The riflemen’s procession

Bavarian riflemen march in the traditional costumes at the riflemen’s procession on the occasion of the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, southern Germany, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010.

Hundreds more photos of Oktoberfest at Yahoo.

[ Many thanks to mik for emailing me the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Too much of stereotypes: Germans in uniforms marching in Munich with Mausers. 🙂

  • R N

    omg guy on left is radar oreily!

  • Griffin

    I see a couple double Barrel shotguns in there instead of rifles…

  • Jim

    Of course these guys probably aren’t permitted to own those rifles, are they?

  • Kurgen99

    I’ve been the the Hunting Museum in Munich. Very cool.

  • Royi

    Traditional marksmen..
    The ancient tradition of Popinjay (originating from the pagan folklore shooting down the Holy King Bird representing the sun and therefore the coming of autumn and winter) still lives, but with rifles nowadays in all of the german speaking countries and the Low Countries (The Netherlands and Belgium).

    The introduction of christianity, a thousand years ago, did not eliminate the tradition, but instead enrichened it. Every parish has their own marksmen club, acting as what the Knights of Columbus are in America.

    Altough the traditions vary by country and region (even rifles, in The Netherlands I count not less than 7 different styles, some types are only (hand)made for certain regions), they all have one thing in common: silly suits are worn and beer will flow.

  • Cesium

    Jim of course they own their rifles. Its Germany not Britain.

  • Some years ago a group of friends and I visited the Munich Beer Festival – a week of hardened debauchery which everyone should do at least once in their life…Anyhoo…

    Amidst the very serious drinking that goes on we were surprised to see the locals wandering in with rifle bags, and even more surprised to see that they had set up a small target range in one corner of the ‘tent’ (they are called beer tents but are actually the size of a small aircraft hanger)!

    Only the Germans have enough self-control – I think – to mix hardened drinking and shooting in the same venue! LOL!

    On a related note, after several hours of none stop beer and schnaaps and accompanying Umpah bands we were seized with a strange uncontrollable urge to invade someone (anyone!)… 😉

    • Milgeek, that sounds like asking for trouble!!!

  • Derfel Cadarn

    “All joking aside how come this doesn`t happen here. Our “proud “American tradition of firearms ownership is for behind closed doors only. Shame on us

  • …As an aside to the Munich Beer Festival – a bit of wisdom I would like to impart to any of your readers who do decide to go…

    NEVER (I repeat never) stand close to the ferris wheel while visiting the beer festival. There is an unspoken 25 yard ‘vomit zone’ around the base of the big wheel that first time visitors always fall foul of! 😉