How to strip a VZ 58 Fire Control Group

Nolo could not find any decent instructions online explaining how to strip a Vz.58 fire control group, so he wrote a guide on how to do it

You see, recently, I purchased a Vz. 58 steel trigger, to replace the plastic trigger my CZ-USA Vz. 58 came with. When I looked on the Internet for info on how to muck around inside the receiver, I found nothing, so I had to figure it out myself. Trying to remove the fire control group from this rifle without knowing how is really hard, and results in lots of unnecessary scrapes on your receiver, and a lot of fruitless banging and frustration. Removing the FCG after you know what to do, however, is really quite easy, if a bit tricky. I decided to write this to help people do it the easy way.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    HHHMMMM teaches a person NOT to get a VZ-58 get a AKM if you want metal parts and look more bad guy!!! LOL

  • Nathaniel

    Like I said in the post, once you know what to do, it’s really quite easy to do, more easy than an AK. Vz. 58’s aren’t AKs, and the rifles aren’t really directly comparable. You might as well compare a 7.62x39mm AR to an AK. In fact, ARs are probably more comparable to the Vzs, being of similar quality and usefulness.

  • R.A.W.

    The VZ-58 fire control group is a fascinating bit of design. The VZ-58 is one of the few striker-fired autoloaders out there, and certainly the only one I know of that has no coil springs in the trigger mechanism!

  • Mouse

    Awesome, thanks. I’m always looking for information on the care and maintenance of the VZ-58. It’s not exactly always easy to come by.