Sig Pro SP2022 Back in Production

Good news, Sig fans. The Sig Pro SP2022, which was discontinued sometime ago, is now back in production. Sig Sauer Guns reports that is appears that only the 9mm and .40 S&W models are being produced, with demand for the .357 Sig not high enough to warrant production. The MSRP is $613.

UPDATE: The .357 Sig is being produced, but won’t be available immediately.

[Hat Tip: Sig Sauer Guns]

Steve Johnson

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  • clamp

    I didn’t know they were discontinued. They have been on the shelf at Academy Sports here in Fort Worth for years. Selling for $499.99.

  • Hey Steve, I may have miscommunicated. I think they will do .357 Sig but they won’t be available as soon. There will also be lower production levels on it. I’ll double check with sig and provide more info.

    • John, no problem. Will update.

  • Sean

    Does that mean there is another Bourne movie on the way?

  • Frank

    I wonder if this means they’ll discontinue the P250.

  • John C.

    Can’t you just switch the barrel in the .40 to make it a .357? Or is that only on the P226/P229?

  • JoeB

    Damn, I would love a .357SIG version

  • Marc

    Great gun, great value. Didn’t know it was out of production.

  • wizemanful

    This a good thing. The SP2022 was the most underrated sig pistol, maybe even polymer handgun.

  • One other observation I have – this model doesn’t have the lanyard loop. Some (perhaps all?) previous models did have the loop. The photo of the SP2022 on shows the pistol with that lanyard loop…

  • I believe the SP2022 has been in production to some extent but it hasn’t been available for sale to retail stores (according to our Sig rep). My understanding is that they were filling various overseas contracts. I think he said they just completed a contract for 40,000 of them. I know that they have never had any available or offered them to us for 2 or so years. Note that some or all previous models had the lanyard loop. I’m not sure if all the older ones had night sights but the current production run does not. I expect they’ll add a bunch of variations to include them later.

  • @Frank, I haven’t heard anything about the P250 getting dropped. It seems to be popular for Sig. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of them. Now that I think about it, I can’t really think of too many models (whole lines) being discontinued at all in the last few years. Just limited edition ones and a few models that have variations (like the P238 w/o night sights) or some various X-5 models.

  • Hogan

    Interesting…I bought one years ago and have always felt they were ahead of their time. Built in rail (proprietary system then), traditional DA or DAO conversion, and interchangeable grips on a reliable and accurate platform. I was always surprised how much contempt people had, but they really are great guns.

  • Jason

    They have been selling them recently at Turner’s in Southern California for $399. BUMMED I didn’t jump on that deal.

  • John: I know that Colombia bought a lot of SP2022 via a Foreign Military Sale handled by US Army TACOM.

  • @Jason, that makes sense – that is probably the contract the rep told me about.

  • Clairon

    For the overseas contracts : more than 250.000 Sig 2022 have been produced for the french Police, Customs and “Gendarmerie” . By the way the name 2022 come from the French Police, this pistol is foreseen to stay in service until 2022

  • Steve

    Mine has a lanyard loop, you just couldn’t see it in any picture. It’s built into the base of the grip to make it for a sleeker design I suppose. Best value I’ve seen on any handgun in its class, I’m glad that Sig decided to bring it back!

  • Hey guys, I have another update…. After a few calls to Sig asking about the idea of a two tone SP2022, our rep found out that they can be made. I’ve got a long winded explanation at It sounds like it isn’t a regular cataloged item yet but I think it will be added at some point. I was able to order them already.

  • Chris

    I just ordered one of the .40’s. My dealer said that his rep told him the only .40’s available were the night sight versions. Ayhow, I was glad to see them back.

  • Tom

    I got a current production made on 30 July 2010. It is a 9mm and the softest shooting pistol I have ever shot in 9mm. Very nice function and shooter.I would love to buy one in 40S&W

  • Rob

    Great pistol the SP2022, accurate, reliable and the price was hard to beat, especially for a Sig! I’m glad they are going to make them more available, maybe they’ll make more accessories for them like the other Sigs (only downfall). Prices seemed to have gone up since I’ve had mine, but hey maybe the guy just didn’t think it would sell as good so lowered price, makes feel good that I made a good purchase. It was my first polymer pistol, which my others are luger p08 which my dad brought back from Dachau in WW II and a SW1911. Still love my .45, maybe I should have purchased the .40.

  • great pistol I have shot many rounds no problem my trigger is alittle gritty though,. maybe it will smooth out . I would like to try the forty.

  • Kyle Blanchard

    2022 is the best value on the market. hands down, not even close. i love my sig pro.

  • SteveII

    I have a German made (Three number) and a US assembled 2022, as well as a very early 2340. Couldn’t agree more that the SigPro is the most underrated poly pistol available.

    As noted above, the French have adopted it as their across-the-board duty pistol, original contract and add-ons of over 300K units. Probably why they’ve been hard to find lately. As far as I can tell, they have never been out of production.

    If you can get hands on a SigPro for less than $450, take it- it’s a steal.

  • Chris

    I was able to get mine out for the first time last weekend and it was a great shooter. My sister liked it alot too. I was only able to put 120 rnds through it but was flawless and accurate.

    I was able to get the .40 bss with night sights for 520.00 to my ffl. I couldn’t find anything near that price in the the 2022 .40 . The 9mm are a little easier to find .

  • Jason

    Turner’s is back at it. On sale for $399 again. I JUST picked up and XD9, but the Sig just seems too good to pass on…

  • David

    I dragged out my first production 2022 in .357 Sig with the Sig Lite night sites last nite. I love it. A shooters dream and I’ve always been a GLOCk and a 1911 fan. I got a heck of a deal on this pistol and never really handled it much. Seems as thought this one is pretty hard to find in this caliber.

  • I just bought one yesterday at turners. The warehouse had none left. Completely sold out. I had to take the demo but Im good with that. I shot my buddies and fell in love. This is a very nice sig. Trigger is superb. I hope mine is as nice as his. Gotta wait 9 more days. Boooooo.

  • Btw. The 2022 I shot was way more accurate than I. I could ring a propane tank at 75 yard + or – nine out of 10 shots. With my 1911 I could only hit it about half the time. I was blown away. Pun intended. Can’t wait to shoot mine. Best thing about it is mine is 9mm so ammo is cheap. I knew this would be one of my most favored guns so cheap rounds mean more trigger time. I would love a 357 sig version tho. But I already have one. My p229.

  • andy

    hey i just recently got a 2022 .40 cal and need an extended aftermarket barrel, not very many companies will make them. anyone know where i could find or look for one? it would be a big help

  • Steve

    I own both the 9mm and 40sw Sig-2022’s, both are outstanding pistols! I have already qualified to carry the 9mm for work; will take the 40sw to a scheduled qual-test next week. The DA trigger pull on the 40sw version feels a pound or two heavier than on the 9mm, but the polymer frame does a nice job of soaking-up the recoil of the 40sw. Also, my 40sw came with a larger squared-off mil-spec Picatinny rail. Due to the larger rail size, the 40sw does not fit into my Blackhawk CCQ Serpa Level-II Holster that I had been using to carry the 9mm for work. Also, I believe that the front of the trigger-guard is a bit wider and set-back a tad more than on the 9mm, so the Serpa retention lock my not engage properly. The only options here that come to mind would be to either purchase a much more expensive Safariland Level-II or III Duty Holster, or introduce the 40sw polymer frame to my Dremel Tool and round-off the rail and reduced the forward-edge of the trigger-guard. Will decide after I qualify with the 40sw. I found some good SigPro 40sw magazine prices on the CDNN website:

  • @steve. The newer 2022 have a true Piccadilly rail were as the older have a proprietary rail. I found this out the hard wY when I ordered a holster and it did not fit the newer rail. That could be the difference why the holster doesn’t work. Perhaps your 9mm has the older rail.

  • @Steve & Jeff – The new model produced in Exeter, NH actually has a thicker slide too. This is more likely the reason it didn’t fit the holster. The rail was indeed changed but that is less likely the issue with the holsters.

    We were one of the first ones to actually bring this issue to the attention of the factory. They shipped the older spec holsters with the newest guns and they didn’t fit. I called the factory and they couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t fit. I ended up shooting a video and uploading to YouTube to send over as an illustration.

  • If you are still looking for an addotional .357sig barrel for your .40 Sig Pro. Try Barstol or firedragon on the Web.

  • Picatinny not picadilly. Stupid iPhone auto correct.

  • Chris Holland

    Can anyone avise of a retention duty holster that will accommodate the Sig Sauer 2022 with the retooled New hampshire frame? We currently use the Safariland Rapto holster for the older 2340’s and 2022 with the German manufactured frame, but the latest 2022 with NH frame won’t fit.

  • Sig is supposed to have the holster updated to fit the newer one. I’m not sure about other brands. I do know that the standard XD holster will hold it but it doesn’t lock the pistol into the holster.

  • jon

    I’ve been waiting for a .357 conversion barrel for my .40 sp2022 for over 6 months now and it just came back in stock at TopGunSupply!

  • Prchrmn2

    Turners here in So. Cal has them again at 399.00, and I got one problem is it only cam with 1 Mag. I see 15 rd mags going for about $30.00 but you can’t touch a 10 rd mag for less than $45 any leads on where I can get 3 for about $110?

  • marauder1

    Just picked up my sp2022 at turners for $399 i bought it last week they had another sale but they are sold again. it came with only 1 mag but i bought another mag at costa mesa gun show for $35. will pick up a couple more at the gun show later.

  • Dave

    The SP2022 in .357 sig is still in production, I just ordered one but the Sig rep stated that there is a 4-6 month delivery schedule. Also I just got off of the phone with S&W and they are dropping the M&P 357 version due to the ease of just changing barrels in the .40 S&W versions.

  • I just picked up a Sig SP2022 in .40 cal and love it. It has the great Sig p226 feel but the advantages of the polymer lower half. It is a great weapon in my book.

  • chuck

    I have the new sig sauer sp 2022 and I was wondering what the difference is between the German older model and the New Hampshire Newer Model I’m looking to get the new CAA RONI si2 for my sig and from what I hear it will only work with German made sig sp2022.