The G36K IdZ

Infanterist der Zukunft (IdZ) is the German Future Solider program. The program’s modernized carbine is the G36K IdZ.

Photos from official Bundeswehr Flickr

Along with the previous G36K accessories it also features …

  • Low profile upper picatinny rail with integrated BUIS.
  • XM8 style enlarged magazine release with drop-free capability.
  • XM8 style bolt release inside the trigger guard.
  • Flash hider for use with B&T suppressors.
  • New stock that is collapsible, foldable and has an adjustable cheek riser.

On a side note, the German Army Special Forces (KSK) and Military Police (Feldjaeger) will be holding a competition for a new carbine that feed from M16/AR-15 magazines. According to REMOV, next year H&K will introduce a new magazine well for the G36 that accepts M16 magazines as well as a translucent M16 magazine.

A big thank you to Kratisto providing the information in this blog post.

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  • Rex

    “According to REMOV, next year H&K will introduce a new magazine well for the G36 that accepts M16 magazines…”

    Man, I thought that was the whole point of the G36 having a “modular magazine well”. Am I to understand that HK up to this point *hadn’t developed* a mag well for AR pattern mags, even though WE, in the united states, have had access to such a thing for years?

    What other mag wells DOES H&K have for the G36? Are there any at all, or just the G36/XM8 mags?


    I’ll be honest, the G36 just makes me angry because I want one but H&K hates me. These seem like very good well-thought-out improvements though, especially for the stock. The G36 stock was crap. Adjustable LOP and cheek weld (you mean it HAS a cheek weld?) will do wonders for that thing. Seemed to take a long time for the XM8 improvements to trickle down to the G36 though…

    • Rex, I believe that there has always been a M16 mag well. This is probably a new one (or an old one rebranded).

  • Harald Hansen

    Rex, the H&K SL8 (civilian G36) will accept G36 plastic furniture, if you can score a set.

  • Falcon500

    Looks like a pretty sweet rifle.

  • Bluesoma

    Harald, that’s partially correct. To get true G36 dimensions, the SL8 needs to be cut and a demilled G36 rear end welded on. There’s a whole community over at HKPro forums for that. I own one and it’s awesome.

    Similar to the USP conversion that this blog posted a few days back but more intensive.

  • boner stallone

    Height over bore anyone?

  • D2k

    Obviously they aren’t going to list it in their improvements, but I wonder if they fixed the melty trunnion problem, wouldn’t be too hard to do with a little extra metal.
    If they did it seems like the G36 would make a nice cheap carbine, too bad they aren’t going after that market.

  • SoulTown

    It seems like they still don’t get why optics should be mounted forward. Oh well, at least they now give individual soldier an option to do that if they knew any better…

  • Lance

    Just like the US Army the Germans are updating a good rifle. M-4 for the US and the G-36 for Germany. Agree Steve?

  • Ben

    Damn you Regan for passing those asinine laws in the 80’s that will keep me form owning one of these.

  • jdun1911
  • mmathers

    Oh noes!
    Now all the cool kids who spent retarded cash to trick out SL8s to look like G36s will need to spend even more retarded cash to make them look like the G36Ks.

    At least they are helping the economy πŸ™‚

  • Meltron

    Is that some sort of combination 4x and Red dot sight?

  • DiM

    The top one looks a lot like the Zeiss RSA red dot sight that have been shown on H&K MP7s.

    Sort of like the following?

  • Harald Hansen

    Bluesomaon: A buddy converted his SL8, but without welding it. So it’s not 100% visually accurate, then?

  • William C.

    Meltron as far as I am aware the Germans always have had a dual sight setup for G36. With the original G36 and G36K there was a 3.5x scope on the bottom with a red dot sight above that. I don’t think the red dot sight was detachable from the scope.

    The newer “A2” G36 seems similar to most export models in that there is a picatinny rail above the scope which allows for different sight configurations. The Germans adopted a Zeiss reflex sight to replace the original red dot sight.

    These latest G36 variants have a longer low profile upper picatinny rail which is also seen on newer export models and the G36C. And it looks like they’ve have a new scope with the Zeiss reflex sight on top of that.

    Is that stock the same design seen on those new G36KVs and G36Vs bought by Latvia and some other small countries? Supposedly those G36s also had some XM8-ish changes.

  • PRO

    I would go with a flat rail and diferent charging handle .
    The combination of Acog-docter is nothing compared to the height (distance) of theese sights from the barrel . It would be so complexed and dificult to train soldiers to use them properly .
    The other changes are welcome but the aforementioned is a very big drawback in my opinion .

  • Clodboy

    “Meltron as far as I am aware the Germans always have had a dual sight setup for G36. With the original G36 and G36K there was a 3.5x scope on the bottom with a red dot sight above that. I don’t think the red dot sight was detachable from the scope.”

    There’s actually an Urban Legend among the Bundeswehr that you’re supposed to be able to just forcefully break off the red dot with your bare hands in an emergency in order to use the backup iron sights on the carrying handle.

    Of course it’s just a myth – the red dot is attached quite securely, and the iron sights on the carrying handle are simply there because it was cheaper for H&K to just use a single type of carrying handle for both the domestic version and the export version (which lacks the red dot).

  • Bluesoma

    @Harald: I can only assume that your buddy is using the bolt on. If so, then no his is not visually nor ergonomically the same as a real G36. IIRC the bolt on makes the LOP about 1″ or so more than it should be. That and personally I think that the bolt on is ugly.

    @William: The KV stock is actually different than the IdZ one.

  • How close is that soldier’s hand to the muzzle? Hazardously close. Muzzle discipline, please!

    • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      I don’t see a problem. More it was taken in a rather hasty, or rather badly timed, action shot. His hand seems to be reaching out to something, like say a door handle. No different from what any infantryman/SWAT member would do. Simple enough to bring his hand back when he needs to fire.

  • Chris

    I like the G36. I’d probably own one by now if the SL8 wasn’t basically one that was neutered. And I sure as heck am not going to pay five grand to get one converted. I suspect owners of those jobs are also owners of the 416 uppers that have been floating around the US.

  • CA longbowman

    I have an SL8 conversion done and it’s awesome. Funny thing is the piston and bolt are the same on the G36, 416, and XM. HK’s piston design is small and simple. Until you compare to other rickety setups or the huge clunk of metal found in POF or SIGs, you wouldn’t even be aware of how effective the design is.

    What I don’t get is why is HK going backward with the 416? Anyone? The AR platform is respected and dominated the last 50 years. Isn’t it about time to innovate and invent something better?

    • Herbert

      As cool and great as the G36 looks and is, keep in mind it was designed for governments with a budget in mind. The HK416 uses the same piston set up as the G36 but is more expensive, giving end users a G36 style action , and reliability in a package they are trained and framilar with, so HK is not going backwards.

    • Verrater

      There is something better. It’s called an AK. It’s called a FAL. It’s called the FNC.