Mossberg Tactical .22 now on sale

Mossberg has started shipping the Mossberg Tactical .22 rifle that I blogged about earlier this year. The MSRP is just $276, which is lower than I thought it would be.

From the press release …

The lightweight and fast-handling Tactical .22 parallels the look and feel of today’s AR-style rifle while being built around Mossberg International’s reliable .22 autoloader. Taking cues from their proven 702 autoloader, the Tactical .22 matches an 18” barrel to a quad rail forend allowing the operator to fit the rifle with lights, lasers or other tactical accessories. Two stock configurations will be offered in this series: a six-position adjustable and fixed stock. The six-position polymer stock adjusts the length of pull from 10-3/4” – 14.5” accommodating youth and smaller framed shooters up to adults. The fixed position stock has a standard 13” LOP. The Tactical .22 is integrated with an A2-style carry handle and an adjustable rear sight aligned with a front post sight. The Picatinny handle mount is included, allowing versatility in scopes and other optics while providing the clearance necessary to utilize the AR-style sights. Other features included with the Tactical .22 are sling mounts and a ten round magazine.

Read more about the rifle here.

[ Many thanks to Will for emailing me the info. ]

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  • SpudGun

    At first, I was going to mock this exercise in ‘tactikool’ frippery, but with a $276 MSRP, it actually seems very reasonable.

  • Pete

    I think Mossberg set the price right for this one so long as there are 20 and 30 round magazines.

    $400 for a S&W AR-.22lr is too much when you can dress up a ruger for less.

  • Evan

    wow, this makes me think twice about a 10/22, I wonder if it will be considered as restricted in canada (excuse me if that sounds stupid, Im new to shooting and havent figured it all out yet)

  • Jim

    You can put all the lipstick you want on a 10/22, but it’s still a poorly built rifle using pot metal and a press fitted barrel. And the magazines are awful POS.

  • aczarnowski

    If the charging handle, bolt hold open, bolt release, safety, magazine release, and magazine size/shape are not in exactly the same locations and work just like an AR what’s the point? In fact, there’s negative point. These are supposed to be trainers for ARs.

    The Mossy appears to fail on the charging handle (at least) and likely the magazine release location and magazine size/shape. Ruger fails all over. Colt blows the safety. The safety!

    S&W gets $400 for their trainer because it’s actually a functional, you know, trainer.

  • MrMaigo

    It’s their .22 auto in a crap looking AR shell for $100 more?


  • Nanban Jim

    Would be a nice weapon to shoot with, especially if they had at least 20 round mags. Then again, it IS good for civilians to NOT train in a magdump reflex.

  • El Duderino

    I didn’t know Crosman makes firearms for Mossberg now.

    This is nice though. Just bought a stainless 10/22 so I’m out…

  • Martin (M)

    I’ll trade the quad-rails for large capacity mags. Otherwise, the price is right.

  • Jesse

    At that price it’s hard to beat. As long as it’s reliable and accurate enough that is.

  • Squidpuppy

    These AR styled .22s are great for anyone who doesn’t already have a good 10/22, or a genuine AR with a .22 mod; and they _are_ pretty darn nifty. Also, they’re very good for introducing noobs & younguns to the AR family. But since the 10/22 is good enough for the IDF, and a .22 modded AR means you have another real AR lower w/out too much juggling – that’s what I’ve stuck to.

  • charles222

    At first I thought this was a pretty stupid idea, but as .22 LR is about as cheap as rifle bullets come, not so much.

    Mr. Clark probably woulda loved to have one of these in Without Remorse. :p

  • Dom

    I handled one of these in my local gun shop yesterday. I very much disliked it.

    I have the S&W one, and I bought it because it had ergonomics very much like a nice civilian AR, and I couldn’t find a conversion kit at the time that I liked that was cheaper. Plus, I think Smith did a good job by inventing a new 22 from the ground-up, suited to this task. It shoots well.

    This, on the other hand, is another instance of an already existent 22 crammed into AR clothing. My specific complaints:

    – The gun didn’t look straight. I think perhaps the stock kicks up a bit? Is it just me or can you see that in the pic above, too?
    – Perhaps as a result, sight picture seemed non-intuitive to obtain.
    – The A2 sights seem more crowded than actual A2 sights. You feel like you’ve got blinders on.
    – Stock was hard to bed comfortably to shoulder; the shoulder pad is hard textured polymer.
    – Polymer seemed to have a poor finish.

    Now if all that isn’t worth $150 more to you, then this might be a good gun for you; otherwise, I’d say get the Smith.

  • NJ

    I’m so jealous of you Americans.

    I don’t even want to think how much one of these would cost if it ever made it to Australia. Not to mention the hoops you’d have to jump through to own one.

  • Clayton

    I went out and bought this after reading about it before and seeing this article go up. Ran about 300 rounds through it no problem.

    The factory sights aren’t the best but we were hitting spray paint cans at about 100 yards or so.

    Really want a higher capacity magazine though, but it seems as though no one makes them!

  • emsmedic

    I bought the Mossberg Tactical .22 plinkster today for $250.00 retail in store. The only drawback for me was the pistol style magazine that only holds ten rounds. Terrible idea! After shooting the rifle roughly a hundred rounds I had no problems. Shot the ammo as fast as I could pull the trigger. The only problem I had was removing the magazine after it was empty. After the last shot the bolt returned to the open position. The magazine would not release until you pressed down the small red piece on top of the magazine so the bolt would go forward. This is a pain in the a** to do every time you wanted to change the ten round magazine. I’d give the rifle a five out of ten for the price but after shooting the rifle a while I wish a spent a couple of hundred more on a Sig or M&P .22 rifle. Mossberg should just stick to making shotguns! After buying this product I will go with other gun makers in the future and not Mossberg.

  • Blake

    Can you shoot a 22 magnum with this gun?

  • JIm Senig

    With the low price you can’t find the mossberg tactical 22 anywhere! Vances shooters supply sold them for $229. They went like hot cakes .They were all gone before I could get to the store.

  • gander mtn sugar land tx has bigger clips try their website under accesories

  • look it up on map quest

  • they also got good deals on coyote scopes 149.99 camo its AWESOME 12 time zoom

  • Mossberg intl.

    I assemble these guns lol. Funny to see reviews on it.

  • Mossberg intl.

    I agree on the pain in the as part when you have to push down the red button on the clip to eject it after all shells are spent

  • Has anyone had a problem with the bolt on the Mossberg Tactical .22 getting stuck in the closed position?


    Just my 2 cents but I bought one of these a few months ago. I have put close to 2000 rounds through it with only one or two hicups when it was brand new and still had all that nasty yellow assy. grease. As far as trying to get the clip out when it is empty, just pull back on the bolt with your right hand and push down on the mag release with your left and it will fall right out.

  • breed56

    I bought one of these rifles and flat love it, shot over 500 rounds through it, NO MISFIRES all different types of ammo. This rifle is just flat fun, light and works well. They are selling the 25 round chips now and I have two of them and I put a little rubber tape on one side of the clip and it ejects fine now. I put on a red dot sight and a front grip for a total of about $90,00 and the rifles works just great. If your thinking about about this rifle, get it, it’s really fun.

  • DAK

    I bought the Mossberg Tacical .22 last week end. took it out to the range with my 19 year old son and fired 300 rounds. Had a few jams but straight out of the box but seemed to get better with more rounds. Need to clean out the grease & gunk & I’m sure it will get better. As you know it’s not always easy to spend two full days with a 19 year old son or the other way around!! But we are both looking forward to more time together on the range. I am sure I have created a moster that will cost me an upgrade to .223, but thats the cost of bonding. Recomend for father son, father daughter, mother son, mother daughter–Heck quality time is quality time..enjoy & have fun..

  • breed56

    You can get the 25 round clips at:
    Maverick Arms, Inc.

    Mossberg Authorized Service Center

    Attn Product Service Dept.

    1001 Industrial Blvd.

    Eagle Pass, Tx 78852


    I bought two of them and have one on the way and my buddy bought two of them.

  • Frank

    question for breed56 what kind of red dot sight did you put on and where did you get it? Also what did you mean about putting the rubber tape on the magazine?

  • breed56

    For Frank, I got a ULTRA DOT red dot sight for $90.00 at a gun store in Reno, You can get them much cheaper at Sportsman guide, most gun websites and e bay. I have 4 25 round clips, you can buy them at most of the gun websites npow pretty cheap $18.00, I used thich rubber tape which I cut and glued on the top edge of the clip and it tighted them up and they fall out when you hit the clip release, it makes the tricky magizine release a non-issue. I have fired about 1500 rounds weapon works great except with Federal loads and had five misfires with that ammo. Hope this helps.

  • Frank

    To breed56, thanks for the info, I shot 300 rounds of Peter’s which I think is remington rather old ammo and it jammed several times per 25 round magazine, Cabela’s gave me a box of cci mini mags to try out which I will be trying today I hope that cures the problem. I will try the tape also, if I understand correctly you wrapped the tape around the top metal portion of the magazine. Thanks

  • breed56

    For Frank,
    I just cut little pieces of tape (about 1/2 inch) and stuck the tape on the top sides of the clip where it touches the rifle on the front and rear of the clip, and it works great. In 22’s the ammo seems to be really important I think you need ammo that is over 1200 feet per sec. send me your e mail address to and I will send you a photo showing the clip and it will be a little more clear to you on where to put the tape. The clip realease will be a really non issue.

  • Brandon

    I am looking for a scope that fits the Mossberg .22 tactical rifle does anybody know where I can get one or a good site to go to?

  • Frank
  • breed56

    To Brandon,
    SDportsmans guide, outdoor bunker and a zillion of them on e=bay. You can get the red dot sights pretty cheap.

  • Tony

    So I have the 25 rd clip and when I load ammo in it the rounds get stuck and won’t come out (especially when it is loaded to the max with all 25 rds). What happens is the back end of the round (the lip of the round) goes behind the lip of the round before it. When it the magazine is full there is no more room for the aping to go down so you can’t push the rounds down to dislodge the top round from being stuck behind the round beneath it. Is this a common problem? What’s the remedy?

  • breed56

    For Tony,
    I have not had that problem, it might be that you have just a bad clip, I have bought four of them now, put thick sticky tapr on the front edge of the clip and the clips work just great and eject when they are suppossed too, the tricky releaSse is a non issue. I have shot the shit out of the rifle approximately 1000 rounds and it shoots well and fast.

  • Tony

    aping should be spring. Sorry about the typo.

  • Rick Perry

    Canadian observation….. Picked one up for 259.00 Cn. Yes, the fake parts detract; And those rails!! [sides & bottom] They start to annoy with the texture of sharp gravel after a few minutes! I hear you complaining ’bout a ten shot mag!!?? Mine came with a 25 rd. effort that is clever indeed! – Mossberg hides the tiny .22 mag. inside a realistic full-sized .223 look-alike!! I removed the side rails [6 screws ] and will cut off the bottom rail as it is molded in – ?? Have attached a BSA Stealth Tactical Red dot w/blue and green dots also! Different light conditions can be addressed. Besides a mounted tactical flash, it also includes a mounted, adjustable Laser!! The real eye-opener was the “Iris” lens” protectors, that are functional as well, being an aperture control – as in a camera.
    Yours, Ric

  • Tom

    I received my Mossberg Tactical 22 last night. After all the mixed reviews I have read here is what I think. I was under the impression that the carry handle was affixed to the weapon, and the iron sights. I opened the box mine had no carry handle and the sights were screwed on. That made me very happy. First thing I did was remove the sights added a 4 reticle style sight, bought a box of Federal ammo. I had alittle trouble with the spring in the mag, maybe because it was new I’m guessing . Shot the gun had jams after jam. I got to looking at the ammo and I noticed that Federal ammo has some sort of coating on it, possibly wax. I switched to CCI ammo and shot around 250 rounds with no problems at all. For the money this is a great plinker, I give it thumbs up.

    • breed56

      I have been trying the CCI Mini Mag-Stinger and the rifle works GREAT!

    • Zetterberg

      Hi, i had the same kind of trouble with the exact same gun, so right now i dont buy federal ammo, i had way better experience with the thunderbolt ! didnt got a chance to try the CGI tough, anyway for the price i dont think you can beat this plinker !

  • Eric

    I was wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem?! When I fire my rifle the action stays in the locked open position!! Sometimes it’s after one bullet and sometimes i can shoot about 5 rounds then in stops in the open position and there’s still bullets in my mag!!
    If anyone can help me please send me an e-mail (
    Thank you

  • jeff

    to take the clip out easy u have to pull the polt back and push in on the little handle like the arrow on it says and the clip will fall right out if u dont lock it back it presses aginst the clip

  • Lonnie Ray

    I shot this gun today and must say its very enjoyable, people wanted to know what it was and I was glad to tell them!! Good Job Mossberg!!

    • comanchee

      Is anyone selling the 25 round clips? I can’t find one anywhere.

  • I just bought one of these with the 25 round magazine and it jammed every 2nd or 3rd round. The problem is definitely the clip. Mine had one side of the top a bit longer than the other, there was a little nib of extra metal there. Once I filed it down lightly to get both sides even, it has now shot 200 rounds (CCI, and a few various Remington cartridges) without jamming ONCE. I didn’t even have to file much, but it was just enough to cause FTEs. It’s a really fun gun to shoot.

  • Chris

    After much deliberation and perusing through the reviews, I broke down and bought one. Of course I too was attracted by the price, however, that did not last very long. I can appreciate Mossbergs’ intentions, but they certainly fell short in my opinion. Asthetics matched the sales price, not completly unappealing, but not quite at the quality of other .22’s. The clips did not seat well (rather wiggly), and the magazine release was not quite there, they did not eject (depress the release and remove the magazine manually). I could not manage to fill a magazine to the full 25, 15 to 20 at best, both mags.
    I purchased different ammo, Winchester and CCI tactical, both worked poorly equally. I was unable to fire more than 5 rds. in succession, the bolt would stay in the open position every 1-3 shots, rather annoying… actually, very annoying. I returned it to the shop the very next day and had the gun smiths check it out, they were unable to figure it out. It was either ship it back to Mossberg or upgrade, that was the best extra $200 I ever spent. Don’t get me wrong, if it had shot considerably better I would have been happy with it, heck, for that price where else are you going to get something like that? I went with the S&W M&P15, what a gun!

  • ima.22 man

    If ur having problems dropping clip after cycling rounds through, as the manual will tell u, what u need to do is pull bolt back and push lever in. Then the bolt is locked out of way of the clip and then u can drop the mag. Pull bolt back and ur back in business. Just read the manual on locking ur boltunlocking. Hope this helps those having probe dropping mags.

  • Joe Taylor

    you can pick one of these up new at Walmart for 236.00 Im thinking about picking one up.

  • jay

    It called a Magazine NOT A CLIP !!!