ImpactGuns, Don’t Spam my Blog

The online retailer Impact Guns has been encouraging their customers to post links to their website on blogs, review sites and forums. This has resulted in their customers posting spam all over the internet.

Each day, Impact Gun customers post about five spam comments on the blog. I have to read and moderate these, obviously spam, comments, which is a waste my time.

Because the company says they cannot do anything about it, from now on all comments mentioning or linking to ImpactGuns are automatically marked as spam. I am sorry to my readers who had a legitimate reason to link to the company’s website. I hope the company will act more responsibly in the future.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • jpcmt13

    Well there goes any chance of me shopping at…the Utah based gun shop whose site I used to peruse! Very unclassy.

  • Erik

    Never liked that store. They messed up many orders of mine.

  • Samopal

    I’ve noticed this around plenty of forums and even some other online shops. I refuse to patronize anyone who promotes that kind of “marketing”.

  • I would be interested to see just how they are doing this. It may border on getting them banned from Google and other Search Engines.

  • Have you checked out CloudFlare? They have helped eliminate much of the spam the sites I have using them.

    • Bullet, I actually checked that out a while ago and considered using it. It is a very clever service. I stopped short of singing up because I think my traffic would be more than the “pro” level and also because in order to handle the blogs traffic, I have to do all sort of clever things that may not work with the service.

  • I write a top fishing blog, and have been the target of fools like Impact on several occasions. It’s irritating and it’s a waste of time – something that’s in short supply for most bloggers, who still have to feed the family and buy gear and fuel and therefore only blog in their spare time.

    Roast ’em publicly, and know that they just spammed their way into a losing proposition.

    Keep up the good work,
    Tom Chandler

  • Hi Steve,

    I work at CloudFlare and just wanted to clarify that the Pro accounts don’t depend on traffic level (Pro accounts have more advanced security features, pre-loading of resources, etc.) We’ve got quite a few large traffic sites that are using the free features.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • That’s a serious disappointment to me since they are the nearest indoor range for me. I refuse to patronize spammers. I would rather shoot outdoors in the cold than patronize thieves, and spam is theft. (Rule 0)

    The affiliate marketing strategy can be a self destructive course, if the less than scrupulous affiliates are not kept aggressively in check. Many sales people, by some freak force of nature, tend to be of a duplicitous and unconscionable breed. Unchecked affiliate marketing on the internet tends to draw out the worst of their inherent traits.

    If the situation changes and Impact decides to rope in their hired guns (pun intended), please let us know.

  • zack991

    I refuse to buy anything from them after my RRA Lower reciever I bought from them had parts taken off of it and they still sent it to me. I called RRA and they confirmed that it left their hands as a complete lower and they gave impact guns hell for parting their complete lowers out.

  • SpudGun

    Spamming is never good but it’s a part of the Blogosphere and even the most unlikely people of capable of it.

    *cough* *cough*


    • SpudGun, asking people to post links on their *own* websites is not spamming.

  • SpudGun

    Point taken Steve, was just having a little fun at your expense. 🙂

  • LJK

    That sounds like an extremely crappy policy. I bet they didn’t even consider the actual downside of the thing; a big backlash from the very community they are trying to market to. Just makes them seem like real assholes.

    “Hey, I have an AWESOME idea guys! We, like, get people to post a LOT of links to our page in other webpages!”
    “Isn’t that kind of like spamming?”
    “What? No. That’s a bad thing right? But we’re the good guys. We’re just informing other people of our awesome company! Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

  • scott

    Impact has always been highly … interesting to work with. They seem to espouse the common business model of lots of businesses in their area, which is a variant on if they don’t complain see what else you can get away with. The owners of the company are not exactly what most people would call friendly or nice people.
    Just try wandering into their shop at 21 years old with a pocket full of cash ready to do some SERIOUS BUYING. And within ten minutes of walking in the door I was more ready to throw serious punches!!
    Self righteous, self serving, and judgemental don’t begin to cover the attitude they had towards me… as I’d ask to see something and one stood with his hand on his “unbuttoned” holster towards me in profile while the other handed me the weapon… Then came the “price quotes” when I’d express interest in something, after reading the price tag, they’d quote me a price twenty or THIRTY percent higher than that listed ON THE WEAPON.

    They even laughingly commented to each other that the background check would cost me FOURTEEN not SEVEN dollars because they were going to run it TWICE.

    I walked out of the store with the same 2500 dollars I walked in with and a bruised ego. They genuinely DID NOT WANT MY BUSINESS. It’s no wonder they focus so much on online sales, Since I learned later my experience at the Brick and Mortar was FAR FROM UNCOMMON.

  • scott

    PS: If you live in that area I highly recommend van wagenen guns in Orem, Utah! They sold me my first ruger 10/22 on my 18th birthday with a smile a clap on the back and A FREE SET OF RINGS since it was my first gun to welcome me to the Firearms world.

    That was an experience I will never ever forget and to this day when I’m in the area I stop in to talk to the guys at that shop.

  • CinSC

    “SpudGun, asking people to post links on their *own* websites is not spamming.”

    Right, this is not at all a fair accusation. Spamming is an intrusive and aggressive action, whereas an open invitiation posted at a single location is much more passive. The two things are done in a very different spirit.

  • I’m not surprised… I’ve seen this same kind of activity on my photography blog from a company called Cameta – it isn’t their customers but a SEO firm they hired that is going out and spamming tons of blogs. Have you seen the same IP address or email address attached to comments here for Impact that you have seen for commenters here in the past? I’m wondering if it is indeed Impact’s customers that are posting these and not someone at the company or an outside firm.

    Also, did Impact post this request on their site?

  • John, they are people whom have never commented before. I did not see the request Impact Guns sent to their customers. I am just taking Impact Guns on their word.

    Marsh, I have made no accusations, merely stated facts backed up by correspondence with the company itself.