Rhino revolver in brushed nickel

Chiappa’s Rhino Revolver is now available in a very attractive brushed electroless nickel finish. Both the aluminum frame and steel cylinder get the nickel treatment.

Pricing is $799 (2″ barrel), $899 (4″), $925 (5″) and $980 (6″).

Steve Johnson

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  • john

    i like that design. the barrel is lower in the gun so there will be much less muzzle flip than the conventional revolver. it actually is almost in-line with your hand. i would love to shoot one.

  • SpudGun

    I don’t know how to say this, but the ugly little thing is actually starting to grow on me. Looking forward to hearing some independent range reports on accuracy and reliability.

    The sights could do with some work though.

  • Mark

    Maybe this is a stupid question but couldn’t this design concept be used to build top-break revolvers in modern calibers? The problem with conventional revolver designs for modern calibers is that they are too powerful for the necessarily small latch associated with top break revolvers. Since all the fiddly trigger bits are at the bottom of the cylinder it seems like the entire top part of the frame could be dedicated to latching. Just a thought…

  • NICE!
    Makes almost a fan of Revolvers.

  • I take that back, I’m a fan of Automatic Pistols, and THIS Revolver!

  • Sian

    I wish more revolvers were bottom-shooting. It just makes sense, and you can’t get closer to in-line with your hand without getting Vector-crazy.

  • Tin

    Reminds me of the Russian U94 Udar revolver, but without the ugliness.

  • Squidpuppy

    So want. Like the 4″ bbl version though. Any indications they might come to CA?

    An internal view here: http://grantcunningham.com/blog_files/tag-rhino.revolver.html

  • Andy

    If they make one in .44 mag I’ll be first in line. And if I’m not 1st I’ll fight the person that is. 😉

  • paramedic70002

    Maybe one day they’ll figure out how to lower a semi-auto barrel like this. Probably be even uglier though.

  • I appreciate you sharing this blog article. Much obliged.