Anschutz Managing Director’s Responds to the “Anschutz Sells Out” post

Last month I wrote a highly critical post about Anschutz’s partnership with Armatix. The Managing Director of Anschutz, Jochen Anschutz, responded to my post by posting a comment. He said …

armatix/ANSCHÜTZ Hunting Control System

Obviously there are a lot of questions, but also many many misunderstandings and ignorance in serveral internet forums regarding an electronic safety for the ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifles. Therefore ANSCHÜTZ wanted to point out several points.

By the way:
Not one of these writers of those internet forums who very often remain anonymous expressing their opinion, has ever spoken to a responsible person from ANSCHÜTZ. None of them knows the aims and the intention of ANSCHÜTZ from firsthand or has informed himself directly.

If you search through all these forums you will not find one single author who can say
1. I have seen it
2. I have spoken to a responsible person from ANSCHÜTZ
3. I know their aims and intention

It is a pity that through a snowball system there are so many wrong entries in different internet forums now because of the ignorance of some individuals.

Correct is:
The electronic safety for the ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifles is just an idea!

ANSCHÜTZ have not yet received a specific inquiry, neither from the arms trade nor the end users.

You may be assured that ANSCHTÜZ is only producing products which are demanded by the market. All other rumours are just propaganda. There is no officially published pdf-flyer and you will not find one on the ANSCHÜTZ website. The often quoted, printed flyer just served as discussion material during the ISSF World Championships 2010 in Munich. The pdf-flyer had been sent to one German gun magazine only, to serve as basis for discussion only. It was published in the internet without approval from ANSCHÜTZ.

Ideas, thoughts and discussions should be allowed also in the future!

In addition we like to remark that we do know what such an electronic control system for hunting should be capable to perform, and above all how enormously high the development costs would be. Even if such a system would be developed, there will never be a 100 % safety. Every hunter will be responsible for his shooting also in the future. No safety will protect from ricochets or other danger. An electronic safety could be an additional protection, such as more and more hunters are wearing signal vests.

At the same time, we can assure that the market and the demand determine the products of a company. And ANSCHUTZ has an inquiry from the Biathlon federation to have a look in that topic. In Germany and Europe we have complete different gun laws than in the US. Please keep that in mind.

For me it is important to give you these informations for a better overview.

Jochen Anschutz

I still stand by every word I wrote. I believe Anschutz misjudged public opinion both domestically and internationally.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Erik

    I tell you what, until Anschutz publicly promises to never even bring this type of stuff to market or consider it, I won’t even consider buying another one. And I’ll tell everyone I know not to also. The saying goes, bad experiences are told tenfold. Well I’m exemplifying it. It is a HORRIBLE idea and does nothing but give the gun grabbers even more ammunition.

    Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible.

    I don’t think I emphasized that enough.

  • Johnny

    Anschutz should be trying to get the gun laws removed not pandering to them. Also, a company that works to cut its own throat – crazy – that alone is enough to not buy Anschutz products.

  • “In Germany and Europe we have complete different gun laws than in the US. Please keep that in mind.”

    The German gun laws were recently modified (in 2003 and 2009) because Armatix did a lot of lobbying. So now we face the threat of biometrical “safety” systems. Mr. Anschütz, Armatix is one of the causes for our trouble, not the solution for it. But maybe you dream about a new law which would give Anschütz-Armatix a de facto monopoly.

  • Slim934

    “In Germany and Europe we have complete different gun laws than in the US. Please keep that in mind.”

    Yes and we have parasitic capitalists like yourself to thank for how these laws now operate.

    “Hmmm..should I make a product that people would willingly purchase on an open market? Or should I lobby my friendly neighborhood politician to use the monopolistic force of the state to shove it down their throats? Hmmm…decisions decisions.”

  • DaveP.

    I groove on the comtemptuous attitude Herr Anschutz displays in his letter. Obviously, he’s not interested in making new customers via convincing shooters to give his product a try.

  • WeaponBuilder

    I fully understand the political lobbying and notably different gun laws in Europe. Armatix has fought hard for additional regulation of firearms in Europe in order to push their own biometrics agendas. Partnering with such an anti-free-market company that borders on being an anti-gun organization will earn you no respect from me.

    I don’t care if this is “…just an idea!” Genocide is also just another idea – but that doesn’t make it a good one. Your proposed topic of discussion regarding this ‘idea’ is *NOT* a response to a “[demand] by the market.” If you would take the time to actually LISTEN to what your market demographic is truly demanding – it is LESS REGULATION OF FIREARMS.

    You should then invest your time & money lobbying for what is truly being demanded by your market.

    I was debating whether or not to purchase a .22 caliber Anschütz, but I must thank you for persuading me to purchase a Cooper Custom .22 Rifle instead. Thank you, Anschütz, for your honesty as it has officially informed me of the extent of your company’s ignorance regarding market demand, and your willingness to sell out your customers.

    My money will be better spent elsewhere.

  • Raph84

    I’m really sick of firearms companies dropping the ball, and then getting angry that someone reports it.

    It’s not about damage control. It’s not about branding or image. It’s about making a solid product, and being an ethical responsible company that customers can trust. Anschultz has made it clear they are not that company.

    Whining that their .pdf was leaked only makes me trust them less (because they had hoped to get in bed with a company that is actively trying to destroy the firearms industry and keep it under the radar until it was too late).

  • John C.

    This is just like the internal locks that now seem to be on many guns, especially Smith and Wessons. It seems like a good idea to someone who doesn’t know what theyre talking about, but its not such a good idea in a life or death situation. This is just another thing that will cause more injuries/deaths than it will prevent.

  • Steve,

    You were and are absolutely right. Anschutz shot themselves in the head, not even the foot on this one. “Anonymous” writers on internet forums? I can count at least three German gun writers who called for boycotts of Anschutz products. There might be more. So much for the difference between “German and European” gun laws – even in his own country, Jochen Anschutz cannot find takers for this hare-brained idea.

    In politically correct shooting sports like the various ISSF matches, many of whose participants come from extremely anti gun countries, you have a body of jokers out to frame rules that make gun ownership more and more complicated and difficult all the time. The results of their plotting include the recent farce mandating laser devices in some shooting sports and now this new Armatix supported stupidity. Anschutz played along because ISSF smallbore matches are their cash cow and they guessed this would be a way to make a few hundred (or thousand) more on each of their rifles were these devices to become mandatory. It was a money-grab, pure and simple. They did not guess at the vehemence of the opposition to this from potential participants in even ISSF sports and backed out with the pathetic response that you have posted above.

    I hope this is a lesson to the Anschutz company and to whoever else tries jumping in bed with the anti gunners and companies like Armatix who try to pander to the anti gunners with their overcomplicated junk. Yes, gun owners are a committed lot and a boycott of Anschutz products could cost them more than what they would stand to gain from pimping ffor Armatix’s technology. Let Jochen Anschutz decide which side he is on and make an unambiguous announcement about this. Until then, as Erik points out, it would be sensible not to buy any Anschutz product, just in case.

  • Everyone needs to make sure everything they know who shoots in a sport that uses Anschutz rifles knows about what they are doing, and knows about this completely unforgivable response. The only way to get them in line is if they notice a drop in sales.

  • Howa

    Anschutz apparently hasn’t heard of The Internet. In the modern era you must be very clever when FUCKING OVER THE ENTIRE PUBLIC. You must not let anyone ever find out that you are doing it until it’s way too late.

    This has blown up on them in spectacular fashion; the Sony Rootkit of the gun world. Angry, hostile press releases do not seem to be helping. Somebody muzzle that Managing Director (whose last name is Anschutz?)before he makes it even worse.

    It’s unfortunate to watch one of the grand names of classic firearms go down in flames. Anschutz (in my house) was always a marque to be awed and respected.

    Sounds like the kids are running it, and they tried to cash in in an utterly foolhardy way. Mr. Managing Director, the founders of your company will be rolling over in their graves as you drive their brand permanently into the ground.

    Couldn’t you have outsourced production to China so that you would get rich while destroying the company? Why do it in a way that was sure to fail?

    I will never own an Anschutz product. I might as well tape a laser pointer to a stick and make “pew pew” sounds — until that become illegal too.

  • “The pdf-flyer had been sent to one German gun magazine only, to serve as basis for discussion only.”

    Well, discussion is what they’re getting isn’t it?

  • Sadly, nothing in the comment quoted above addresses anyone’s concerns.

  • If this technology becomes “commercially available” it will become the only pistol you can buy in New Jersey and California – and it will kill hunting as a popular sport by making everyone’s guns illegal and obsolete – except for Anschutz’s – this is a despicable attempt to control the market.

  • Martin (M)

    I can tell you from all my years in information warfare, that this letter is not sincere. The tell is the first half vilifying the ‘anonymous’ sources hat are damaging their image. It continues to pander to gun owners sensibilities by stating this product will be good for you, followed by a disclaimer that nothing is 100% safe and it’s ultimately someone else’s responsibility. Nowhere does it actually address the issue that they are lobbying their government to enact laws that will hurt or destroy their competition/increase their market share (by destroying the market). It has nothing to do with making products for their customers, consumers at large, or safety.

    I believe what I’ve seen here and elsewhere.

  • Kevin

    I think the Smith and Weasel treatment is needed.

  • Todd

    While Anschutz makes quality products i will refrain from buying the rifles they make that appeal to me as a customer. I spend about $3000 a year on rimfire and air guns. Sorry Anschutz, your business practices have forced me to look to your competitors for my purchases.

  • Chris

    This is the discussion they wanted.

    I still agree with original article.

    Just look what happened here in Australia, we are reduced to bolt action rifles and 2 shot shotguns.

    A major club “volunteered” their members be finger printed when getting a handgun, now we are all “required” to be processed like criminals to have one.

    Don’t let companies drive a wedge into the sport.
    When we lost our 20th century firearms as the tweed wearing 19th century shotgunners here didn’t support those nasty semi auto rifle shooters, the rimfire target shooters didn’t like those nasty pump action shotguns. We lost the lot.