Ruger SR9c Review

Caleb has reviewed the the Ruger SR9C.

I have now been shooting the Ruger SR9c for over 4 months, and have several thousand rounds downrange through the gun in practice and competition. As I’ve mentioned, I’m quite fond of this gun – when I first started shooting it I didn’t know what to expect, having had negative experiences with similarly sized polymer 9mm pistols in the past. However, the SR9c has exceeded my expectations and proves to be an excellent carry gun, and even well suited for competition, with one caveat.

He also reviews the ammunition he is using through it …

I really enjoy shooting 147gr 9mm ammo – most competitive shooters agree that it has a much softer recoil impulse than 115 grain 9mm ammo and it’s generally the preferred bullet weight for competitors. Knowing that I’ve been curious about Fiocchi’s 158 grain round in the past, and despite hearing mixed reviews, I decided to that we should take them and run them through the Ruger SR9c that is getting shot in the Quest for Master Class.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ken Rothermich

    The slide is very hard to work. To chamber a round it takes everything I got to pull the slide back. I am 6′ and 250 lbs.

    • MLV#5

      This is one weak guy! The SR9C is not hard to rack at all. My girlfriend is 5’4 and 120 lbs. she makes it look so easy. She can fire and rack 2.1seconds. Want to add she’s only had it 3weeks!! Hate to bust your chops big guy!

      • DB from TN

        hold on now! This slide racking thing may be comon, especially for women. I got a new S&W SHIELD 9mm M&P – slide so hard to rack I had to yank the $#!+ out of it to chamber a round; and my wife tried a few times and after the slide catch stopped working I knew there was a real issue so sent it back to S&W. AFTER TWO WEEKS OF SITTING ON IT — They FINALLY replaced the recoil spring/guide rod assmbly and it works fine now. If it seems excessive don’t hesitate to send back to them for inspection/repair. Their service is terrible but they will fix and return to you withink a few weeks.
        NOW, I Just bought A Ruger SR9C and may need to send back b/c trigger is sticking after firing a round. No such thing as a perfect gun, or a perfect person, so practice practice practice and know how to FIX IT ASAP when something goes wrong, because something inevitably will and heaven forbid not when you need it the most!!!

  • Tom Bennett

    I use a timer when doing dry fire practice. I hang the timer on the door frame at shoulder height and it picks up the click. I can pull the trigger and work the slide to fire a second shot in about 2-2.5 seconds. I am 5’10 and 190 pounds. My 9c is easier to rack than my full size sr, even though the slide is lighter and the spring stronger on the 9c.

  • JD Carter

    My wife is 5′ 4″ and about 135 and can rack the slide on the sr9c with ease, no big deal if you pull from the front try it

  • You can see another review at:

    Over 100 detailed photos. Great Gun!

  • Dan

    I’m fortunate enough to have a sr9c. The only things I’d change would be making the slide release larger and putting night sights on it. I’ve wondered if +P ammo would work ok in it since it is a plastic gun.

  • AllenQ

    I had some problems with the slide being hard to pull. I learned to turn the gun sideways, hold the slide with the left hand and push the gun forward with my stronger right hand. It was stiff at first but after 1000 rounds it has gotten loosen up. Overall the sr9c with a LG499 lasor site. It is a fun gun to shout. I have 3 of the 17 round mags for it; Less mag loading time but you can burn up some shells. I will have to try the 147 gran loads. the 110 gran has a little kick to then.

  • oscar

    Bought a sr9c ruger and 2 won I owned..why does the ruger company let customers now that there issues with the sr9c it jams when fireing .50 rounds it jammed about 4 to 5 times.