Keystone Sporting Arms Model 10 Shotgun

Keystone Sporting Arms, the makers of the Cricket series of rifles, have introduced the Model 10 bolt action 20 gauge shotgun. It is available with either a rifled or smoothbore barrel. The magazine holds two 2.75″ 20 gauge shells (2+1 capacity). A youth model will be introduced later this year.

No word on pricing.

Steve Johnson

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  • ap
  • D.Baker

    Looks a lot like my old Mossberg 185KA, which has been good to me for many years. I always thought bolt action shotguns were under-rated.

  • Drew

    Wow, haven’t seen a bolt shotgun in years!

  • Matt

    Why? Just so the manual of arms would be the same as a bolt hunting rifle?

    What’s wrong with a regular old double barrel?

  • Komrad

    I like the idea of a dedicated slug gun with a bolt action.
    In places like Illinois and some other places in the midwest, the only options for deer hunting are bows or shotguns. I would like to see a 3″ magnum rifle and possibly a 3 1/2″. But a 3 1/2″ may not be practical as the action would have to be as long or longer than belted magnum cartridges.

  • Ladyfox

    Two words: Enfield Shotgun

    You give me one of these, and the ability to take Saiga 5 and 10 round magazines, and I swear I’d get a second job at 7-11 to pay for one. ^_^

    • Ladyfox, they are actually quite common, at least in India. Someone over there had this great idea to convert Enfields to take .410 bore shot guns sells. They figured they would make good riot guns (!!!).

  • Michael Scolman

    I have missed bolt action shot guns…looking at my Stevens 58D 20 GA. as I type.

  • J.T.

    I would rather spend the extra $80 and get a Savage 220 F.

  • Derfel Cadarn

    Make it with extended mag.(10 round) and set as a scout rifle and you would have something worth buying.

  • Ladyfox


    To say I was surprised would be understating things so I did some quick Google-fu and would not have not believed it had I not seen this:

    Now THAT is, to me, almost as cool as a converted Enfield in 7.62×39. Now I wish to have one badly to see if the folks over at Special Interest Arms can convert one to take Saiga .410 magazines. *drool*

    DARN YOU! *shakes her fist alternating between a smile and a frown*

    • Ladyfox, haha, yes that would be very cool with a detachable magazine. And thanks for the link!

      I find it strange that there is so little options for .410 semi-autos. Just like the .22 makes a great trainer, so does the .410. I guess the reason is that .410 is not really cheaper than 12 gauge, unlike the difference between .223 and .22 LR.

  • Ladyfox


    Hey, got to share the love so to speak. -_^

    I find it odd that the .410 in general really does not get that much attention as well. It’s a low-recoil platform that’s been around for quite some time and while it does not hold a candle to either the 20 or 12 it’s not bad. Consider as well that as much as people complain about snubbies being suggested to women I complain about 12-gauge shotguns being suggested for home defense. The 12-gauge is NOT for the feint of heart and even with low-recoil rounds it’s still pretty stout and if you’ve never touched one off before it’s a pretty big eye-opening experience.

    Thankfully with the introduction of the Judge the .410 seems to be getting a resurgence of interest with new loads being produced for it for the first time in quite awhile. I’d really be interested how these new loads perform out of platforms like the Saiga .410, or even the Keystone, with rifled bores rather than smooth ones.

    • Ladyfox, good point, I forgot about the judge.

  • larry

    the keystone is a wonderful idea but it has a few flaws. like a rough trigger and the magazine is very loose and creates alot of noise. two and three quarter chamber, and the holes for the scope are installed in the side of receiver.which limits the availabilitiy of mounting scopes. it nees a high comb stock so your eye is level with the scope and you get good support for your cheek. needs some tlc. thanks , larry

  • mike a

    just paid $299.98 at Cabela’s nice to have a price come down