In depth comparison of the FN SCAR vs. AR-15

Hootiewho has posted an incredibly comprehensive article on comparing the FN SCAR and AR-15. He went as far as to do a temperature analysis!

This article is well worth reading.

[ Many thanks to Vitor for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bill Lester

    Interesting article. I hope the author has thick skin because I can envision some jabs and barbs from the AR fanboys. What I personally found most interesting, as an “AK guy,” is how much cooler the Norinco Kalash ran than the other weapons.

  • Vitor

    The carbine lenght gas port does not help a DI system at all, ridiculously high rate of fire.

  • Spiff

    Why not add another “veteran” to the mix (SCAR is not it!) – a proven success without the AR’s 9 million changes, and still changing…add the Steyr AUG!