Center Balanced Systems Bullpup Stocks

Center Balanced Systems manufacture a range of nifty bull-pup conversion stocks for Mosin Nagant, SKS, AK-47, Saiga-12, Remingon 597 and Mossberg Plinkster with a Ruger 10/22 kit coming soon.

Mosin-Nagant (top) and SKS

I asked the company if the Mosin stock would make a difference to perceived recoil. They told me that the surface area of the butt is 50% greater than a stock Mosin, so if shouldered correctly, the recoil should feel tamer. I really like the idea of putting an old war-horse like the Mosin in a fancy bullpup stock!

Upcoming Saiga-12 Spike Stock (available next month)
Saiga-12 Standard Stock
Saiga-12 Standard Stock Fired with 20 Round Drum

Price vary and the order lead time is eight weeks. More info at their website.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jim

    I’m disturbed by the trigger not being in the proper area. I can only imagine the manner in which the false trigger pulls the real trigger, and it can’t be reliable.

  • R N

    That russian guy at 4 chan should be shown this link he’ll flip a you know what hahaha

  • Clodboy

    The Russians actually made an “official” bullpup conversion stock to potentially modernize their stockpiles of old Mosin Nagants, the OTs-48K, although it doesn’t seem to have met with much success.

    • Clodboy and snmp, I had forgotten about that!

  • snmp

    Tulla have convert Mosin Nagant Rifle in Bullpud configuration with the OTs-48K

  • It doesn’t look comfortable having to reach around that 20-round drum on the Saiga bullpup.

  • JamesF

    This needs combined with that ratchet charging system for an ergonomic semi-auto bullpup shotgun.

  • Ethan

    These look very futuristic.

  • Rob

    I’d really be into these if they weren’t so spacey looking. Still I have been wanting one of those Mosin Kits for a while…

  • JonMac

    AAAAggh! My eyes! They could sell these to Hollywood though – save propmasters coming up with their own casings for guns to make them look scifi.

  • altoids

    The million-dollar question – do they become SBRs?

    If not…I’m seriously interested.

  • Mu

    I keep revisiting their website, but the 10/22 version has been “coming soon” nearly as long as Duke Nukem. Maybe I finally get that SKS just to try their system.

  • Nanban Jim

    The industrial-minimalist look is horrendous, but I bet it’s quite functional!

  • Ladyfox

    Goddess, I really wish these were cheaper or that I had the money to get one of these. That pure white finish just cries out for an urban camo job mated with a 10/22 or a AK. *purrr*

    Now, where’s the Enfield since the Nagant can’t get all of the love you know. -_^

  • Sian

    Saiga 12 bullpup with full toprail? Color me interested.

    If I can’t have a Vepr12 I can at least have this.

  • fatheropossum


    No they do not become SBRs. the barrel is still the same length, it’s only recessed.

  • fatheropossum

    I declare, these are the plug-ugliest stocks I’ve ever seen!

  • Mouse

    Ah, I’ve seen these before but never actually new who made them or where they came from, thanks!

  • Rob

    @mu Nice one.

  • Harald Hansen

    This reminds me of the white-stocked Vector CR-21s in District 9:

  • Slim934

    I do not understand why the heck people think these are so “ugly”.

    When I hear most people talk about how a firearms is “ugly”, 9/10 times they mean it looks “much different than anything I have seen before, and therefore bad”.

    People thought the glock was ugly when it first came out, and some people for some mindless reason still do. I have yet to actually hear a good criteria that someone uses to say it is “ugly” than some gut reaction as opposed to any real kind of aesthetic analysis.

    I think these stocks look pretty bad ass. They are certainly significantly more functional than the decades old design stocks they are replacing.

  • JPO

    Damn that SKS stock looks all kinds of slick. Now if only there were a reliable magazine conversion for the SKS…

  • Bryan S

    The bolt system on the Nagant version is pretty awkward, and this type of setup would be better served in a straight pull bolt action.

    I was looking into these not too long ago, but after some reviews on the quality of the kit, i will pass or make my own (again).

  • Nanban Jim

    The Saiga-12 Spike stock is what really made me want to vomit. It looks visually similar to some shelving corners mated together. I realize that is NOT what it is!!

    The more I look, the more I’m comfortable with them. Reading the design philosophies on their site can give you a much better appreciation for them.

  • Cymond

    I posted a link to cbrbp om during an older thread on bullpup conversions. A while back, they offered 2 stocks for the AK: a black military stock and a while. Sales were restricted to their relative type. From what I understand, a police unit should have access to the same small arms as the military. I really can’t imagine the military being denied access to police-grade weapons!The really silly thing was both were semi-auto with over length more than 26″ with a 16″ barrels. Still no10/22, and i wn’t go buy a 597 or a mossberg just to have a bullpup plinker.

    Now the black police is completely gone, but now they have a black Civilian Standard model and a white Police model. Still no10/22, and i wn’t go buy a 597 or a mossberg just to have a bullpup plinker.

  • SM

    Get a bullpup AK-47 style rifle with a shorty saiga 12 mounted masterkey style…I would buy one.

  • james

    how do i buy the mosin nagant white stock

  • keith

    I purchased one of the Mosin Bullpups and found the recoil was actually much better, the bolt is a little akward but I am waiting for my new ribbon bolt to arrive and that should make it easier to work with. I took it to the range and there was this guy firing his AR-15, pop-pop-pop, I pull the Mosin out and BANG. The guy comes over asking what kind of gun is it and where can he get one. I had to grin at the look when I showed him it was a Mosin. I have to say I like the Center Balance Systems stocks and they have 2 more mosin stocks in development I hate to say I plan to purchase.

  • bert souder

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