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  • Dan

    Wtf!? 5.56 round and a pistol barrel length? I can’t imagine what was it designed for!

  • zincorium

    Doesn’t this remove even the ‘training aid’ functionality of the .22 AR-style rifle?

    Considering the other cool plinking devices you can get for the same price, I am genuinely confused as to who the target market for this is.

  • SpudGun

    A .22LR pistol that is hideously fugly, weighs 4lbs and is wholly impractical? – Sign me up!

  • MrMaigo

    lot of money for so little and the full rifle is only $40 more

  • Where’s the front sight post?! 😛

  • Matt, is that it there in the front end of the carry handle?

  • dg

    @ Matt

    Front site appears to be integrated into the front of the carry handle.

    My question is that is this like the rifle in that it is a real AR lower that can be used with different AR uppers (if you added a buffer tube?

  • Cymond

    I think I see a front sight poking up from the front of the carry handle. Maybe you could extend the sight radius a few inches by mounting a sight on the handguard. It looks like the carry handle comes off and has a flattop underneath. This thing really demands a cheap red dot. However, even I think this gun is taking tacticool too far.

    Dan, read it again. This is a .22lr not 5.56 NATO.

  • gunslinger

    @ WC-Matt
    It looks like the front sight is a post on the front of the carry-handle. although the image looks a little fuzzy around the images on my computer.

  • MJM

    I don’t get it, either, but it looks like fun. If money were no object….

  • Rob

    Heh. And people say AR pistols are impractical.

  • West

    Good God, I hate theses AR Pistol type guns.

    They all remind me of an updated TEC-9.

    Honestly though, I think the .22 would be more practical than the .223. With 30 rds you could fire accurately enough to keep somebody’s head down long enough to get out of there.

    I think people who buy these things have seen too many movies.

  • Anton

    There’s gonna be a day that I’m gonna put a red dot on a side rail and one of those hand grip things on a top rail just to fire the rifle sideways.

  • BFLH

    Well, that’s a horrible idea.

  • Stomper

    I just bought the entire rifle NIB ON SALE from Fisherman’s supply for $299.99… $469 is recidulous considering you’re getting less for more.

  • Louie

    I do not understand everyone gripes about 400 for the pistol but have no problem forking out 400 for Xboxs and PS3s sure there are less expensive handguns out there but this one is just fun looking