The Ultimate 10: Kase Reeder made custom 10mm 1911

Mike emailed me photos of the latest addition to his collection …

It’s a Kase Reeder made custom 10mm 1911 he has called, The Ultimate 10. According to Kase it is the newest full custom 10mm and the only longslide custom 10mm on the U.S. market. It has a custom Caspian stainless flattop 6″ long slide with Bomar adjustable rear sight and Bomar front sight. It has a custom stainless Fusion Firearms Tact-5 frame with accessory rail, Ed Brown NM trigger, memory groove beavertail, Chip McCormick extended safety, and mag catch. It also has special custom Italian grips, a full action job with custom internals, a checkered mainspring housing and custom mag well. The barrel is a Clark custom ramped 6″ with national match bushing. Each gun is custom made to the customer’s specs. It isn’t cheap though. I think mine was $2995.00 without taxes.

Sadly my meager gun budget won’t stretch this far!

Steve Johnson

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  • T800

    Zis new ten millimetah longslide iz great, but where is the lazer ?

  • The description doesn’t match up with the picture. The slide appear to be a STI, as does the grip safety. The stocks are Gunner Grips. The “custom” magwell/mainspring housing appears to be a stock S&A, straight out of the zip-lock baggie.

    That said, this is one of the nicest looking pistols that I’ve seen from Kase. Most of those in his magazine ads and website look awful. The best thing he could do for his business would be to replace those photos with examples of his current work.

  • Alex B

    thats one sexy piece of steel

  • Jason

    Looks like a Smith & Alexander Mag Guide. Good stuff. Use ’em on my 1911s too.

  • ap

    looks like it’ll run along with the STI “Perfect 10” in price. Are the long bbl lengths primarily to gobble up recoil, improve ballistics, both? What’s the thinking, there? Just getting all you can out of the round? Glock 10mm shooters seem to do OK with reasonable bbl lengths.

  • Alan

    Blame Miami Vice, but I’ve always liked the idea of a 1911 10mm. And that is a hell of an example of one. purty.

  • ap: It is a bit of both, combined with the extra sight radius. It doesn’t hurt that some shooters think that longslides look really cool. Ever see the movies “Thief” or “the Terminator”?

    After looking at Fusion’s website, it appears that STI makes their frames and slides. In fact, you can buy nearly all of the parts used here straight from Fusion, complete with the modifications shown.

  • me

    Are you sure its a custom job? They only mentioned custom 10 times in that paragraph…ok eleven if we count the word customer also. LOL

  • Bob H

    Night Hawk Custom has a “Heinie 10mm 6-inch Long Slide” It was reviewed in one of the (way too many) gun mags I get.

  • charles222

    ap: Well, when you consider that you can duplicate the subsonic loading for that new .300 Black round in a 10mm (220 grains @ 1050 fbs), yeah, giving the 10mm added barrel length is a pretty sensical idea. I’ve heard that HK gives the 10mm version of the MP5 a maximum effective range of 250-275 meters; no idea how true that actually is, but if it is true, that’s more or less the same effective range as an M4 carbine in 5.56 NATO.

  • Compugeekmsn

    That is the most badass 10auto ive EVER SEEN!! I really want an automatic .410/.45colt. (yes i know it is absolutely rediculous and unrealistic, but still.