Nobilta-TWM’s 10mm Auto Nobile Pistol

German firm Nobilta-TWM is making an interesting 10mm Auto chambered pistol. The pistol looks like it has been inspired both the Auto Mag and the Desert Eagle. It appears to be gas operated, although one of our German speaking readers will have to confirm this (the Google translation does not make much sense).

AR-15 style rotating bolt

The company’s website says that other calibers are available on request.

[ Many thanks to Mehul for emailing me the link. ]

UPDATE: Jas emailed me a translation …

about the operation of the gun:

Starr verriegelter, halbautomatischer Rückstoßlader, Schlagbolzenschloss mit direkt auf Fangrast wirkender Sicherheit

Which means as much as

Solidly locked, semiautomatic recoil operated, striker fired with safety that works directly on the sear.

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  • SpudGun

    Ugh. This could be the most accurate, reliable and ergonomic pistol ever created and I still wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. The word ugly just doesn’t seem enough.

    Do you think the designers sat in the factory going ‘Mein Gott Herman, it looks like a homemade Chinese air pistol – I know let’s put some tacky gold trim on it – that will make it uber sexy!’

    Nein danke Nobilta.

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    That’s going on my wishlist!

  • Babelfish’s translation makes a lot more sense:

    Rigidly locked, semiautomatic recoil operated weapon, firing pin lock with directly security affecting catch rest Sealing system: 6″ – Run and catch with guide way on the inside, with gas pressure-absorbed catch carrier, thereby strongly reduced setback! Axial recoil causes highest precision! Visierung: Micrometer visor (other one after choice) Departure: Single Action (SA) Remarks: Carriage: Steel erodes; Surface: nitrated, stainless, chromium plates; all catch and departure parts on the inside stainless Griffstück: Aluminum anodizes with nut tree grip caps; Jetfunnel integrates

  • c. trapp

    It looks like a recoil action with a gas pressure spring as buffer. They say it is a “Rückstoßlader” (“Recoil loader”) with an “gasdruckgedämpftem Verschlussträger” (“Gas pressure damped bolt carrier”). From the pictures and the description (“Axialer Rohrrücklauf” – “Axial barrel movement”) I would reason that the locking works with a rotating boltface and reciprocing but non- rotating barrel.

    Hope this makes sense, c. trapp

  • If I may add my two cent’s worth, the gun looks technically a masterpiece, but the fake “flintlock pistol” look?
    What’s with that?

  • Slim934

    It looks like it came from the set of Firefly.

  • Put me down for YUCK!

  • Mossyrock

    Well, they could have made it uglier…but they would have had to work at it.

  • Stretch

    And this from the people who gave us the P-08 Luger, the G-98 Mauser and the PzKpfw VI, Ausf. B (mit the Porche turret).

  • Royi

    Leave it to the Germans to build an ingeniously, super-accurate weapon…
    But please get some Italian masters to work on it’s outward appearance.

  • Andy from West Haven

    I’m with Spudgun on this.

    Horrible. Just horrible.

  • Hogan

    It’s profile reminds me of those compensated hi-points…

  • JonMac

    More like fake ‘Mars’ pistol look.

  • abprosper

    Thats a really attractive gun in a futuristic kind of way. And in a pretty effective cartridge as well.

  • Ladyfox

    I’m really intrigued by the rotating bolt concept and it’s one I think really should be explored more in pistols like this. I mean, would’nt it be cool to have an automatic that could chamber revolver calibers like the .38 Special or .45 Colt rather than just the .357 Magnum that the Desert Eagle is chambered in?

    Maybe I’m just too weird for my own good since I’m probably one of the handful that lusts over the Enfield in other calibers than .303 British. ^_^

  • Travis

    Wow, what is that, about 6lbs?

    Ugly is one thing, boat anchor heavy AND ugly? Nope.

  • Emperor Fabulous

    They didn’t leave much room to eject empty cartridges when it cycles. Plus it seems strange that they made an ejection port on the side when looks like it isn’t needed.

  • greasyjohn

    The whole bottom half is extremely similar to a SOCOM.

  • Rob

    Ugh. Not only does it look insanely ugly (which it does) it looks like they managed to make it as heavy and unwieldy as humanly possible.

  • moose777

    if its was blued id give a finger for it too bad probably wont ever touch US soil 🙁

  • HerbG

    Rotating bolt and guide rods plus about 5 pounds of misc. metal just to fire a 10mm cartridge! Let me guess, this isn’t gonna be a big seller in the U.S.

  • UraniumHead

    Looks like they are trying to model Hi-Point aesthetics.

  • Nick

    Are you sure this wasn’t conjured at that giant Pakistani gun market? It looks like a Desert Eagle and an AR15 bolt were smashed together, then given a gold trim. This makes a Hi-point look sleek and sexy.

  • El Duderino

    Gee wasn’t that the Governator’s gun in Red Heat?

  • CrabClawz

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Too funny. Aha ha ha ha ha. It’s Peshwarian craftsmenship. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • They tried to make it look like a 18 th Century Dueling pistol, just because their Company’s name is Nobile, I.E. it’s a Pistol tor Aristocrats…

    Designing a post-Industrial Revolution firearm, emulating past technical solutions, just does not work.

    I mean, Steampunk is for fun, only!

    Might as well buy one, just to get a Pirate Costume and say “Arrrrrr!”

  • Clodboy

    “It looks like it came from the set of Firefly.”


    Maybe they ran out of money during production, and had to make a critical choice: Either invest their last few Euros into an electroplating bath to gold-plate the frames, or a CNC lathe to finish machining the billets.
    After looking at the IMFDB page for the Desert Eagle, they quickly decided on the former.

  • Bryan S

    I guess ugly means it is not based on a 1911 or Browning action.

    I like it. Cant say the colors are my thing, but if its functional, accurate and a pleasure to shoot, who cares?

  • B Smith

    Gold? Looks more like brass to me.

  • David

    As a german reader, i have to say i tried this gun, and it is really one of the most accurate guns i ever shot. It is also very comfortable to shoot, and is of an overall good quality. The only reason why I don’t own one myself is, that it costs about 4000€ (~5200$). It really is one of those guns (like the tiger-striped desert eagle) that says “my owner has a big pile of cash, but a very tiny wiener.”

  • Try and stop a 120 Kilos Body-Building Prison Wonder with the wimpy 6.36 mm Pistols the All-Mighty Zeropean States SOMETIMES, as in, only for the Rich, allow their “citizens” to carry, THEN, talk to me about wieners.

    The Heckler und Koch G3 is also technically a masterpiece, as are most German products, but the G3 or even it’s Civilian Hunting Rifle version, do not try and “impersonate” a Musket.
    You would think the Manufacturers of the Country that begot Bauhaus would refrain from Rich-Kitsch!
    Appearance over Function calamities such as this overpriced Dueling Pistol wannabe, are a joke. Anywhere.

  • Steve,

    My pleasure! As I said, I didn’t know anything about this gunmaker and their products other than what is on their website. I suspect, from the color of the pistol, that it is probably made of Titanium alloys, especially the yellow bits. That would possibly also explain the very high price that David talks about. Do wish there were some way of finding out more . . .