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  • SpudGun

    Can’t argue with that, like a lot of shooters, I graduated from a .22 Ruger to a .357 wheelgun during my introduction to handguns.

    Unfortunately, I can see this tradition dying out thanks to the exorbitant cost of S&W revolvers. I’m sure 20 years from now, people will get misty eyed over their first Glock.

  • Vak


    God I hope this will never happen. If I ever have a kid, the first gun he will have will be either a nice 1911 or a S&W revolver, and he will keep it.

  • 4Cammer

    I know I am beating a dead horse here, but take off that idiotic lock S&W and you will once again have a customer in me. Until then, there are plenty of “used” like new in box S&W wheelguns to keep me happy. The 686 SSR looks to be an excellent firearm in all other respects.

  • Squidpuppy

    Among all my wheelies, I like my 627 V-Comp best. Last weekend I used it as one of the final ramp-up experiences for an adult new shooter, and it’s a great confidence builder, since it’s so accurate and handy to use. The only thing is it’s a pretty solid hunk of steel, so I typically don’t use it when introducing shooting to youths of slight build, or petite women, although a few of them gals have proven to be righteous shooters despite all appearances, and they justifiably bristle at the thought of accommodation.

    As for the lock dealybob, a reliable, craftsman-grade gunsmith… is all I’m saying.

  • Michael

    I’m a die hard wheel gunner, and have no problem admitting it. I have 5 Son’s and all but one of them are auto loader lovers. I own one in particular that is hands down the most accurate, cleanest actioned, of any wheel gun I’ve owned or shot. It is a S&W model 66-5 stainless. I also have a 66-2 that is pretty close in quality to my 66-5 with exception being the type of firing pin. I think its called a floating pin, its part of the hammer. I’ve had to do a minor hammer job on the 66-5 right out of the box, but other than that it has performed like no other. The hammer job was done because S&W didn’t give it enough travel, even with an extended firing pin I was having mis-fires consistently. I changed main springs which didn’t solve anything either. Finally had the hammer lapped down a few thousandths and have not had any issues since. Also have a Taurus 608. Definitely a boat anchor, but super accurate, strong, and just love the ported barrel. Killed a mule deer with it with a 125 grain XTP-HP. Dropped it instantly at well over 150 yards. The bullet went completely through and left a very large exit wound. Those loads, my hand loads, were using 21 grains of H110 and chronographed @ around 1950 fps.. Don’t get too many cycles with the brass with this load, but sure do get the hunting performance.
    “When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away!”

  • Paul

    I am between the T608 and SW686, the Taurus is an awesome looking piece. I had a PT1911 AR and traded it in for a Kimber after 6 months, the maching on the extractor and other internal parts was a bit sloppy compared to the Kimber, but the Kimber is 2X the price. Right now I am in the wheel gun market, but I really like the look of the 608 but an somewhat worried about the quality and resale value as compared to the SW 686. What to do ?