.300 BLK Barrels for Remington 700

Repeated verbatim from AAC Blog …

The 300 BLK barrels for the Rem 700/Model-7 are available. They are 16″, 1:8 twist, Nitride finish, threaded 5/8-24 and come as pictured with thread protector. Retail is $400.

Medium Contour is P/N 101273

Light Contour is P/N 101815

For now, call up Mike Mers or John Hollister at 770-925-9988 to order.

Arrgghh … if only I had a rifle to go with the barrel.

Also available: .300 AAC Blackout reloading dies.

Yes, I am posting a lot about this cartridge. I am really excited about this. I have for many years wanted a .300 Whisper, but did not want to reload. I should reload, and I eventually will, but at this point in my life I do not have enough time or energy to take up another hobby and am willing to pay the price at the gun shop checkout.

There is a good discussion about the .300 BLK on this blog post.

If you know of companies who are planning to make .300 BLK barrels, ammo, reloading gear, etc please let me know about it so I can also mention them on the blog.

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  • Ed

    The blog post link just takes me to the AAC page.

  • Ed (a different Ed)

    I thought the whole purpose of the .300 BLK was to have a 7.62×39-ish round that wouldn’t screw the pooch in an AR-platform rifle or carbine. It may be an awesome cartridge, but it seems a tad odd that the 700 would be the first (readily available) commercial product in which to try it.

  • Matt

    I agree Ed, it’s a strange choice but hopefully ar barrels are right behind. Anyone know where .300blk ammo is available yet?

  • Arcane

    Noveske will be making .300 BLK barrels, as well.

  • Mike

    The Noveske sight lists the project as “ON HOLD.” Any idea what that means? Is it going to happen or not?

  • Noveske will be making AR barrels- the project is listed as ‘On Hold’ because he is in the process of getting ammo and testing to see what lengths/setups he wants to sell.

    We will be offering AR barrels and AR uppers in 9″ and 16″. the first full run of the 9″ uppers sold out.

    The 700 and Model-7 offer good (common) platforms for running 300 BLK in, for building up a compact light gun. And when the subsonic ammo is readily available, it will offer a nice alternative to trying to find 308 subs.

    For those that want to shoot subs and supersonic in there 308, we also make a 1:8 twist threaded 308 barrel for the 700.

  • Quickdraw

    A barrel for a Bushmaster ACR would be awesome

  • We offer AR and Savage barrels chambered in 300 blk. You can view what we currently have for sale on our website


    If there is something you want and we don’t have it please call or email. We are adding new products to our line all the time and would love to hear what the public wants next so don’t be shy..

    (276) 389-9788