Prototype holster for .380 sub-compacts

This prototype holster from GripUs is interesting.

The idea behind it is that an iPhone / PDA / Blackberry sized leather case attached to a belt is common and would not attract attention. Of course a thief may think it is an expensive gadget and an expert pick pocketer may be able to remove the gun without the owner noticing.

[ Many thanks to Bek for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Tony Moller

    You could make the pick pocket reference to almost any IWB or OWB holster though. Interesting concept. I hope they bring it to market.

  • SpudGun

    This is a great concept – that is until you get your phone case and your holster mixed up.

    Problem 1 –

    Your phone rings and you end up putting a .380 to to your temple.

    Problem 2 –

    It’s embarrassing to pull your iPhone and yell ‘Freeze dirtbag!’.

    Obviously I mock, but anything that makes it easier / more convenient to carry is always a good thing.

  • West

    Good thinking disguising it as a PDA/Blackberry case but the snap looks a little to easy to open by bumping into something with your hip. Also, as mentioned in the post, I think such a large and unusual looking belt holder might attract thieves.

    I also live in Texas and when I carry my Sig P238 or S&W Bodyguard .380 Auto I reserve the right front pocket of my cargo shorts for my pistol. The P238 comes with a nice molded plastic belt-clip holster that fits nicely in a pocket.

    Seriously, pistols are getting so small you could almost carry one in a locket around your neck. Im reminded of the tiny cell-phone Will Farell carried in the SNL skits.

  • Mu

    The big question is, is that concealed or open carry?

  • Royi

    Looks more like a tobacco pouch to me…
    The plus side is that a robber might be yelling “hand over your HP iPaq!” and you can reach for your gun without him/her suspecting it might not be a handheld computer.
    The downside is that I see this thing unbuttoning on moments you least want to see it unbuttoning (think, crowded train and the likes).

  • That looks promising…. its much like that other one thats out (cant remember the name) but I like how they vertically orinent the firearm with this design

  • Ladyfox

    Interesting idea and, as others have mentioned, I hope this goes into production. However, that said, I do hope they come up with another model that has the following:

    – The ability to accept an iPod/iPhone/card holder in a scabbard behind the actual holster

    – The inside of the cover is some kind of plastic/kydex, along with a rubber gasket, to give rigidity to the cover and protect the firearm

    – That they make the cover a water-resistant fabric, in different colors and/or styles, in addition to the leather

    – That they make a model that will attach to a MOLLE system for those who wish to pair these with a bag or other method of carry

    – That the method of securing the cover is something more substantial than just a snap like maybe something with a clip.

  • I don’t think you can actually fit a phone in there, SpudGun.

    On a side note, I don’t think a pickpocket expecting a phone would want a .380. In fact he’d probably wet his pants thinking he’d POd a mob boss.

  • Woodroez

    I think I might have seen something like this before…Cabela’s might have had a similar item, except I believe it was an actual pouch that the gun would holster down into rather than a box that swings down clear of the gun.

    This looks convenient to draw from, but as others have said, I wonder if being an errant bump or tug away from suddenly carrying openly is a great idea.

  • …seems like a lot of stuff in the way of the draw to me. I use a WRB pocket holster which positions my mini upright in my “keys” pocket. They have other sizes. All the little rubber nubs come off, but this doesn’t seem to effect function. I know it’s not a lot of firepower, but I live in Texas and concealing in the summertime is an exercise in suffering and as “they” say the best gun to use is the one you’re carrying.

  • Matt H

    That is a really interesting and unique concept. The only thing I would consider changing up would be rounding out the edges to make it less boxy.

    Also, for those concerned about the pickpocket/theft issue, if I were to wear an OWB holster it would still be concealed by an untucked shirt. That being said, if I were to accidentally expose the holster while moving about I would rather people see a PDA case rather than a firearm.

    The more I think about this I’m really digging the holster.

    Only drawback I see to it is the actual drawing motion. Having to unsnap and let a plate fall out of the way before getting a grip on the firearm is just wasted time, in my opinion of course.

  • Matt

    I saw that when i ordered my grips from them. It a great idea, but seriously, if you own a phone or PDA that would require a case that big your still living in 1993. I just don’t see it not being obtrusive. That thing is the size of a house.

  • AR1911

    Any number of off-the-shelf iPod, GPS, or phone holsters will accomodate an LCP or a P32. I have several.

    The Desantis Nylon Rugs are also very similar.
    NAA has a very good price on them:

  • Cymond

    The other similar holster that some have mentioned is the BullDog Cell Phone Holster.

    The main red flag in my mind is the very boxy square shape. Most cases soft shells and/or rounded. I do like the vertical carry though. The Bulldog looks more like a case, but is less of a holster. Its certainly an idea worth a try.

  • DavidR

    kewel. since we all know that the whole point of a POCKET GUN is to…you know…put in your fake PDA case

  • @Spudgun: Very good points..that would probably be me on both counts #1 and #2, lol…