli nova and super nova that matches the threading of the weatherby perfectly. But for some reason weatherby engineered the mag tube to be a closed system limiting to 5+1. They accomplished this by putting a lipped edge at the end of the mag tube. This edge prevents the follower from being push back any farther. American ingenuity will prevail here!! just dremel sand down the lipped edge and you will be able mod in that 7″ Tac star extension. Do not hand ream the end of the mag tube as it is made out of aluminum it tends to enlarge and flare out. Pics provided are for informational purposes and doing this modification you will not be able to retain stock configuration of the weathery sa-459.

  • gman079

    Sorry about the photobucket pics it did’nt translate very well.

  • Newcastlelatte

    I think they limited it to a 5+1 capacity so that they could sell it in states with Assault Weapons Bans (like Massachusetts).

  • Charles

    Are there any aftermarket parts at all for Weatherby Tactical shotguns, be it Semi-auto or pump? I can’t seem to find any. Would be a great option other than Remington or Mossberg if ther is.

  • fsand03

    Just got the SA459 TR in 20 gauge. Feels nice and trim to me. Like the threaded barrel and the flexibility offered by interchangeable chokes. Pistol grip feels right, stock length is good for a quick into the shoulder mount. I have noticed that to push the cross bolt safety back on requires a significant amount of had rotation around the pistol grip. Pushing it off can be done without rotation (right handed shooter) but, does require precise location of the index finger. Ordered an extra tube from Beretta (Mobile system). Will range test it soon but, overall happy with ergonomics, fit and finish.

  • Herman

    The reason weatherby doesnt offer above a 5 round capacity is compliance with BATF and firearms legistation 922r (I know i have this number format slightly off)…

    Anyway – its an imported gun so it cannot have non-sporting features such as a mag larger than 5 rounds.

    modification to accept more than 5 rounds requires that the entire gun, when complete, not contain more than 10 of 20 BATF specified parts sourced from outside of the US. Meaning if you want to add even a US made mag extension, e.g. choate, you have to replace things like:
    -forend grip
    -trigger gard
    -bolt carrier
    -slide arm
    -barrell extension
    … so that in the end your gun will have 10 or less of the enumerated components made outside of the USA.

    By my count about 14 items that are part of the Weatherby SA459 would have to be replaced before you could legally uprade it to more than 5 round capacity. The easiest thing would be if Weatherby or an aftermaket company like tacstar would offer a kit of US made parts including a new fore arm and buttstock, and a whole new trigger group (which would knock out about 5 or 6 of the specified parts).

    Dont shoot the messenger… just thought i’d answer the question as to why this gun does not have a larger magazine.

    The law makes no sense, mind you. In my opinion, the people from the US firearms industry who were empanelled to help write the law in conjunction with Law Enforcement and BATF personnel did a good job of helping the BATF limit fair competition, which is why the tactical shotgun products by those companies can sell for more money. You have to pay more for those guns and anyone importing their shotguns is restricted to a lower magazine capacity.

    THis law may be changed if 3 gun compettions and other military/police like shooting competitioins held by and for civilians compel the BATF to re-consider the definition of sporting features w respect to shotguns. Not likely though.

  • fsand03

    I have an SA 459 TR in 20 gauge. It is a good reliable gun so far, with the exception that it will not cycle with light loads. With slugs, I have had good results with a Carlson’s Rifled Choke tube and a a Redfield 2-7 Scope. 2 3/4 in Remington Slugger’s group best for me with three into 3.5 in at 100 yards from a bench rest. BTW, the rifled choke tube stabilized HAstings Sabots and Wichester BRI Sabots (round hole in paper at 100 yds). I have not found a 20 gauge buckshot load that appears worth anything past 15 yds (patterns are erratic past that distance) in my gun. Have tried cylinder, improved cylinder, and light full chokes and a variety of Federal and Winchester loads of #2 and #3 buckshot. In my testing so far, I would lean toward buckshot our to 15 yards, Past 15 yards, switch to slugs.