Gpal/Gunpal Public Service Announcement

Guns America sent all their customers the below email. I thought it would be worth reproducing on the blog for any readers who are having problems with GPal/GunPal.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mars

    Personal experience here, don’t deal with these guys. I bought a scope and used their services. The charged my account within an hour of me signing up to the site and it’s been a month without them transferring funds to the third party.

    We have both emailed them to give them a fair chance to respond to the issue. I called their service line and waited on hold for more than 45 minutes before deciding they weren’t going to pick up.

    Trying to get the bank to reverse the charges, but they could take up to 3 months.

    Steer clear.

  • ap

    I was just talking to one of my dealers about these guys as he was an early adopter. He waited 3 hours on hold to disconnect with with them, recently. He only got any action by blowing up a bubblegum forum with his experience. One of the GP forum minions saw his post and promised a call within 24 hrs. He got one in 48. They finally gave him the money they owed him, less 5 bucks.

  • I used the service back in Jan this year, no problems. Fast payment, which I transferred right to my linked account.

  • gunn

    They’ve still had my money ($48.30) since June 13th and have NOT responded to anything since I opened up a trouble ticket on Oct 1st (Support Ticket #324588). The withdrawal transaction was listed as “completed” but no money made it into my account.

    @Mars: when you asked to “have your bank reverse charges as the seller”, was it for funds that were ACH transferred from your checking account TO Gpal or for funds that you charged to your credit card?

    If it was the former, I’m going to have to check this angle as I’m still in communication with the seller.


  • Mars


    Sorry for the delay. I used a debit card to make the charge, once I disputed it with the bank they put in paperwork with Mastercard. They gave me a temporary credit for the amount but they said Mastercard would have final say in the matter.

    Gpal asked me to send them a copy of my ID and the card. I refused. The intended recipient got an email from Gpal stating that the charges have been reversed. Once they make the credit permanent Hopefully I’ll have washed my hands of all of this.

    We’ll see where this nets out, but I’ve been told it could take up to 3 months to resolve.

  • Frankenear

    I sold a lot of Colt 1911 magazines on gunbroker back in June.

    The buyer made quick payment with Gpal on June 21. It’s November 8th. I have multiple emails from Gpal support promising the funds will be transferred, promising a manual check would be mailed at Gpal’s expense (as if I would expect anything less considering it is their screw up), etc.

    So far, I don’t have my money. Gpal has it.

    Thanks for posting this article. I filed my complaint with the IC3.

    I doubt I’ll ever see the money now. And, I’m glad I used this as a trail transaction to see if Gpal was a worthy business partner. This has told me all I need to know about Ben Cannon and his business partners.