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  • Jim

    Pefect for getting that extra bit of velocity out of my rifle, think idiots everywhere.

  • kurgen99

    How long until we see a rifle in a Ka-BOOM video?

  • Lance

    HHHMMMMM!!! Looks perfect for your subsonic loads… LOL

  • so is the idea here that these are loaded to the maximum specified pressure for that particular cartridge?

    • hojo, no they are loaded much higher than the max pressure.

  • seth

    this was made for testing right? I mean, the only people who can get their hands on this stuff are the people at the source. Am I correct?

    • seth, yes, you would *not* want to fire these rounds.

  • MrMaigo

    I’m just glad the box is properly labled

  • El Duderino

    The boxes of .40 S&W proof loads have the following warning on them: WARNING! PLACING THESE WITHING 100 METERS OF GEN3 AND EARLIER GLOCKS MAY DAMAGE YOUR FIREARM!