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  • JS

    You’d have to switch ACOGs depending on caliber…

  • Rijoenpial

    Not to mention uppers and stuff, JS… On thing is for sure, that is one UGLY weapon!

    So much for holding the mag at the mag well, as well! LOL

    Still can’t understand the actual usefulness in a combat situation of this: if the soldier already has a 7.62 upper fully assembled and just ready to go, this could be doable! However, the sheer weight will be staggering!

    I think I will just have to wait and see!

    One thing is for sure, I sure hope FNH’s lower receiver is a lot more ergonomic than this… !


  • Tmash

    I hope they make a civie model of that lower.

  • Since you have to switch the upper recievers anyway during caliber conversion, you could just keep an appropriately sighted optic mated to each upper.

  • Galvatron

    Looks like the Leupold’s HAMR on the 10.3″ upper in the first picture. The thing that would sell me the most on that optic, if it actually gets released, is if it had better eye relief than an ACOG. I find the eye relief on some ACOGS way too strict.

    Looks like an interesting rifle. I’m getting a little tired of the novelty AR platforms, but this one seems much better thought out than the others.

  • Vak

    I know FDE is the way of the future but seriously, it looks so fucking ugly.

  • moulds

    That’s why you have your caliber spefic acog zerod on your caliber specific upper

  • Other Steve


    You realize the 223 upper won’t be shooting 308 bullets right? You’re going to take the upper off, the ACOG would go with it (probably) and the other upper will have it’s own optic on it.

  • Lance

    I find it interesting that Colt was allowed into AUSA and that it has its new carbine in the front of the event. I think This will be the front runner in the new carbine competition.

    What do you think Steve?

    • Lance, just about everyone is allowed in AUSA 🙂

  • Yes, like so many other industry meetings, all you need to do is fill out an application and send in the requested amount to pay for your display area.

  • Lance

    I know what I mean is COlt got to show its items off to all the decsion makers.

  • jdun1911

    Did I missed the memo about only having certain optics with certain caliber because no told me anything about it. Seriously, it is silly to even mention it. You used the gear that you think will do the job. There is no such thing as this optic can only be use in this caliber. Give me a break.

    Anyway, Steve blog about helo snipers (338 Lapua) using eotech as their optic. Those guys sure didn’t get the memo.

  • Matt

    I guess I’m the only guy who thinks these look great. Though why they went with that copper tan instead of standard FDE to match the magpul furniture that EVERYONE uses.

  • Evan

    jdun1911, ACOGs are calibrated for different rounds in order to have an accurate bdc (bullet drop compensation).

    The Eotech is a close range holographic sight, not really optimized for long range targets… I assume the British sniper was using it for quick target aquisition from a very unstable platform (helo)

  • Jdun1911


    Why don’t you tell that to the people that are fighting in wars.

  • Chortles

    Yah, holographic (or red dot) sight I recall being “recommended” in a previous article. Didn’t Magpul actually recommend red dots for firing from helicopters on that helo DVD?

    As for what Rijoenpial said about the magwell grip for the support hand (aka “reaction hand” in Magpulese)… I remember that in one of the “Art of the Tactical Carbine” classes, Travis Haley discounted the effectiveness of such a handhold for controlling the barrel/handguard, explaining that “hand on the magwell” had been intended for SMGs (and I’d presume SBRs), as opposed to rifles or carbines.

    It was for that reason — barrel/handguard control — that he also didn’t recommend the stereotypical VFG hold with the thumb on the opposite side from the palm and fingers, aka the clenched fist, or a more explicit name…

  • Regarding Ballistic Drop Compensator cams in ACOGs, I know that the USMC had at least originally specified different BDC cams for their RCO based on which weapon the optic was to mounted: the M16A4 rifle or the M4 carbine.

  • Rijoenpial


    I am fully aware of Magpul Dynamics Theory-Based products such as the AFG, the VFG (which Magpul also manufactures!), the BAD lever and so on and so forth…

    Reality check, though: The Army and SOF use the VFG to great extent and effectiveness… Just because Travis Haley and Chris Costa say something, it doesn’t make them Yoda! They are, first and foremost, publicising themselves and the products they sell, be it Magpul accessories, weapons or tactical courses…!

    I have seen all the Magpul 2010 Shotshow vids from where they talk about the advantages of the AFG and the disadvantages of the VFG and I was not convinced…the play with the VFG is not that big with 5.56 weapons… But the truth is all Spec Ops and Army soldiers use the VFG, even with M203s…!

    So, going back on topic, the magwell grip (MG) is used when they barrel either becomes too hot (Youtube’s jdeluisa had to do that with his ACR’s barrel overheating), it enables a good enough grip for non-VFG weapons, and the Colt CM 901 doesn’t enable that recourse grip… So, you will have to use a normal grip, a VFG or an AFG… I have seen many people use the magwell grip and feel very comfortable with it… whenever the magwell is long enough to prevent the user from making the mag malfunction from undue pressure… I would say the M4 and SCAR have long enough magwells to enable this, whereas the ACR and XCR do not…! And there is a whole myriad of products from CAA Tactical to StracTec to enlarge the magwell grip capabilities…!

    Now,would there be so many products if the magwell grip was not used enough to motivate such products to exist…?


  • justdavid

    Re: the “staggering” weight comment I suspect warfighters would only take the mounted upper into the field, leaving additional upper assemblies and magazines in base – to be swapped on and taken on missions when they’re the better choice. Using “leave the extra crap at base” policy there’s no real difference between this design and just-swap-barrel-bolt-and-mags designs that I can see ATM.

    On barrel/bolt/magazine designs, if you want to switch between 5.56mm and 7.62x51mm while out in the field, an extra barrel and bolt wouldn’t be much additional load but how many magazines for that second cartridge would realistically be carried? OTOH, these designs beat the CM901 design if you want to take different barrel lengths for one cartridge into the field.


  • Krievian

    My understanding is the proprietary 7.62 upper allows instant barrel change via two buttons.  Obviously there maybe accuracy and return to zero issues involved with that system, in addition to most legacy uppers lacking that ability, but the 901 may have the ACR and SCAR beat in barrel swapping.  If I had to make an uneducated guess the 901 may not offer the same off the shelf accuracy of the ACR/SCAR platforms.  Also troops and SF use VFGs because they are comfortable to hold your weapon at the ready for hours with.