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  • TCBA_Joe

    From Soldier Systems:
    “Backward compatible with 5.56 lowers”.

    There’s some real innovation.

    Here’s to hoping…

  • charles222

    Yeah, that backwards-compatible stuff does leave me scratching my head. How? You can’t fit a mag for 7.62mm into a mag well designed for 5.56mm, for obvious reasons.

  • Vitor

    So, it will be basically an AR-10?

  • Anton

    AR-15 based 7,62?

  • Trent

    Soldier Systems’ site now says 5.56 uppers. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to fit a .308 through a 5.56 lower, but I’ve been wrong before.

  • Ahhh, then it must be a 7.62×39 rifle 😛

  • Underwhelmed

    I think it is the other way around… the 7.62 lowers will be compatible with 5.56 uppers. The wider mag well would probably have inserts or be swappable to take the smaller 5.56 magazines. Or that’s how I interpret it.

  • Big Daddy

    SCAR wars….LMAO!!!!!

  • The Bart Man

    Its a JP rifle!!
    With some more “tactical” dress parts.
    Perfect!!! 🙂

  • Marshall Mathers

    7.62 x what?

    7.62×51 NATO would be interesting
    7.62×39…. meh…. I guess that means that those folks who own 7.62×39 ARs might have another choice in magazine manufacturers…


  • Rijoenpial


    FNH-USA already has tried to ‘sell’ that idea to SOCOM regarding the SCAR-H’s backward compatibility to the 5.56 cal… So, this is no novelty at all…!

    I agree that the weight could be a prob, but assuming the materials are the same (extruded aluminum) in both SCAR-L and SCAR-H upper receivers, and assuming the weight cannot get further down (8 pounds for the SCAR-H against the 7 pounds of the SCAR-L), they have to focus on getting an upper that is either polymer (like the Beretta ARX-160), lighter aluminum or a mixture of both (like the Five-seveN – polymer on the outside and steel on the inside)…

    The actual prob are the inside components… I think that the F2000 had the idea: the parts that could be replaced by high-density polymer, should, in order to try to keep the weight down…

    I think Colt is blatantly ‘stealing’ FNH’s idea and trying to make it sound new, when it surely is not…!


  • TCBA_Joe

    Rijoenpial, I’m very aware of the SCAR-H’s back compatibility.

    However, it’s unique for the AR-15/10 market.

    The only way I can think of making it works is via the MGI style lower, with a removable mag well. In fact, MGI was actually supposed to produce a .308 style AR magwell for their lower.

  • jdun1911


    No one is stealing anything from FN. All AR 308 are backward compatible with 5.56 upper.

    Other than saving money and for fun there is no reason for an AR 308 to use 5.56 upper.

  • JS
  • Rijoenpial


    I was refering to COLT itself…I too have seen many AR 308, 5.56- compatible…But not from COLT… So, in order to have that choice on the table, COLT first needed to have a 7.62 rifle before making it 5.56- compatible!

    Also, I was considering the timing of the weapon itself, not the retrocompatibility thing!

    The fact is that these news appear just a few months after FNH and SOCOM developed the idea to make the SCAR-H upper able to have 5.56-compatibility…


  • I test-fired the CM901 on both semi-auto and full-auto about two weeks ago. It’s pretty cool.

    Btw, the SCAR concept wasn’t FNH’s idea.

    • David, thanks for the comment!

  • My pleasure. 😉

  • jdun1911


    If it is an AR 308 design it is by default backward compatible with 5.56 and every calibers that has the same length or shooter than 7.62×51. All that is require is a upper.