Silver Shadow Gilboa PDW AR-15

DoubleTapper recently attended the ISDEF 2010 expo in Israel. One of the guns he saw there was the Gilboa, which made by the Israeli firm Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd. This full-auto AR-15 style weapon has just about all the features you could want from a PDW. The barrel can be as short as 4.5″, a side folding stock attaches to the rear picatinny rail and the charging handle is on the correct (left) side .

Photo (C) DoubleTapper
Photo (C) DoubleTapper. Note the stock DT is holding

More information and photos on this firearm at DoubleTapper.

[ Many thanks to DoubleTapper for letting me use the photos. ]

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  • Nice!

  • Vak

    This stock kind of reminds me of the Vz58 stock. But now some people are gonna freak out when they will hear about a stock that can be attached to a picatinny rail, as I’m pretty sure a few AR pistols already have something like that, and it sounds like an ultra easy road to SBR.

  • zincorium


    Adding a vertical foregrip to an AR pistol makes it legally an AOW. This is kind of the same deal. Don’t add stuff to your guns that could get you sent to jail, that’s been the case ever since there were laws to run afoul of.

  • Redchrome

    Looks a lot like that Rock River Arms pistol we saw here a couple of weeks ago.

    Hope the recoil spring isn’t in a place where it gets too hot from gas and loses its temper.

  • Topslop1

    In your write up you have sort instead of short when describing the barrel length. Other than that, I’d love to see some videos of that firing full auto.

  • I like it! 4.5″ barrel wow. Just need a holster.

  • Andy

    I’ll take one in .458 SOCOM or .50 Beowulf. 😉

    • Bmac

      I think the .50 Beowulf is the end all. It’s so destructive. I’ve destroyed two big block Chevy motors w/mine. The recoil is very controllable. More so than a .308 AR. Love it. Want another w/a 10″ bbl. excellent round.

  • West

    Can someone explain the utility of these half-AR style weapons?

    They dont seem practical for use by the military and a little over-kill for home defense.

    It also seems like an awkward gun to fire accurately at any target more than 5 yards away.

    Looks cool though.

    • West, same as all PDW weapons. More compact than a carbine with greater range and power than a pistol.

  • mike

    It’s about time we’re seeing some AR uppers that allow a side-folding stock. That upper would be sweet on my M16 lower. I wonder if they’ll be sending any stateside.

  • JS

    The barrel can be as sort as 4.5″… short?

  • Al T.

    Buddy of mine had the misfortune of shooting a 10.5 with out hearing protection. That PDW should be prepacked with a set of ear pro and a VA disability application.

  • Bryan S

    That sounds like more of an argument to repeal a silly law / regulation in regards to AOW’s and SBR’s

  • El Duderino

    Looks like a great way to blind and deafen your enemy at close range, without necessarily hitting with any projectiles.

    What are the ballistics of 62gr 5.56x45mm out of a 7″ or 4.5″ barrel anyway? I’m willing to bet it’s not a lot better than say, 40gr .22 WMR out of a 20″ barrel. Why can’t we all recognize that 5.56x45mm just isn’t all that super out of barrels less than 20″? Every cartridge has an ideal barrel length / rate of twist to maximize velocity and accuracy, and minimize muzzle flash and report. 5.56x45mm out of 4.5″ is dumb like .45 ACP out of a 26″ barrel.

    Put me in charge of the US PDW program and you’ll have something much like the 6.5x25mm weapon posted here awhile back:

  • Other Steve

    No one wants to comment on how ineffective a 556 round would be from a 4.5″ barrel? Or, how unbelievable the sounds fireball would be?

    Instead you think the stock is the big issue here?

  • KC

    I can totally see attempted AWB legislation in the future that would ban piticany rails unless its on the top.

    it’s interesting cause this is exactly what I’m looking for in a 9mm AR pistol/SBR

  • Lou

    Looks very similar to Rock Rover Arms Piston AR-15.

  • John

    It doubles as a flame thrower during CQB!

  • Bima

    does this weapon have any backup sightings ? just in case something went wrong with the attached optics ?

  • Laenhart

    @ West
    An AR-15 style weapon could also be very suitable for home defense, as 5.56 has been shown to over-penetrate less than many other common rounds, even 9mm.
    Of course, the larger muzzle blast from unburned powder in a short barrel and loud report (especially indoors) characteristic of all rifle caliber PDWs reduce this gun’s usefulness as a home defense gun. Some might argue that the shorter barrel make it more maneuverable, but I for one am completely comfortable with a 16″ barrel in my own home.

  • Martin

    ok, don’t misunderstand me, but the charging handle, and the emty groove right into the receiver (where the charging handle travels), reminds me a whole lot of the Sturmgewehr.

  • I have fired an M4 Micro from LEI (photo here: ) – I didn’t measure the barrel but it must have been around 8 inches. Muzzle blast and flash were horrendous and the recoil surprisingly sharp for a 5.56, so I hate to think what a 4.5 inch barrel would be like. Not the characteristics that you want in a PDW which by definition will be used by personnel who are not primarily shooters and who will probably get little range time.

  • West

    Having much experience with a fully automatic 10″ AR that is extremely loud and throws out quite a blast (it is now suppressed), I will pass on this.

    I cannot imagine rolling out of bed in the middle of the night and reaching for one of these, not unless my apartment is in downtown Kabul. Not the trendy, arty part of downtown either.

    Call me old fashioned but when I hear PDW I think .45 and 12 gauge.

  • Mountainbear

    I want. Would fit perfectly into my leather suitcase I use for work.

    Sadly, I’d never get a permit for it here.

  • Stella

    I think a .22 lr pistol would be a better defensive choice.

  • BenL

    As for there being a need for something like this, it could replace many Mp5’s.

    The blast cant be that much worse that a Keltec PLR16

  • West

    West, I believe it will be used by special forces, kinda replacing the good old (& Israeli) Uzi. Great when you need some extra firepower, but can’t allow yourself to carry a full assault rifle.
    Or perhaps it will be used as an emergency weapon for tank operators etc.

    • William

      The difference bettween an Uzi and full auto PDW like this one, will be sustained rate of fire v. target penetration.

  • West

    Yeah, I could see it being used as a back-up for tankers or stowed under the seat of a helicopter.

    Dont see it being used for home-defense at all.

    Whatever its used for they should only be sold two at a time.

    • William

      While I use a 14″ Remington Police Magnum for home defense, I don’t see why this rifle wouldn’t be a good one for use as personal defense weapon around the home or office, though there might be a better cartridge than 5.56 Nato for this size firearm. I have 7″ barreled AR15 that’s a YHM clone of the Noveske “Diplomat” and I wouldn’t hesitate to use that carbine for defense in the PDW realm.

  • Tap

    I agree with West. If you look at where it was designed “Israel”. This was not intended for Home defense, or civilian use. Just a compact PDW for the military.

    • William

      AR15 pistols have been around in the U.S. for a long time, one could easily register an AR15 short barreled by means of an ATF Form 1 process, that’s how I did my 7″ and since it’s a registered short barreled rifle, I can have all the forward pistol grips on it that I want.

      The only thing that’s different about this Israeli version of an AR15 is that it uses a piston upper with the recoil springs in the forearm, Just like the Armalite AR18/180 has done since the 1950s.

  • Mark

    Easy PDW style weapon for contractors in cars doing security work.

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