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  • zack991

    I am so glad i left that horrible state.

  • Chris
  • Lance

    We keep winning in court time to scrap Kalifornias AWB forever. Somethings wrong there why do they elect such smucks all the time, Boxer may i say more!

  • Hogan

    I guess if you have a tricked out AR, I can sort of understand wanting the full effect, but it just seems:

    1) Like asking for trouble whenever its seen, because you’ll have to verify its not really high-capacity. If you get an antsy or annoyed policeman, it could be more hassle than worth. If you are running a bullet-button, I think you are better off keeping that low-profile.

    2) Something about a “fake” high cap mag is reminiscent of those fake suppressors on long barreled civilian uzi’s & MP5 clones…not that cool (to me).

  • gunslinger

    Ok, i’m not hip on the callie laws, but i find this crazy.

    now, how do the laws work if say i had callie-illegal firearms, but legal another state (my home state), but then am forced to move to callie? would i have to surrender my legal firearms? i don’t mean to go off topic, but i was hoping someone could point me in a direction.


  • Cymond

    Aside from looking tacticool, I can see some advantages to a full-length magazine during reloading. Simply put, there’s more to grab.

    Gunslinger, you can keep your non-California guns as long as you keep them out of California. Some gun owners maintain storage outside the state. If that isn’t an option, then you could sell (vs surrender) your non-Callie guns before you move.

  • jaekelopterus

    That sawed-down pmag can’t even be taken apart for cleaning. LAME.

  • @Gunslinger:

    If you were forced to move to CA, anything that would trigger an AWB offense would be the main concern. Pistols need to be “registered.”

  • IllTemperedCur

    gunslinger, my beloved Clownifornia’s gun laws are….byzantine, but not impossible to navigate. Some of your guns are likely to be easily converted to Cali-legal format with a few simple parts added/subtracted to conform to the law. Others, like handguns with threaded barrels or “assault weapons” that are banned by name are pretty much lost causes until the law changes.

    Your best bet for navigating the Cali gun law maze is The flow charts that they provide (look for the “AW & OLL guides” menu on the forum page) are one of the best resources for staying legal in this rights-unfriendly state.

    Assault Weapons ID flowchart

  • Wuulf

    @gunslinger- Sell or Trade before you go. While I’m quite sure that any police dept. in California would greatly appreciate you surrendering your firearms and accessories that you paid for with your hard earned money, the warm fuzzy feeling that you are still a law abiding citizen would be your only payment. I’ve walked in to gun stores to see a “Cali trade” going on, where some guy is trading in his guns for some that are legal out there. Personally, if you are forced to move to cali, perhaps by your job, I would think about adding that on to the moving expenses.

  • Deckard

    They wouldn’t be legal in California so you’d either have to give them to friends or relatives to keep (if you planed on moving back to a state that honors the Bill of Rights), or sell them.

  • gunslinger

    Thanks for the info guys. I was always curious about how that works. I just find it odd that some of the “constraints” required really don’t do much.

    ohwell. i guess i’ll pray that i never have to move.

  • Well, not to rag too much on my craptastic, anti-gun state, but it could be worse. You could live in Mass, New Jersey or New York.

    If you think California is bad, those three states make California seem positively pro gun!

  • G3Ken

    If you think California is bad, those three states make California seem positively pro gun!

    Don’t think so. With the exception of the 5 boroughs of NYC, New York is not as bad as advertised. I’m not arguing that it’s pro-freedom, because it isn’t, but it isn’t California. I’m voting with my feet shortly anyway, but I find it revolting that people talk about Cali-legal firearms.

    What happened to the Bill of Rights? I find it pathetic that people will roll over and jump through any hoop simply to obey the whims of some anti-gun politician. Trigger locks, empty chamber indicators, no mail order ammo. When will it stop? I’d venture to say that there are a large number of gun owners who would comply if some asshole says you have to wear a grass skirt, a fedora and nipple clamps when touching a firearm.

    Incrementalism is alive and well in the USA.

  • Rob

    I have a few Midwest PX 15 rounders for use here in NJ. Great quality. Never had a hiccup with any of the 3.

    Got 2 15/20s and a 15/30

  • Flounder

    If you have to move to california you just have to make all the guns you bring with you compliant.

    Disassembling all mags bigger than ten round mags, getting bullet buttons or getting rid of those pistol grips. Oh almost forgot about those “flash hiders” gotta take your gun don’t worry muzzle breaks are okay… Ever mention how much I hate the california gun laws? Everyone can smoke weed but no guns for you! Oh and forget about any and all NFA Items you can in no way have them. Don’t matter if they are registered and you got that tax stamp or not. (Well maybe you can if you got them somewhere else but you can’t buy them there for sure so unless theres a loophole you can’t).

    +1 for calguns! Making normal citizens masters of finding the loopholes in gun laws! ;D

    We do have mail order ammo bro. Got rid of that one. 😀

    • Sam Suggs

      or break the law and necer get caught your choice

    • Bobert

      False, pistol grips are ok with a bullet button. Please see the calguns website regarding the truth behind our laws.