GLOCK is the ATF’s Chosen Duty Weapon

Both S&W and GLOCK won a contract from the BATFE to supply pistols, it appears that GLOCK has been named the “Chosen Duty Weapon” of the agency. My understanding is that agents are able to chosen between the S&W M&P and GLOCK for their personal duty weapon.

From the GLOCK press release …

I am pleased to announce to you today, that along with the awarding of the contract with the ATF, GLOCK has been officially named the Chosen Duty Weapon for the agency!

This choice comes after rigorous testing and evaluation including a 20,000 round endurance shoot and brutal environmental testing. The ATF selected the GLOCK 22 Gen4 and 27 .40 caliber semi automatic pistols as their choice of duty weapon; demonstrating that GLOCK earned their trust and confidence!

Steve Johnson

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  • Bill Lester

    I wouldn’t read a whole lot into this. It’s just Glock marketing speak.

  • SpudGun

    As much as I hate Glocks (I really do, ugly, uncomfortable things), I can totally understand why it was selected as the primary choice for the ATF.

    As was shown by the number of user induced failures during the trials, the ATF agents don’t seem to be that au fait with handguns, so they’re going to choose the pistol they’ve heard of the most – the Glock.

    • SpudGun, first half was insightful, the other half was just trolling and was deleted. Trolling just makes more work for me.

  • Lance

    Im with Spud-gun Glock are ugly. I think given time the S&W could out beat the Glock. This is the first MAJOR agency to buy M&Ps.

  • jdun1911

    I really think Sig will be lock out of the Federal market for decades just like what happen to S&W 30 years or so where they dominate both local and federal market.

    Both S&W and Glock are fighting tooth and nail in both markets. S&W realized they got a winner in the M&P, while Glock tries to maintain it dominance in the local market while going after Sig in the federal arena. Once you’re our, you’re out not for years but decades. It’s something that seems to be in the future for Sig and to a lesser extent HK.

    I would not be surprise if Sig starts to cut back from the American market. Their firearms price point aren’t competitive in today’s environment where unemployment is higher than that of the Great Depression. Both local and federal law enforcement are hurting for money and Glock has a long history of cutting their price to bare bone or a lost to gain market shares.

  • Pete

    Glock is still the best price-quality ratio on the market, just deal with it.

  • Gunslinger

    HAHA M&Ps are just imitation glocks just like SA XDs. I’ve shot them both and they feel nowhere near as good as a glock does. The former has a lousy reset to boot. Glock is always going to be #1 as far as performance, value and durability.

  • i am a sig user and just purchased my first glock pistol a glock 23 gen4, and when i shot the first fifty round i was hooked for it felt a little better than my p229 40 in the sence that i did not to aim hard to stay in the bulls eye, the maintenace after shooting 250 rounds was faster also.
    my department issues the p226 9mm but we can use any sig in any calibur which i do like but the cost of a sig now days is just crazy and with department crying broke sig is on the edge. glocks in my opinion are cost effective and they just plain work and the new generation 4 is much better since i am a lefty and can switch the mag release to the other side of a glock now, man we should be using glocks on duty.

    corporal frank m wood
    wayne county sheriff’s dept.
    based in downtown detroit michigan

  • 54Bravo

    I’m consistently amazed at the number of people who comment on the ‘attractiveness’ of workhorse firearms like these. These types of guns aren’t made for the fashion show, folks, they are designed to do what they do efficiently and effectively. Dead is dead and it doesn’t matter much to those on the business end of a pistol, if it’s “ugly” or not.

    Chrome, gold, fancy grips and all that don’t push the bullet any faster or more accurately. You can worry how pretty your pistol is, all you want, I’m going for one that frickin’ works well, myself.

  • oicu812

    The M&P series has set sail and left Glock at the dock. Even with the well documented problems with .40 and .45 Glocks over the years, Glock still has a heavy following. I carried a Glock (9mm) for over 20 years, but no more. The M&P with its far superior ergonomics and features is a better mouse trap.

  • big waddy

    I like Sigs, S&W and Glock. Glocks are combat handguns that just run. Parts are simple to replace, field stripping is clean and easy and costs are low. Guns are accurate, with built in rails, best source of aftermarket lights, lasers, etc.

    Glocks are combat handguns, not collector pieces. My Glocks are the most reliable weapon systems on the market.