Saddam’s chrome AK returned to Iraqi Army

Tactical Life reports

… Brought back as a war trophy by a U.S. Army soldier who had served in Iraq, the rifle was seized by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in cooperation with the U.S. Army at the behest of the Iraqi government.”

I think illegally importing a Class III rifle would result in jail time. I hope they were lenient on the soldier.

[ Many thanks to Sven for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    If I were an Iraqi, I would care less about a chrome plated AK and more about the 200 billion dollars worth of oil that was taken home as a ‘war trophy’.

    What will the Iraqis do with this new found treasure? Put it on display for their thriving tourism industry?

  • I want to know the story of how it was found.

    •, my guess: loose tongues after to many beers

  • Vak

    Aww come on, who the hell wouldn’t take that kind of war trophies ? I think I would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t want Saddam’s Chromed AK to put in his living room and have something to entertain the guests.

  • Jim

    Can you even imagine being THE guy who got Saddam’s gun? That’s like bringing home Hitler’s pistol.

  • I thought there were exceptions to a lot of those rules for war trophies (for units, not necessarily individuals.)

  • Lance

    Heck with Iraq we should keep it as another war silverier.

  • I agree with SpudGun…in a sane world they would be spending their time divesting Kofi Annan and his son of the vast majority of their worldly possessions rather than seeking to recoup a firearm which could be replaced for less than $1000US (although it will likely end up in a museum, which I understand.)

  • 54Bravo

    Schwwweeeeet-finally, a pimped out MILLED receiver AK! I always wondered why the gangsta’ AKs that are all fancy and gold plated are the stamped receiver kind. Seems like if you were going to put a ton of money into an AK, you would want to do it to one that will hold up and last far longer. (then again, the whole concept is pretty silly-what’s next, Swarovski crystals all over it and a D&G logo? Hmmm, actually, that’s probably been done…… *sigh*)

    Guess I’m old school as I generally prefer function over fashion in my firearms. 😀

  • Big Daddy

    How about we melt it down or auction it off and give the proceeds to the families of the American soldiers who died in Iraq. That would be a start….

    I always wondered what happened to those bundles of cash soldiers found. They were turned into the US government, were are they now? I have an idea, but at this point it would get too political for this GREAT gun blog.

  • J.T.

    Would have been nice if they actually posted a picture of the gun in the article instead of a generic AK folder.

  • William C.

    I say that soldiers unit should have gotten the weapon as a regimental history sort of thing.

    The soldier certainly shouldn’t be punished. Hell, I think he should be reimbursed for it.