Ruger SR40 in .40 S&W is here!

It has taken long enough, but finally the .40 S&W chambered version of the 9mm Ruger SR9 has arrived. Ruger has been shipping the SR40 to dealers during the past week. The one pictured below is being sold on GunBroker.

Ruger SR-40

Ruger has kept silent about the SR40 and I do not know the official specs of MSRP. Dealers, feel free email me any info you have.

UPDATE: The MSRP is $515.99, the same as the SR-9. Many thanks to Brian for the info.

Steve Johnson

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  • I am surprised that this took so long… You got to have a .40 cal if you want to be in the law enforcement selling game.

  • Zach

    It’s great to see this arrive, but it’s about 16 years overdue.

  • brian

    i’ve got a little info for ya steve

    looks like it’s going to sell for the exact same as the 9

    • brian, thanks Brian!

  • am I the only one who doesn’t dig the split trigger designs?

  • I “assume” the gun is empty, but is there ever a good reason to handle a gun by the muzzle/slide in the way illustrated above?

    I thought not.

  • Wumpus

    Oh ho! Interesting timing (for me anyhow)…

    My SR9 is sweet shooting (I’d use it for IDPA except for the mag safety) and the wife likes it more than I do. Just started looking for something to replace my (great feeling but poor performing) PT 24/7 .45… Perhaps this is ticket.

  • charles222

    That is a really beautiful pistol; I like how simple and sleek the lines are.

  • keit

    I wonder if it has a new trigger like the sr9c or does it have an old gritty one like the SR9 (full size)?

  • paul

    After being so happy with my SR 9 , I bought a SR 40 this week. (399.00) Another great gun from Ruger. It shoots great and is easy to handle. It will be my favorite carry piece when i want more firepower than my 380. Of all of my defence guns i still shoot better with my SR9 than other pistols costing hundreds more! I can now recommend the SR40 along with the SR9 to everybody. I just wish Ruger would serate the front of the slide, I did it on my SR9 carry gun and besides looking great it helps racking the slide for me. ps. the 40 mag release is improved and very smooth over my early SR9’s

  • okay, first of all this pistol is the bomb second of all PAUL,
    Defence is what is in your back yard, DEFENSE spelled correctly is what we use this for. are you sure you even own any of those pistols and your not just chatting to sound cool? because he who owns, carries, uses and or fires a weapon for self DEFENSE should at least know how to spell it lol, sorry thought that was funny. anyways just purchased my brand new Ruger SR .40 S&W two days ago just got done firing about an hour ago. this gun is simply amazing one of the best i have fired in a long time. i am ex military and have 3 tours iraq/egypt/afghanistan under my belt you can imagine i have fired a lot of weapons being a sergeant in the United States Military . i have pretty much fired everything short of a torpedo or nuclear missile. in combat i carried the 240 bravo, .50 desert eagle and a glock .45 ACP daily of all those guns….. none compare to the ergonomics, comfortability, accuracy, round capacity 15/1 mag/chamber the gun is surprisingly light weight, yet heavy duty, easy to take apart and clean and fires under pretty extreme conditions. the dependability of this weapon is second to none. I wish i could have carried the Ruger SR .40 S&W over seas i would have carried it over my .50 any day because of the advantages, the gun weighs 25.6 or 25.4 somewhere very close give or take .2 ounce with an empty clip yet shoots a .40 round. the pistol itself is very very very much like its little brother the sr9c same design and everything with a few tweeks. alls i can say is ruger is stepping up its game and this SR .40 S&W IS MORE I REPEAT MORE THAN A MUST HAVE for any experienced fellow weapons lovers if you dont have one or dont think you want one buy it anyways it by far is the best pistol ive ever fired and to be exact i have fired… (just to give you and idea) close to 475 different makes models calibers and prototypes being a weapons tester for the military, and when i said pistols only pistols. that does not include the rifles, rpgs, shotguns, snipers, even guns that yup you guessed it fire around corners so if you are gonna listen to someone about buying a weapon. take it
    from someone with experience like mine, take it from someone not payed buy the company to promote a specific weapon and take it from someone who is not biased on anything to do with weapons if it shoots i fire it and review it on my own time for other people like me looking to buy a weapon for fun or home defense so please take it from me. if you dont have a ruger SR.40 Smith and Wesson go get it, youll love it oh and by the way the recoil on this gun is crazy it feels just like the Glock 19- .9 mm i have never fired a pistol with .40 caliber this accurate, smooth, and simply beautiful, looks very similar to a springfield xd model so dont waste time go pick up that ruger you love it if not youll resale it online for the same amount you paid for it guaranteed people are looking for and loving them. one more thing if you arent interested in spending 525.00 on the brand new ruger they have extremely well maintained rugers including the new sr.40sw on the web just take a look. but im serious go get her, youll fall in love at first sight and your wife/significant other shall be sleeping on the couch when you bring home mrs. ruger. get it-love it – share your experience i love to hear what people think about the weapon if they have read my review and bought the weapon ill check back every so often to see. thank you all for your time and thanks for reading. hope you get and lover that RUGER SR .40 SMITH AND WESSON!!!

  • Don Grant

    The U.S. military does not equip any of its members with the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. Especially in .50AE. It is of an impractical weight, design, and ammo capacity. Very few would carry a 240B with a side arm. Only USSOCOM personel would carry a Glock. They would be the only ones with the option of arming themselves with a nonissue weapon. SEALS us the SIG 226. With the use of a SIG, why waste the time on a Glock? On the Ruger, I have had over 500 rounds through my SR9 and have had no problems except for a failure to feed on the second magazine that I fired. This has not happened since and has been a great firearm that I would trust my life with. Now that it is offered in .40 Smith, I only wish that I had waited a couple of years to buy a Ruger. They are good guns (especially the super blackhawks) and worth the money when you can find them under MSRP. LDRSHIP

  • jack

    First of all not worth the $500.00 price tag, Second has an awkward release button for field stripping[bring a knife with ya]. This gun shoots well but for me my Bersa Thunder .40 Shoots just as well and has a much better reliabilty rating than the sr series of guns. Save your money a lot of better guns out there. This gun has’nt been out long enough, hopefully they won’t have a major recall like the sr .9mm

  • Cameron

    Logan, gonna call you there, man. No military unit in the United States would permit the .50 Desert Eagle for combat carry. I stopped reading there.

    Very happy with Ruger here!

  • Cameron

    Also going to disagree with Jack here. I have read of significantly more issues with Bersa guns than Ruger guns on The Firing Line and The High Road.

  • Dad

    So guys, is it a good gun or not?? I have a cougar 8040 cause I had to have a .40 but ammo is EXPENSIVE compared to 9mm. I don’t shoot the 8040 much because I can’t afford to dump $100.00 on ammo every time I go out shooting and my carry is a LCR .357 ( .38 special +p and .357 aren’t exactly affordable these days either). The point of all this is I’m thinking of the SR9 but if the SR40 is as good of a gun, I might be getting back into reloading and staying with a couple calibers.

  • Soldier

    Don Grant, kudos for saying what I was about to. Everything that you said about the military and its use of Firearms is absolutely correct.

    Logan, you are full of shit. Not a single soldier uses the Desert Eagle as it is not a weapon that the Military either issues or supplies. Being not only a combat Veteran but a Unit Armorer I know for a fact that you are straight up lying. Not to mention that the standard sidearm for the military is the 9 Millimeter M9 Beretta. Not the Glock. Fobbit anyone?


  • Anthony

    Wondering if they are goin to make a 30 round Extended Clip for this weapon?