RONI Carbine Kit coming for Beretta, Sig and Springfield

EMA Tactical will soon be importing the RONI Carbine Kit’s for the Sig 226 and 2022, the Springfield XD and the Beretta Px4 Storm pistols. The price will be $399, the same as their GLOCK kit.

Legally, the converted pistols are SBR’s, not carbines, and so the necessary paperwork must be filed with the BATFE.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Alaskan

    thats cool. now to acquire a XD..

    I can see this kind of gun used in a space/sci-fi show,much like the Beretta CX4 Storm was used on Battlestar Galactica

  • Dom

    Will they have a true carbine version any time soon? I think I’d prefer one with that barrel length, and to not mess with the BATFE.

  • SpudGun

    They better come out with these quick – the zombies have nearly reached the Mall!!1!!11!

    Instead of buying a PX4, a carbine conversion kit and a Tax Stamp, you could go out and just buy a CX4 Storm (or better yet, a real rifle) – but that would be too easy.

  • gunslinger

    i find it interesting that they are making it a SBR, thus increasing the paperwork and price of the kit. if i wanted a cheap pistol rifle, why not get a hi-point? maybe it’s too early for me to think aout this clearly.

  • Ben

    That thing looks like a half retarded thirteen year old designed it. I knows it’s personal opinion, but why would anyone want that?

  • Ben

    And before anyone calls me out on it, I accidentally added an “s” to the end of know…

  • colin


  • Chris

    The reason it is an SBR is that the gun just pops into the “stock.” It does not replace the slide. To have a longer barrel would be to render the gun single shot.

  • Robert

    X2, Gunslinger. I already have an old bird gun cut down to 18″ bbl with shortened stock for local ‘pest control’.

  • 4Cammer

    My Ruger PC9 is making more sense all the time…

  • spudfiles

    Personally, I don’t see the appeal of adding extra length to a handgun with no performance benefit other than making it easier to fire accurately.

    Surely the kit should include a longer barrel and have the pistol mounted further back to give a bullpup style weapon that will at least benefit from higher muzzle velocity from a given round, that will give a flatter trajectory and make it even easier to shoot accurately at longer distances.

    Also, why not add a functional muzzle compensator as opposed to a fancy bit of sci-fi style plastic dressing?

  • I shot the Glock RONI during Media Day at SHOT last January and was reasonably impressed it. Build quality seemed good and I had no problem rapidly acquiring and hitting steel at 50 yards. I have to agree though that it is somewhat expensive and I think the need for a $200 tax stamp pretty much eliminates the civilian market since you can buy a good quality subcaliber carbine in that range.

    Even though it’s kinda cool, it does seem like a solution in search of a problem. Personally I’d opt for a subcaliber AR upper (and maybe even spend the $200 getting it SBRed) over the RONI for the obvious reasons of ergonomics and familiarity with controls.

  • Alan
  • John C.

    Yeah I don’t see the point of this for a Px4 when there is already the Cx4. I also don’t really understand why you can’t have a SBR without doing the BATFE paperwork.

  • Brian

    I wonder when someone will make one for the M&P? Will the XD kit fit the XD(m)?

  • Okki

    EMA is not “making” it an SBR. The Roni is no different in a way from the bolt-on stocks that you can get your your H&K handguns etc. Most foreign markets (including gun problematic Europe) allow stocked handguns without any tax stamps etc like we have to deal with here.

    The reason they don’t make one with a carbine length barrel is because (as implied by the stocked handgun comment above) is because it does not replace the slide/barrel. Hera makes a version for the Glock that does replace the slide, but the beauty of the RONI system, and competitive systems like it, is that is requires no modification of the handgun and thus a police officer could go from a holster carry side arm to a 3 points of contact shoulder aimed platform in seconds.

    Having 3 points of contact drastically increases accuracy for most shooters, although you are still limited to the capabilities of the handgun. The larger opening on the front allows for a suppressor to be used with the system.

    It has also been argued (and I tend to agree) that the display of a shoulder mounted weapon has a greater perceived threat value compared to a handgun, which may result in a perpetrator surrendering more easily.

    I’m personally still holding out hope for a Walther P99 version.


  • Chris

    Trying to see the point to these. I suppose they would make for a good, cheap alternative to a carbine/smg/pdw/etc, particularly if a department already has a plentiful supply of Glocks or other compatible pistols.

  • Bill

    Not worth the $200 SBR tax.

  • Pete

    Does anyone make a 16″ barrel for any of these pistols? Or even a 14.5″ with a permanently attached flash hider?

    It seems that if you could find a pistol barrel that long TC vs US would apply and you could swap back and forth.

  • pro

    very limited applications
    even for (para)military
    too heavy , same ballistics with the pistol
    I would go with an upper portion replacing existing barrel-slide , with barrel 6-7″ , and foldable stock , semi/full auto . With total weight less than 4,0lbs , creating a pdw-smg out of a pistol , and aiming to the military/paramilitary market ,


  • jdun1911

    Because Hi-Point carbine does not come with a short barrel.

    I’ve thinking about making one of my 1911 into SBR just to have. I budget at least $200 (tax stamp) every year so I can turn one of my firearms into SBR or purchase an NFA item.


    If your state allows NFA I suggest you get on board. If you have $200 and 1 hour of free time you should make one of your firearm into SBR. It isn’t hard to do, just a long wait process.

    I think the $200 tax stamp is unconstitutional and should be challenge in courts.

  • gunslinger

    Ok. i didn’t realize it wasn’t a “slide/barrel” replacement like some of the pistol-to-rifle type kits. Adding to the fact i didn’t realize the euro laws allowed for stocked pistols. that makes more sense now. that’s when it said carbine i was like what? so that’s why I was thinking that why would one go through the SBR tax stamp process when there are cheaper alternatives. now, for a LEO or the like, i can see some of the uses, but not for an average guy like me.

  • The rationale behind it is for those countries where you need a new and hard-to-get licence for a semiauto carbine, but you already have a handgun. Two-in-one.

    In my country it is not a new gun, just an accessory without any licence. It is 100% legal to take on an existing handgun and use it in IPSC 3-gun competition.

    Our video about this (and the FAB Defence set) device:

  • FFB

    This is similar to the KPOS but without the folding stock!

  • rothco

    surprised nobody’s mentioned this kit

  • big bear

    just get a kel tec sub 2000 it will do all that this will no stamp nessaseary and it will use your pistol mags and is only 300 dollars

  • Protector OO

    And the majority said the Hi-point was ugly.Tactical weapons are not made to have fine lines and beauty.Their made for functionality,and ergonomics!!!If you want pretty and shiny tactical is not the weapon for you!Their not made for runways!!

  • Molon Labe

    Oops…you lost me at “paperwork with BATFE”. Cool product though, and good luck.

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