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  • Aurelien

    Looks like the famous “gangsta grip” used by the military. Except the “gangsta grip” uses Surefires.

  • MrMaigo

    2 things. Someone will get shot. Everyone will put Magpul grips on it

  • Jerry

    How long you think it’ll take before a cop shoots someone for holding that thing in the dark?

  • Why?
    I’ve never had a problem holding my flashlight. I also like the way it currently fit’s into long, skinny pockets or ring holders. Putting that grip on a maglite will make it a pain in the ass to store, IMO.

  • Komrad

    It looks like those rings would fit a scope, I wonder…
    I don’t really get it. Flashlights don’t really need grips like that, otherwise all flashlights would come with them.

  • Zack


  • Energizer Bunny

    Finally, the pistol grip flashlight market gets the attention it deserves….*cough*

  • Jim

    “How long you think it’ll take before a cop shoots someone for holding that thing in the dark?”

    It’s a flashlight, what dark?

  • People are still using those huge ass maglites? I’m so glad I’ve got a surefire G3 now, the other night the power went out for about 4-5 hours and that little flashlight made it almost bearable .

  • Bobby Hunter

    Mr. Worf, set phasers to stun.

  • Rusty Ray

    Wonder if you can fit a light onto it, maybe they’ll make rails for it?


  • altoids

    Had the same thought.

    If it looks and handles like a gun, you should probably never pull it out in public, unless you could justify pulling out a gun at that moment, in which case you you probably need a gun.

    This is seriously dumb. In low light, this will look like a pistol with a weapon light.

  • West

    I think its irresponsible to advertise this as a home-defense “weapon”.

    Does it come with a sign that says, “Hey, im over here-Shoot Me!”?

  • Yeah, definately a suicide-by-cop invention.

  • Komrad

    mall cops and night guards use them when they can’t legally have tasers or night-sticks
    a maglite over the head will hurt like a bitch and may cause some real damage, the grip removes this possibility because it would be impossible to get enough leverage and it would force you to use the lgihter and more delicate bulb end

  • DavidR

    Two thoughts:

    a) either somebody will shoot you for holding it


    b) or YOU will shoot somebody thinking that you were turning on your light

  • John C.

    I was hoping this was meant as a novelty, but they seriously think it could be used as a “self defense weapon” on the website.

  • Ok I know this is next to useless, but it looks cool. I’m thinking what else could that fit? Toilet plunger, garden hose? At $39.99 I’m going to just ogle it here on the blog Steve…

  • Rob

    Why else? Cool factor. Hey, with this I’d have a use for my spare MIAD. Or a gag gift for any gun nut friends.

  • 54Bravo

    Neat and all but yeah, a REAL ‘good’ way to get shot unless the flashlight is bright orange or something.

  • Cymond

    My first thought was ‘people still seriously use maglites?’ However, maglites are updated with LEDs, but I doubt they compare to a true tactical light. The only purpose I see is for people who are limited to improvised weapons, as Konrad pointed out.

  • subase

    There’s also the CAA – Poor Mans Weapon Light, but that’s different. I really see no use for this thing whatsoever. Why would one need to quickdraw a flashlight?

    No worries though, it’s a Maglite the old fogey of flashlights. Hope no kids get shot with this thing.

  • Mirko

    I must disagree on the “suicide by cop” banter here. What is the hypothetical scenario that some cop automatically mows someone down just because someone has “something” that looks like/not like a gun? If its the guy robbing a bank and he’s got this in his pocket and grabs for it… then your probably right, but who will defend the bank robber? Alternatively, a couple of kids playing with one at a birthday party, running around the house pretending to be Flash Gordon I doubt would cause an intervention with the local swat team.

    Where do you guys live that the cops shoot at anyone at any time for having something that looks like a gun. Let me know, if I travel through there, I will tell my wife to disguise her hair dryer.

  • Trav

    Bad idea ! I can imagine lawyers salivating already.

  • Mirko, cops mistaking objects for guns is very common. A few years ago the SWAT team closed down a high school because of a report of a student with a gun. Turns out it was a foil-wrapped burrito, which looks a lot less like a gun than this thing. Some one will definitely get shot but not necessarily by the cops.
    Maglights are still cool, I have one because I haven’t won the lottery to afford a $200 Surefire, a $20 maglight will have to do.

  • Mirko

    “cops mistaking objects for guns is very common” That’s a pretty vague statement.. what does it mean? I doubt it happens everyday. Americans buy AR-15’s, now thats pretty common. And your related story doesn’t strengthen your hypothesis. Who reported that the kid had a gun? Probably someone with zero firearm experience (or a friend playing a prank more likely) and definitely not a cop. So, in this instance a cop did not mistake the burrito as a gun.

    People that will misidentify this product are non gun owners. People with guns, know what guns look like. So… are you even a gun owner?

  • indeed I am. but it still happens, even to experienced professionals.

  • Lady N
  • Mirko

    Lady N, Thanks for posting these excerpts. Cops make these mistakes and in some instances you cited, the victims are innocent. The other instances I’m not sure it matters what you grab for, if you acting shady and you don’t heed the direction of the cops they will shoot you. I still don’t think this product alone is going to increase your chances of getting shot by a cop.


  • This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, please, just don’t show this again.

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    • Sam Suggs

      WTF error?