More on the ATF’s new pistols

Glock and S&W jointly won the competition to supply pistols to the BATFE. Glock’s spokeswoman has said that the Glock pistols chosen are the Glock 22 Gen4 and the Glock 27 …

This 10-year contract is valued at up to $40 million, and makes available for the first time both the GLOCK 22 Gen4 and GLOCK 27 .40 caliber pistols to all ATF agents. The terms provide additional Federal Agencies the opportunity to ride on the contract in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Steve Johnson

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  • Just a little tip to take the Firearm Blog to the next level, and because it shows up in the quoted text, the actual correct spelling of GLOCK is all capitals.

    Also, BAFTE is BATFE.

  • jdun1911


    We are laughing to the bank for 10 years. To the person that designed the Sig 250 please come pick up your check at Glock HQ.

    We like to take this opportunity to tell that this contract is open to other federal agencies. If you hurry we give you a free baseball cap and T-Shirt for your trade in of Sig and HK! This is a limited time offer!

    Mass producing Glock Perfection since 1982.

    Thanks You,
    Glock Spokewoman laughing all the way to the bank.

    Phone: 555-We-Will-Rule-The-World.

    Fax: 555-Where-The-Money

  • Bandito762

    With as much gun grabbing as ATF does I really don’t see why they need to purchase any new firearms. They can just look in their “pending” case evidence lockers.

  • Mike

    It is an IDIQ contract: Indefinite Delivery/Indefinte Quantity.

    Will be interesting to see which federal agencies actually purchase how many of each (S&W and/or GLOCK) over the next 10 years.