New Ruger 10/22 Tactical FS

The Ruger 10/22 FS is a new addition to the Ruger Tactical 10/22 line. The is standard blued/synthetic 10/22 but with a threaded barrel and Mini-14/SR-556 flash suppressor.

The barrel threading is the standard 1/2-28 which will fit many firearm accessories, such as other flash suppressors, muzzle brakes and suppressors.

The rifle has a 16″ barrel and weighs 4.3 lbs. The open sights were removed from this model.

The price is $316, which represents a $39 premium over the cost of the standard blued/synthetic 10/22.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Vak


    Doesn’t compute.

    • jeffyjames

      get over it people….. if someone wants to customize their gun that they purchased with their own money, than you and the rest fo you tacticool haters are not the ones to tell them its stupid etc.. its their gun and whatever they like to do with it is their business, besides half of the tacticool upgrades either shave weight or bring uses into pieces that the stock version didnt have available.

  • iMick

    Damn I miss my 10/22, of all my rifles that are now paperclips, this humble .22 is the one I miss the most 🙁

  • Clint1911

    The regular 10/22 had the worst scope bases. People on multiple forums told me to just throw it away because it was so bad. Of, course this is after the and scope FELL OFF the gun. Seriously, no amount of torque would hold the base on the receiver. The mighty recoil of the 22lr would just shake the base loose in 100 rounds and after 300 rounds or so, the scope fell off.

    I got different rings rather than risk damaging the threads on an AL receiver.

    Somehow I just cannot trust a weaver-rail-only 10/22.

  • SpudGun

    I’m glad they put a new flash suppressor on it, the ball of flame that comes out my 10/22 is like staring into the Sun…except it isn’t.

    This ‘tacticool’ craze is starting to get a little out of hand.

    • Pete

      I put a suppressor on mine. All you hear is click with CCI 0074 ammo

  • gunslinger

    i agree vak. although i heard somewhere that the .22LR is used by some military, but i could have been mistaken. but yeah. the only reason to make the 10/22 “tacti-kool” is for the “black rifle” look. just look. if you can’t spend the 6-1500 on a “real” black rifle, you can just get .22 and be happy.

    personally i like the BSA 10/22 much better. some rifles are just better “wood” guns than “black guns” but that’s just me.

  • David

    Guess I’ll spray paint my 10/22 black and put a red Punisher skull on it as my tactical paper puncher and rodent slayer, maybe write “Harvester of Sorrow” on the barrel to make it even more scary.

    I don’t know what kind of scope base I have on my 10/22, but it works fine.

    Anyone else see that groovy upgrade for the 22/45 pistol that turns it into a little carbine? Sweet. Saw it in some gun pron in the past couple of weeks.

  • Andy

    This is awful.

  • Bryan S

    Clint – One easy fix for that is to take and replace the rear pin with a buffer, takes most of the battering that happens to the receiver by the bolt and makes it a non issue.

    Tactical 22 –

  • John C.

    I think an extra $39 is well worth it for a threaded barrel and a flash suppressor (even if the flash suppressor is of negligible use). But, there are no sights…

  • Cymond

    I’m glad to see an affordable 10/22 that comes with a threaded barrel from the factory. The extra $39 is a lot cheaper than sending the barrel off to a smith or buying a new one. However, I’m sad to see the sights go.

    Clint1911, I solved the problem with a little Loctite. Unfortunately, this means that a 10/22 must either be dedicated to use only with open sights or only with optics. I’m thinking about building another 10/22 from an aftermarket receiver with an integral rail.

  • I just want to get one of the barrels.

  • me

    Well not all that convinced that the 10/22 is in all that dire need of a flash suppressor/ recoil compensator. Seems like usless overkill to me, but in today Tacticool market, I guess the skys the limit. All though I do suppose it works good as a thread protector for other goodies that can be attached.

    Maybe Ruger ordered way to many for the 556 and was desperately looking for a way to unload them? LOL

    Kinda find the lack of open sights odd, kinda really handicaps the package IMHO.

    I just built a pseudo tactical 10/22 rifle this summer. Houge overmolded, extended mag release and bolt handle. fiber optic sights. Millet red dot. Gun Kote Charcoal Grey, Seeing I got the syn/SS model on sale for under $200, I built a heck of alot more utilitarian rifle, for not to much more bling that what this is offered for.

  • John C.

    I never knew that there were problems with the scope bases. Mine has satyed on for about 3 years, with no loctite

  • Josh

    rather featureless for a tac rifle I tacced my 10/22 out folding stock $80 hi cap mags $25 ea light mount tac sling and raised tac scope mount $50.
    mine shoots amazing fast and super accurate the Isreali army does use these as less lethal but have found them to kill pretty well.
    your black rifle shoots .22 as well just a little heavier and twice as fast.
    this might be the rifle they use as they silence them they are also used for animal control.
    a .22lr jacketed hi velocity will go thru an old school tv or a tubed monitor, buckshot bounces off.
    .22lr is lethal and I use mine as home defense, mine eye shots at 25yds, and won’t over penetrate as much.

  • Josh

    ooh forgot I did put a $80 leapers milldot scope but that was before it got tacced and a all plastic trigger guard for better pull it has a extended mag release too.
    I also have never had any problem with the 10/22 mount falling off but mine is circa 1980 production.
    I have had both mini 14 rancher fall off and my mk3 22/45 target until I tightened and tapped it and tightened again.
    I don’t glue mine unless I have to loctite or gorilla.
    I agree with flash hider but some do like the muzzle brakes.
    I don’t need it but my rifle is about 1-2lbs heavier than usual, pistol grip helps too.
    no sight is a big loss as they are usually quite good, ruger does that sometimes not sure why.

  • Steven

    I just purchased The Ruger Tactical FS (Model #1261) today and believe me when I say this, Ruger has a serious (but good) mistake on the specs about this rifle on their website. The barrel that comes with this gun is not the standard barrel like the one pictured on the website or anywhere for that matter, the actual Rifle comes standard with the thicker barrel and the Flash suppressor pressed on to the barrel permanent. It’s not quite a Bull barrel but a notch thicker than the standard barrel, I’m pretty sure its the exact same barrel that is on the SR-22. Also, the barrel band that goes around the forend and barrel is not included because it uses a thicker bull type barrel, thank god because I never wanted that one there in the first place. I don’t know how Ruger could make a mistake like this and miss marketing the rifle with the better barrel that actually comes with it but I suggest anyone considering getting a 10/22 anytime soon to jump on this and get the this model #1261 now before Ruger catches on and fixes the issue. You heard it here first. =P

    • Zoomy

      I noticed the two variations also. I have one of each. They both have the factory model number 1261. The lighter barrel version with the barrel band has a designation of “10/22-FS”, while the heavier barrel without the barrel band is designated “10/22-RPT”. I got them from two different distributors when the rifle first came out, and have not been able to find the “RPT” since.

  • Pete

    To all of you who like to rip on .22’s,

    Who’s going to volunteer to allow me to shoot you in the face with a high velocity hollow point .22lr bullet?

  • Laserbait

    I love mine! I just got it about 2 weeks ago, and have shot the heck out of it. The only hiccups came from a bad Hotlips mag. I’m using the stock scope base, and it’s holding up just peachy. I have a Leupold Rifleman 2-7x scope with Leupold Rifleman Rimfire rings. It’s less than 5lbs of shooting fun!

    For a joke, I want to get a JP Tank Brake for it. 😀

    • Akomplice

      While I agree with you that a well placed .22 can be just as deadly as any other round, don’t spread misinformation around. Call of Duty is a very fun game, but it’s just a game and doesn’t mesh up with reality. There’s too many people out there that think they are firearm experts because they “Pwn The Noobs” on Call of Duty.

      To someone who knows nothing about firearms and calibers, a .223 is only as you put it, ” is only 3 thousands of an inch bigger than a .22″ cal bullet.

      In reality, the .223 round comes in 35gr, 55gr, 64gr, and 75grain and the .22 comes in 28gr, 36gr, and 40grain.

      That’s a big difference when it comes to the actual bullet weight, not to mention the powder difference between the two. A .22 round is a soft lead bullet, the .223 rounds are for the most part, jacketed bullets.

      What you also don’t know is that the .223, is not really the same as a 5.56 NATO round, while they are very very similar, the 5.56 NATO is a higher pressure round than the .223 round.

      Check out the differences between “NATO” and “SAAMI” chamber pressures.

      All you would have to do, is Google “.22 vs .223” or “.22 vs 5.56 NATO” and you will see just how different those two rounds are.

  • Gopher

    LOL Pete! I agree with ya! You can kill with a 22 just as easy as a 30-30 or whatever. The military uses a .223, thats just 3 thousandths of an inch bigger than a .22, yes it has more powder, but a .22 is just as deadly, just maybe not as far.

  • McJoe

    Personally I see a place for a tactical, supressed 22. I also approach life from a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” mindset. A suppressed 22 can be fired with mansized lethality (cns shots reccomended) whilst maintaining concealment. Im sure youve all heard the story of the perp shooting the cop with a 22 mini revolver, after taking 4 center mass hits from a 357 with silvertips… the perp lived, the cop died shortly after calling for help.

    Dont discount the fact that you can carry 1000 rds in your pockets. Bring your. 223 to my woods and fall before my 22 before you even know im there. Ill pop your eyeballs.

  • Semmon

    Does this come with a Weaver scope mount OR a Dovetail 22 mount?

  • Peter

    Anyone has put a bipod on this since it does not come with std stud. I wonder what kind of adapter I would need to attach a harris liked bipod on it.


  • Steve

    After putting a brick of ammo through his FS, a friend says he is in love with the rifle. He stated it is far more accurate than his other 10-22. I have to point out his other rifle was nearly the first one ever made AND he has a leupy on the FS that costs 5 times what the rifle did. However, after shooting his FS, I am thinking about buying one. Problem is I have seven others in different configurations. I agree that the old base mounts that came with my other 10-22’s are garbage. AND aluminum receivers should have 8/40 screws in them. Don’t have any idea where I “stored” my old ruger base mounts but this FS mount seems to be better than I remembered. Re: the “tactical” business. This word can legitimately apply to many different situations. To me, it just means getting a particular job done in the most expedient and effective way. I also agree that whatever one wants to put on their own equipment is entirely up to them. Another big agreement and word to wise 10-22 owners: PUT THE BUFFER IN!!!

  • Faroosh

    Great to see a 10/22 with a threaded barrel straight from the factory, too bad about the sights. I live in the country, but not so far that I don’t have close neighbors. I am still looking for a 10/22 with a threaded barrel I can attach a silencer to so I don’t bother everybody as much!