Mexican Marines adopt Colt IAR

Photos have surfaced depicting Mexican Marines armed with the Colt IAR.

This makes sense. Mexico uses the Colt Automatic Rifle (the automatic rifle that has been marketed by Colt for many years) and they seem to be fond of high-capacity drum magazines like the Beta C-Mag.

The Colt IAR is the only IAR competition entrant I have personally shot. It shoots just like a normal AR-15, albeit a heavy one.

[ Many thanks to SpanishInquisition for posting the link. ]

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  • So they put prisoners they’re escorting in life jackets instead of the bullet proof vests like you see here in the US?

  • Cool. That will give them something new to sell to the cartels.

  • TalbotFarwell

    I wonder how long it’ll be before these show up in the hands of the cartels? Let’s hope the Marines down there can hold on to them longer than their Army does!

  • mike

    Now how soon until those Colt IARs find their way into the drug gangs, and then on American TV:

    “More US guns fueling Mexican drug war!”

    Wait and see.

  • MrSatyre

    Man, it must really suck to be a Mexican marine if only for having to wear those damned face masks all the time to protect their identities! How uncomfortable would that be, especially in a humid climate…

  • David

    Dude in the middle of the top photo: “I want a vest so I can look muy macho, tambien.”

    “OK, pal, here you go. Looks great. High speed. Low drag. Good to go.”

  • georgex

    They probably just got them at a gun show in Arizona….

  • DanC

    How long until these are claimed to have been bought at a gun show in the States? Should we start a pool? I say a week or two.

    Mexican Gun Canard – dumb.

  • Lance

    They use the IAR instead of the M-249. They use the M-16A2 for rilfemen.

  • MrSatyre

    I believe they’re on a dock, transferring him to or from a ship.

  • Lance

    Mexico is better off. Gultilmala and Hounderious still use M-16A1s.

  • subase

    Cartels actually greatly prefer the Ak47/AK103

  • Lance

    @ Subase yeah because there cheap and that Hugo CHeavez is giving them to the Cartels.

  • subase

    More like the cartels rely on ambush tactics rather than protracted gunfights to kill and capture their enemies. Which the Ak round is ideal for. More stopping power, more barrier penetration and very controllable full auto.

    Also the cartels can get weapons and ak’s from anywhere, I’ve heard they prefer to buy them from china. But Venezuela is just as available, the only reason they wouldn’t buy them from the U.S is that I doubt they could bother to convert them to full auto, not to mention they are quite expensive in comparison to other sources.

  • Chris

    +1 @ mike

    “Now how soon until those Colt IARs find their way into the drug gangs, and then on American TV:

    “More US guns fueling Mexican drug war!”

    Wait and see.”

  • Lance

    Many fo they weapons the Cartels have came from surplus Central American market where in the 1980s Both USA and Cuba supplied amot of weapons to insurgetns and governmets. When the Cold War ended most Central American nations had alot of surplus weapons where drug groups bought them up. Most of the AKs in Mexico are older AKs and AKM where the newer AK-103s can show up from Chavez.

  • Lance

    @ Chris most of the US weapons there are stolen or fruadulent guns smuggled in. The crap about america arming cartels is anti-gun crap from gun banners.

  • Travis


    I think what Chris and Mike are getting at is that some of these IARs will eventually find their way into cartel hands via corrupt officials in the Mexican military, but when they’re “captured” by police or whoever, they’re going to get plastered all over TV worldwide with the caption “US arming Mexican drug cartels”. I don’t think either of them are insinuating that we *actually are* arming the cartels.