Kel-Tec apologizes and explains PMR-30 delay

Kel-Tec has apologized for the delay in shipping the PMR-30. I wish more gun companies would admit mistakes and apologize when they fail to ship a gun.

There has been a lot of discussion on just what the heck the hold up is on the PMR-30. We have made a few statements on our Facebook page, but obviously that only addresses a small minority of our customers.

The PMR-30 was originally debuted at the 2010 SHOT in January of 2010. At that time we had several working prototypes, all of which were machined by hand one at a time. At SHOT we estimated a Q2 release on the PMR-30. This estimate was based on a variety of factors: lead time on material, tooling, operator’s learning the parts, and post importantly the time it would take to translate the prototype design into full production programs. We honestly felt that Q2 would be a fairly easy target.

Sadly, we underestimated the time it would take for us to get the production programming in place to run the PMR-30 at 500/week. Two months before our slated release, we saw that we most likely wouldn’t get this pistol into full production by then. This is when we had to make an executive decision. We could either push back the release date until October/November, which we felt would anger and frustrate quite a lot of customers, or we could scramble and release the PMR-30 to the public in Q2 at limited production and just ship as many as we could until production finally got everything settled.

Obviously we chose the latter. This turned out to also spurn a lot of negativity as we certainly looked like liars for not getting the PMR-30 out on time, and also created a lot of frustration as PMR-30s were being shipped in small quantities, some of which showed up on places like This made it seem like the PMR-30 was available and at the same time impossible to get, which I suppose isn’t too far from the truth.

We take completely responsibility for the PMR-30 not being as available as we wanted it to be, but it was either let a few people get them, or let no one get them. We are still evaluating whether or not we made the right choice.

Since that July release, we’ve slowly increased production from about 25/week to 150-250/week. It is still not at the quantities we need them to be, but that will come with time. In an ideal world we would have set the release at the end of October/early November and all of the production work going on would be done behind closed doors so to speak. We are reaping what we sowed, but are confident in our PMR-30 and production is confident we will be seeing full production numbers by that late October/early November time frame. We’re already half-way there!

It should also be noted that the limited production is in no way related to any functional problems with the firearm and more based on efficient CNC programming to machine enough parts to create 500 PMR-30s every week in addition to the rest of our product line. It’s a kind of balancing act.

We sincerely apologize for everyone who has been patient with us so far. We definitely understand the frustration and experience it just as much. We gain no benefit from keeping our customers from getting our products, so rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to get these great pistols to you!

All future product releases will reflect what we’ve learned through the PMR-30 release.

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Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Komrad

    A good public release. Too bad they can’t get it into full production quicker, but like they said, they gain nothing from not delivering them.

  • SpudGun

    I applaud Kel-Tec’s PR on this one. I’ve seen too many companies (including non-firearm related) try to BS their way out problems and it’s always ended badly.

    By admitting their problems with a full and frank disclosure, Kel-Tec has avoided all kinds of lingering ill feeling and bad blood. Sure, some people will be angry now, but it will all blow over in no time.

    Well done on the damage limitation Kel-Tec.

  • Yep, That speaks volumes about who Kel-Tec is as a company. They are without a doubt stand up guys who will admit when they messed up.

  • Jason

    As someone who’s still waiting for a long-promised gun from another company that does not communicate with its customers, I find this a breath of fresh air.

  • John Jackson

    I do wish gun makers would have professional editors proofread their press releases. This is just the sort of thing that makes the industry seem so amateurish.

  • Caseless

    Enough with the PMR-30 apology. Where are my RFBs of differing barrel lengths after two years of waiting?
    Perhaps a dedicated/expanded Manufacturing Process Engineering team is needed during this time of Kel-Tec’s rapid expansion.

  • Ronin

    Kel Tec claims RFB production is in full swing yet I’ve been on a waiting list at three different dealers for over a year. Full production is 500 units a week, but as best as I or anyone else can surmise, there are less than a thousand out in the marketplace – most selling for way more than they should be.

    Obviously they’re not running at full capacity for anything, so where’s the big apology for the RFB???

  • Gentlemen, I am the owner of several different model KelTec pistols. My wife and I both have carry licenses and carry. We currently own P-32, P3AT, PF-9 and starting last week PMR-30 models. We have always been satisfied with the performance of the pistols and well understand the limitations of each caliber.
    With regular cleaning all are reliable, accurate, super light, and readily concealable. Our newest, the PMR-30 went through the first range session yesterday and functioned flawlessly through a one hundred and fifty round introduction. I intend to continue later today with the second session.
    In my dealing with KelTec either by correspondence of by telephone I have been treated courteously and the people have always been helpful.
    I read your frank evaluation of the problems attendant to bringing the PMR-30 to full production and I certainly applaud your decision to share with your customers the story of your difficulties.
    I hope to own several more of your products in the future. (I am hoping for something in a 40 caliber)
    John Mundy

  • rob p

    ive waited more than 2 months for my pmr-30 its my first kel-tec i just want the gun already cant wait to be at the range with it it is lighter n better looking than the old bulky grendel i have heard they have feeding issues i hope this is false !!

  • To Kel-Tec: It is now Jan. 15, 2011 and the waiting lists at every dealer is over 10 to 20 people for the PMR 30. Please be honest and give us a real date for full production. The MSRP is $415 and I have seen the PMR 30 on Guns America for $650+. If Kel-Tec was offering tickets, the folks on Guns America would be in jail. I will not pay over the MSRP and I cannot give my credit card number to multiple dealers because when they finality do make the pistol available I would have too many to track and could end up with several charged on my card. Just give us a date and we can go to our local FFL dealer and have them order it to be sure we only get one and only pay for one at a fair price. I own a P32; a P3AT and a PF9 and never had this kind of problem with a Kel-Tec pistol. I am very disappointed with Kel-Tec and the way they have offered the PMR 30!!! Again Kel-Tec please post a date on your web site when you will be able to fill all of the orders and make the pistol obtainable. Thank you.

  • EP

    Take it easy people. Kel Tec is obviously working hard to get this thing to market. I’m sure they will be available soon.

  • Rob

    Mine Came in today!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to get off work to go get it!!

  • hound

    cant wait to own one my question is what company will come out with an affordable holster that will accept the gun with a laser mounted on the rail

  • Marc Rocque

    While it’s nice to see Kel-Tec communicating, it’s also interseting that no one has mentioned that the first 200+ production models of the PMR-30 had some pretty nasty malfunctions. Failure to feed, failure to eject, locking open with rounds still in the mag to name a few. I got my early-production gun (2-digit serial #). and couldn’t keep it shooting. They were good when I called, and took it right back and fixed it. They told me it was all trigger-group related. One of the magazines that came back with my gun was not one I sent in…don’t know about that. Now it feeds and fires quite well, but is certainly not as accurate as I had thought it would be. We’re talking 3.5″-4″ “groups” at 7 yards…not very good. I shoot a lot, and do not have another pistol this inaccurate (out of the 14 that I own and shoot). I sent Kel-Tec copies of my targets, and all the data from the range session, and asked why the gun shoots this way. That was 2 weeks ago, and haven’t heard a peep.

  • Ted Lupino

    I have decided to cancel my order after reading and hearing about some of the problems KelTec is having. I may visit this company in a year or two and let them work out all the bugs. We will definitely get some good reviews about accuracy, reliability and over all performance. If Keltec would just take the time to make sure the product functions before jumping the gun to release it, this would sure add to their credibility. Now, other companies may see the demand for the PMR-30 and may create some good competition. That’s what happens when a company puts out products without applying quality control. They certainly are not the first company this has happened to. Haste makes waste.

  • eric

    It’s now April on year and 4 months since the PMR was supose to be avaliable and it’s still nearly impossible to get one. I have had one reserved for 2 months. I wonder if the Keltec shot gun will be the same way. I would like to have one of those also but dont see it happening. Maybe keltec should consider buying more equipment and expand.

  • well at least thire freaking trying thire dardest to make thing,s right and i for one accualy am impresed i know of some outher firearm companey,s who do not even try to work quality control you alll know a few of them as i do so kudo,s to kel tec hay im no diffrent then the next guy out thire id love to be down at the range with my kel tec prm 22 mag but id reather wait tilll quality product verse send it back and wait 2 month,s tilll thay get thire head out of a certen oriffice like take you pick we all know who

  • Flounder

    Hasn’t Kel Tec always had these problems? How many guns have been put on the market without any bugs at all? At least Kel Tec fixes their bugs promptly. Every time I hear someone talking about how slow Kel Tec is at producing guns I have to laugh. How old is Kel Tec? How did they start? Oh yeah producing little itty bitty mouse guns. That had lotsa problems originally I believe. How long ago did they switch to producing rifles… Of course they are going to be way behind in production! And yes they are going to have problems when they first produce anything.

    I am sure they will come out with an RFB with a longer barrel eventually and i’m sure they will make it cheaper and they will also start producing the PMR-30 in reasonable numbers. They just need to expand their facilities. Get some more workers etc.

    Hey y’all just be happy they aren’t pulling a shrike. ;P

  • Evan Bellville

    I own a couple Kel-tec pistols, one a 32 and another PF9. I bought each as soon as I could find one in a store and yes, I had a malfunction, at least with the .32, none with the PF9. When I sent the .32 back, I received it back withing 8 days. That’s correct – 8 days. When it came back, it had been repaired to the point that it has never failed since with over 400 rounds through it. My PF9 has over 700 rounds through it without a problem.

    So, I honor them for the way they stand behind their products and a delay in getting the market satisfied is acceptable to me. I do plan on getting the PMR30. I would also like to get a PMR30 Tactical with a selector for full auto. I’ll have to talk to my class three dealer about that!

    Thanks to all at Kel-Tec – Keep up the good work!

    • barry caito

      It has been reported that those that have them, the PMR -30, are experiencing “tumbling” and your solution was to modify/correct the barrel.Is this factual and what steps have been or are going to take for correction?

  • My buddy and I both bought a Kel-Tec P3AT from the same dealer and tried them out, sharing a box of shells. Mine functioned flawlessly and was fairly accurate for what it is. His suffered failures to feed, was about as half as accurate as mine (we switched off during the shooting), smoke stacked, and cleaning, shooting technique, and different types of ammo didn’t change anything. We both are on the waiting list for the PM 30 (since the recall) and hope they function better than his .380 did.

  • Gary Evins

    Can someone give me an update on the PMR30. My local dealer quoted me $500 and up to a year waiting list. Is this for real. How about the problems Keltec had, have all the problems been resolved. Thanks

  • mica

    ok folk,s latest skiney as of 3\21\12 tested out a prm 30 at a range in vt yes a bud of mine got his hand,s on one BAS)(*&^% ok with his same issuse we alll have heard of however he polished the heck out of the feed ramp and we used the copper jacked 22 mag,s insted of the lead nosed 22 mag,s went throught 60 round,s no feed or stovepipe issuse,s chequed the feed ramp gave it a quick clean with a gun rag and tryed lead jacketed ok first 15 round,s went throught then stovepipe 5 more round,s throught and we both chequed the target keyholing hard switched back to copper and no issuse so this one don,t like lead but pollishing the ramp feed seem to work i know i damm near loved the prm 30 but tilll it can handle both lead and copper jacketed illl stick to my S&W 22 feed fire any kind o 22 cal

  • Ive shot over 500 rounds from mine, not one miss fire, what am I doing right?

  • Love my PMR , I used to have the Grendel as well , great pistols.

  • grampa joe

    been trying to get a prm 30 for eight months and still being told they are unavailible any idea when they will be able to ship to dealers in wisconsin even gander mnt cant get them

  • Bill.

    I have been lucky enough to have purchased the pmr30, it has been a great shooter, so my grandson tells me. (I made the mistake of showing it to him) oops! thats the last time i let him near one of my babies…
    so now he hears about my new fn5.7 and thinks i am going to let him near it.
    they both are great to shoot the only problem is being able to buy the 5.7
    ammo. O well! maybe he wil drop buy and let me use my pmr.
    If u think i spoil my grandkids a little ur probably right. thats the only reason i buy toys.
    at 78 watching them is the only fun i have if the gov. will only stay out of our “second amendment” rights, maybe they will have a future. (by the way they are both in their early fiftys) and have only shot for sport.

  • Averum

    Everything that I have desired Kel-Tec wise for the past two years has been unavailable. Now with this political BS going on I have almost no hope of finding what I desire in the next year. I’m not sure if its just demand, it seems like they manufacture things at a snails pace.