Federal Introduces Prairie Storm shotshells

Federal’s new Prairie Storm ammunition features a mixture of shot. 70% of the shot is copper-plated lead and the remaining 30% consists of “FLITESTOPPER” nickel-plated lead. Federal says that the mix produces good patterns. The FLITESTOPPER shot features a cutting edge which increases penetration.

Prairie Storm will be available in 12 and 20 gauge.

Steve Johnson

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  • A-Scale

    Cutting edge you say? Doesn’t that mean it will fly irregularly and off target because of its uneven aerodynamics?

  • I do not see how it will improve take downs, I find either you get a good solid hit or you do not, so price is going to be key with this one, if they charge an arm and a leg for it I will stick with standard bird shot.

  • Jamin

    What size shot is it tho?

    Are the copper and lead going to be different diameters or weight?

    Will you get this in dove, quail, turkey, goose, poodle loads?

  • Andy

    Wait. What’s the difference between this and Black Cloud?

  • Jim Orth

    The difference between Prairie Storm and Black Cloud is that P.S. is lead and B.C. is steel.