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  • Doug

    I don’t know what time zone you are in, but its well into 9/12 eastern time. Kinda pushing it…

    • Doug, it was still 9/11 when the post went online. Been offline this weekend and should probably have queued it up with the blogging software but lol I always forget that functionality exists.

  • charles222

    Jesus, that’s one hell of a thing to see even nine years later.

  • Anton

    It doesn’t matter.

    I remember I was doing my newspaper round when this happened. The most surreal thing to ever see.

  • Bobby

    My prayers go out to those still suffering.

    Odd to think it’s almost been a decade.

  • Y-man

    @ Doug: I don’t think it matters AT ALL. 9/11 or 11-SEP (As we call it here.) exists painfully in our hearts EVERYDAY. It touched EVERYONE. A close friend lost her husband, who was a muslim Nigerian. Those demons that did it should burn in hell.

    It touched EVERYONE. The date does NOT matter.

  • dt

    Sadly, most Americans have gone back to sleep when it comes to 9-11. We are more concerned with reality shows, celebrities, and greed. I was giving a tour to a college group when we found out what was happening. Several of the idiots thought it was good that it happened to the Pentagon.

  • Gun.up

    I like the new mobile( being able to see sites on iPhones and stuff) feature
    It’s interesting to see how alot of sites have this feature now.
    Excelent work on the site Steve

  • Ivan

    We grieve with you, guys.

  • SoulTown

    And the world was never the same…

  • RC

    A date that will live in American history forever. Nothing I can say that hasn’t already been.

    And the Anton was right, it was surreal. I was working that morning and just happened to pass the tv, I had to pull my boss in the other room and we just stared at the video slack-jawed.


  • Victor

    I remmember that day as if was hours ago, still clear in my mind. Since I’m not american, much less new yorker, I saw it all through TV, live. That was fvcking horrible to see. We MUST never forget for that was not an attack against the United States of America, that was an attack against everyone who cherises the freedoms that democracy brings.

  • Alex K

    This might not be too appropariate to say but… Wow what a view from up there.

  • mr_lorenco (republick of kosovo)

    3 albanian muslims whass also killed there 9 years ago 🙁 🙁

    those pigs who did that did it only for personal proffit not for anything else
    not for the fatherland not for the religion ,only for money and than gave someone else the blame .
    they shouldt burn all in the hell !!

  • I will never forget that day, where I was, or how I learned of this tragedy.

  • Anton

    Someone said the world isn’t the same anymore but is that really true?