The XM2010 Sniper

Solider Systems noticed that the new M24E1 sniper rifle is now being referred to as the XM2010. PEO Solider says

The XM2010 is distinguished by its advanced design and represents a quantum upgrade over the M24. The shooter interface can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of shooter preferences and its folding stock provides Soldier flexibility in transporting the weapon during operations. The weapon also incorporates advanced corrosion resistant coatings to ensure longevity. The aluminum, steel, and high impact polymers used in the weapon’s construction are lightweight and rugged.

The ESR is equipped with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm scope. The variable power scope includes a first focal plane reticle so when the user dials in, the reticle pattern scales with the zoom enabling the sniper to estimate range at any power setting. The scope also employs a reticle pattern that facilitates faster and more accurate range estimation and utilizes mil turret adjustments to eliminate MOA to mil conversion. The targeting stadia reticle allows for simultaneous elevation and windage holds that eliminate the need to dial in adjustments.

Photos of the XM2010 …

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  • Jeremy Thomson

    Quantum upgrade!? ROTFL
    So this is the smallest possible upgrade that’s still an upgrade?

    • Jeremy, it is called an “upgrade” because of politics. It is in reality a new rifle in a different caliber.

  • Josh

    I’m not really sure about this new rifle. I don’t know it just doesn’t look right. Like a bolt action AR or something.

  • Topslop1

    Although I can not comment on the functionality of this rifle.. it sure has that funky futuristic flavor to it. Somewhere along the path there was an unquenchable thirst for rails…

  • Sam

    So for the novices among us, what is the caliber? And what are the differences?

  • sadlerbw

    I’ll admit to being slightly confused about the choice of .300 WinMag for this rifle. I thought all the cool kids were moving to .338 Lapua these days? Was the WinMag already in the inventory somewhere or did we just feel like being different than all our NATO buddies with 7.62×51’s or .338 Lapuas? I’m not saying .300 WinMag was a BAD choice, just slightly confusing. Still, I’d take progress over perfection, and applaud them for making the upgrade anyway.

    – Bret

  • Bob

    I found the “quantum upgrade” to be distractingly funny too. Learn what a word means before you use it, Mr Press Release Writer.

  • Vitor

    I like its “skeleton” skinny looks.

  • Nanban Jim

    “The shooter interface”

    I lolled.

  • hacedeca

    Looks more like a police rifle! What if you have to sneak through bushes? Will all the edges you will take half of the vegetation with you.

  • hacedeca

    Looks more like a police rifle! What if you have to sneak through the bushes? With all the edges you will take half of the vegetation with you.

  • Dom

    That scope sounds awesome, yet it doesn’t sound that complex. Are those features emerging on mid-range civilian optics yet? Or can anyone explain why they would be so high-end?

  • HeavenlySword

    It looks… massive….

  • Andrew

    I think Jeremy was referring to quantum, not upgrade. In physics, things that are on the quantum scale are so small they no longer adhere to newtonian mechanics.

    Also, I’ve noticed that every time you type “soldier” in just about any post it’s spelled “solider.” Is this on purpose?

  • greasyjohn

    Geez, it’s identical to the MSR.

  • greasyjohn

    Think Metal Gear, Andrew. Solid Snake was awesome, so imagine Solider Snake.

  • G

    I don’t know if there are any mid-range scopes with Horus reticles. (There are hardly any high-end scopes with Horus Reticles.) But Bushnell makes two mid-range scopes with FFP mildot reticles and knobs with 0.1 milrad clicks.×50-Elite-4200-30mm-Rifle-Scope-P45483.aspx×44-Elite-4200-30mm-Rifle-Scope-P45484.aspx

    .300 Win mag is already in the inventory. The special forces have been using sniper rifles in .300 win mag for some time.

  • Yogsothoth

    Actually a quantum leap is an real thing in physics:

  • HerbG

    What, no laser designator, grenade launcher, or flashlight? Well at least there is something to hang the surface-to-air radar, torpedo launcher, and depth charges on. I feel safer already!

  • sadlerbw:

    Not all of our NATO allies use the .338 Lapua. Back in the 1990s, the German Bundeswehr adopted the AI AWM-F in .300 Win Mag as the G22.

  • The .300 WinMag has been in US service for a long time in sniper rifles, but I think only with special forces or Marines (it was a USN project). What’s new is that the Big Army is now converting existing M24 from 7.62mm, in the search for greater range (increase in effective range from c.800m to c.1,200m).

    The sniper ammo (made by Federal) was upgraded last year to the MK248 Mod 1: which is a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing fired at c.2,850 fps, with an average chamber pressure of just over 68,000 psi. Better brace yourself before touching off that one…

  • William O. B’Livion

    Dude, EVERY cool product has an X in it’s name. We need to have an X.

    I don’t know man, we have this long tradition of just putting an M in front of a number for our rifles and pistols.

    But all the COOL products have an X. Why can’t we just stick and X on there, it’ll sell more.

    Fine. Whatever. Go away.

  • John C.

    I agree about the choice of .300 WinMag. It’s kind of like, If you’re upgrading from the 7.62 NATO, why not just go straight to .338 Lapua?

  • charles222

    Yeah, you’ll definitely have vegetation issues! Cause infantrymen haven’t been going through brush with rails and all kinds of accessories on their weapon for years now without serious problems or anything.

    You don’t carry a sniper rifle the way you do an ordinary rifle if you’re going through heavy brush to begin with. If it’s snagging your rifle, it’s certainly snagging on you as well…in other words, you’re low-crawling and more than likely have your weapon in a drag bag if the brush is just too thick to get yourself around.

  • Kurt

    Just a tip for those who want to look smarter than everybody else by pouncing on vocabulary or grammar. Try using an actual dictionary instead of Google search, which doesn’t always return perfect results. “Quantum”, like many words in the English language, has more than one meaning:

    1. quantity or amount: the least quantum of evidence.
    2. a particular amount.
    3. a share or portion.
    4. a large quantity; bulk.
    5. Physics . a. the smallest quantity of radiant energy, equal to Planck’s constant times the frequency of the associated radiation.
    b. the fundamental unit of a quantized physical magnitude, as angular momentum.

    6. sudden and significant: a quantum increase in productivity.

  • jdun1911

    Having a rail give the operator options on mounting accessories like laser and range finder. It also adds weight to an already heavy rifle. On the flip side heavy rifle reduce felt recoil.

  • Brian


    All that vegetation=camouflage 😉

  • Tony: The .300 Win Mag has been in service with US Army and Navy Special Warfare snipers for decades. The round had also seen wide use by service shooting teams in long range competition ever since its commercial introduction.

    William: The use of the prefix XM in the designation of experimental items has been standard in the US Army since the early 1960s.

    jdun1911: The long upper rail also allows for the mounting of inline night sights like the AN/PVS-22, AN/PVS-26, AN/PVS-24, or SU-232/PAS.

  • sadlerbw

    Thanks for the info about .300 WinMag already being in the inventory. That makes more sense now. As to the rails, I really don’t see all that much rail madness on that gun. There is a big, long top rail, a tiny piece on the bottom of the buttstock (I assume for potentially mounting a monopod), and it looks like there is the potential to add on small bits of rail to the fore end. It looks like you can add bits of rail if you NEED to mount something, otherwise it just has a long top rail for mounting optics. That doesn’t seem all that unreasonable or heavy to me.

    – Bret

  • Bob


    I stand corrected.

    I have always and only understood “quantum” to refer to the smallest possible change which can occur or which is significant, which is its use in physics and chemistry. I did not know it was used more generally.

    From the World English Dictionary, I was not familiar with definitions 4 and 5, and thought of 3 as the most general definition.

    quantum (ˈkwɒntəm)

    — n , pl -ta
    1. physics
    a. the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess according to the quantum theory
    b. a particle with such a unit of energy
    2. amount or quantity, esp a specific amount
    3. ( often used with a negative ) the least possible amount that can suffice: there is not a quantum of evidence for your accusation
    4. something that can be quantified or measured
    5. ( modifier ) loosely, sudden, spectacular, or vitally important: a quantum improvement

    [C17: from Latin quantus (adj) how much]

  • Zulu

    @ William O. B’Livion: If I’m not mistaken, the X stands for eXperimental. They give equipment the XM designation while they’re still in development.

    • Zulu, you are correct. Often after it has been refined and considered non-experiment the designation drops the “X”. Fro example the XM16 became the M16

  • Edward Yee

    Likewise, you have the XM16E1 (as it was called in Metal Gear Solid 3) being used by the character for “field evaluation” of what would be called the M16A1.

    Note re: the caliber choice, I understand that the Army chose the particular version of the Remington 700 receiver for the M24 so that it would support a conversion to .300 WinMag, as opposed to the Marine Corps’ version used in their M40 that does not support conversion.

    • Edward, you are correct: they chose the long action receiver, instead of short action, so that it could be converted to .300 Win Mag in the future.

  • hb_6895

    its a remington M24-E SWS RACS (Remington Arms Chassis
    System) Configuration

  • Tp

    Why not just put that stock and silencer on a 221 fireball?

  • Chris

    In 2009 Congress appropriated $5.6 million to develop this rifle. 2009 had record budget deficit of $1.42 trillion. Military spending on sniper equipment is up from $400K a year in 2001, to $19 million in 2009. All so our troops can better protect the opium growers in Afghanistan and keep young people in the US hooked on cheap heroin and fill our prisons. Feel free to hate on me for being factual.

    The rifle looks sweet, I’m sure we’ll see it soon in video games that are immensely popular in countries that have gun bans. Keep in mind the rifle will probably never be available to civilians.

  • Bill W

    A lightweight bullet is more subject to wind deflection. The thirty caliber is a better choice for long range shooting.

  • Paul

    I agree with all of you and disagree with most of you…who the hell knows why the Gov’t does anything except to advance corporate and personal profit? Anyway, I enjoyed reading your comments, but i do think they should have gone to the .338 Lapua….bigger projectile…possibly faster velocity and less wind influence. Go ahead now and rag my butt.

  • charles222

    Using 300WM allows the receivers to be kept and re-used; a new rifle (which isn’t strictly needed anyway) probably wasn’t in the cards, but an upgraded sniper rifle for longer ranges that doesn’t require a shootoff and protracted competition is obviously desireable.

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