Nasrallah presented Ahmadinejad with FN FAL

Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has presented the Iranian president with an FN FAL which he claims was captured in 2006. The IDF don’t agree. Double tapper reports.

Steve Johnson

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  • Aurelien

    Well, as the IDF has not used the IMI-built FN FAL variants since 1973, i would say this is just a publicity stunt.
    The 7.62mm DMR rifles currently used by IDF are Galil-based.

    • Aurelien, yes, exactly what the IDF said 🙂

  • Burst

    I guess it’s comforting that Hezbollah is apparently unable to procure more modern firearms.

    The fact that they spent so much effort on the presentation case speaks volumes.

  • SpudGun

    Why do insane dictators always get the cool stuff, all I ever get for Christmas is socks. 🙁

    The wooden furniture on the FAL is also another dead giveaway over it’s alleged relevence.

  • I dont think he can pass the background check!


    • Gunmart, HAHAHAH, nice one.

  • West

    Great, he’ll probably sell it on eBay to get extra money for a new centrifuge and U238.

    Or maybe a few more Members Only jackets.

  • John C.

    well at least he doesn’t have to use that crappy new bullpup that the Iranians have. Can’t remember the name…Something with a K possibly?

  • Matt

    Awww look! It’s pointing right at him!

    If only we could have gotten a real Accidental discharge for once.

  • HCE

    @John C.

    Khaybar, its named after a battle between Muhammad and The Ansar and Banu Nadir, a tribe of what would today be considered Mizrahim.

  • Scott

    John C.

    Its called the Khaybar KH2002.

  • subase

    Actually that rifle was the very one that the Ariel Sharon used in his duty, Hezbollah stole it from his mum, in a operation called ‘Steal the gun from mum’. Now Ahmadinejad get’s to gloat and look at himself in the mirror wearing only shorts.

  • Jack

    In the 80′, Israel sold a large quantity of FAL rifles to the Christian militia of Bashir Gemayel.
    These weapons were mostly in poor condition. This FAL is probably a memorabilia of the civil war.
    There are also many uzi submachine guns, Galils and M4’s on the Lebanon black market.

  • bigbang

    So Nasrallah lied to Ahmadinejad!

    Maybe this will be the end of Hezbollah!!!!