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  • SpudGun

    Being the intellectual powerhouse that I am, the first thing I typed was the F-word…and yep, the hunter and the bear got jiggy with it.

  • Peter BE


  • shankbone

    If you type “votes Republican with”, you get a #404 error.

    If you type “becomes a liberal with”, the man is executed by a militant-looking bear while sobbing and begging for his life.

  • Ivan

    Why everybody think about the same things?! I mean the F-word… OMG, zoophilia… very providently for creators.

  • Y-man

    Well, I used the F-Word too! A hunter FILMS the Bear! (Well, I used the Other F-word too, instinctively!)

  • Don’t feel bad, SpudGun I did the same thing.

  • SpudGun, you’re not the only one.

  • If you just type “Becomes” you get the same militant bear vid that Shankbone mentioned.

  • p1choco

    Did the same thing too. It would be nice if someone did a spoof followup to this and enabled a scene for the F word lol.

  • Ethan

    Things I’ve tried and had them work:

    Listens, screws, teaches, kisses, plays, tricks, dances, has a drink, urine, smokes, gets high, tickles, moons, shops with, plays instrument, shoots, fights, calls, rides, farts, mows, shaves, eats, cleans, cooks, freezes, jumps, is, paints, football (hahhaaha), hugs (hahhahaa), rick astley, high fives, dates, watches TV with, takes a picture with, and moonwalks.

  • ZomBkiller

    Fart is a good one too…