Remington VERSA MAX

Although there is not much new to add, I was remiss in forgetting to blog about the final specs of Remington’s new VERSA MAX shotgun was announced.

Remington VERSA MAX Waterfowl Camo

From the press release …

Remington is pleased to announce the most exciting addition to its respected 100-year lineage of autoloading shotguns – the highly-anticipated VERSA MAX. This technologically-advanced, gas-piston operated 12-gauge, 3½-inch autoloader shatters convention and all previous benchmarks for reliability with an action that is unlike any that have come before it. Built to withstand the elements, function reliably with all 12-gauge shells with less recoil than some 20-gauge shotguns, and designed to be fully adjustable for length of pull, comb height and stock drop and cast; the VERSA MAX represents true versatility to the MAX!

Initial VERSA MAX offerings include a 28-inch black synthetic version with custom grey overmolded grips and 28-inch Mossy Oak Duck Blind® full camo version with black overmolded grips. In January 2011, two additional 12-gauge models will be introduced – a 26-inch black synthetic offering with grey overmolded grips and a 26-inch Realtree® AP™ fully-camouflaged version. Both the 26-inch and 28-inch black synthetic models come with five Flush Pro Bore® chokes (Full, Mod, Imp Mod, Light Mod and IC) and both camouflaged versions come with four Pro Bore Extended choke tubes (IC, Mod, Full and Extra Full). All models feature our soft-touch finish on the stocks and fore-ends.

At the heart of VERSA MAX is our patented VersaPort™ gas piston system; an extremely-reliable, semi-automatic operating system consisting of seven gas ports and two gas pistons for enhanced load versatility, while softening recoil and reducing maintenance. The VersaPort gas system self-regulates gas pressure based on the length of the shell, for flawless cycling no matter the load! Additionally with its self-cleaning gas piston system, overall maintenance time and effort is greatly reduced. With fewer parts than conventional gas systems, not only is cleaning easier but there are fewer parts to maintain. From the lightest 2 ¾-inch target loads to the heaviest 3 ½-inch magnums, the VERSA MAX cycles with ultimate consistency, softer recoil and less maintenance than ever experienced before.

Black Synthetic
All Purpose Camo
Specifications (Black Synthetic 28″ model)
Caliber 12 Gauge (3.5″)
Capacity 3+1 (2.75/3″) or 2+1 (3.5″)
Finish Black Oxide
Stock Grey Overmolded Stock
Barrel 28″ TriNyte Coating (26″ barrel also avalible)
Total Length 49 15/16″
Weight 7.7 lbs
Front Sight HiViz
MSRP (Price) $1399

The Camo models have an MSRP of $1599.

A video about the shotgun:

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  • Peter

    “…come with five Flush Pro Bore® chokes”. Is this another new choke system that will be incompatible with the current Rem Chokes?

  • SpudGun

    Yay! The Remington PR Department reads the Firearms Blog!

    ‘The VERSA MAX represents true versatility to the MAX!’

    And what I done wrote –

    Still, I can’t wait to see this new and wonderous ‘self-cleaning piston gas piston system’.

    • SpudGun, I don’t know for sure if they read the blog.



  • Craig

    Anyone know when they will finally be available?

  • Merrill

    I just bought the Versa Max Synthetic late today. Wont get it for another 2-3 weeks but I got a chance to check one out several weeks ago and its well balanced, low recoil and a nicely crafted peice to ad to my collection. Looking forward to brining my new baby home. Price for this was $1210

  • Ivan Hildreth

    I just bought a versa max in duck blind camo. The choke tubes that came with have PROBORE PASS SHOOTING, PROBORE OVER DECOYS, PROBORE FLOODED TIMBER and PROBORE WINGMASTER HD TURKEY/PREDATOR. All are extended length. Which is the full, modified and improved cylinder, I expect the TURKEY is the extra full.

    • Brian R

      I recently purchased a versa max and plan on breaking it in tomorrow on some clays.

      You are correct,

      Turkey/Predator = Extra Full
      Pass Shooting = Full
      Over Decoys = Modified
      Flooded Timber = Improved Modified

      I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just give them normal labels to eliminate confusion.

      • Lantz Woodfin

        it would have been nice for Remington to have let everyone know that the different camo patterns represented different choke tubes one would receive when purchasing a versa max. i couldnt see paying an extra 200 bucks for a cammo patten so my friend and i bought the black. if you dig deep enough on remingtons home page you can find this but by searching versa max you will see the woodland camo. it comes with a turkey tube.when receiving the gun we found out the black doesnt come with a turkey tube. i called remington and the rep was more than happy to tell me i could buy one. its a great gun but i told the rep they could have made this point a little easier to see. $200 bucks is hard to come buy but looks like those who buy the black and expect to get a good turkey tube you will be dissappointed. my fault but still leaves a bad taste. its also extremely hard to find a turkey tube for these guns.

  • judd richards

    i’m curious as to whether they have left the grip area slender as in the 1100 and 1187. i find this desireable. in comparison the browning silver pistol grip is fat and feels uncomfortable in my hand. i’ll wait for the 26″ barrel also as that fits my purposes better.

  • Joe

    I love remington! Has anyone shot a maxus(browning) I’m sorry to say it but shoting my buddies. I like it… I want to give the versa Max a chance. I guess what I’m saying is… tell me how much better the versa max is over maxus. they cost the same out of gander mt.

  • Richard Swanson

    Hey Fellas just for us old guys couldn’t you have come up with an option for one with a real nice piece of wood



    1,850.00 EUR = 2,476.23 USD dear gentlement , this is the price of VERSA MAX (BLACK) in Europe GREECE .
    BERRETA A400 UNICO goes for 1655 euros.
    what do you believe will happen , for this (VERSA MAX) in Europe? I come to believe that REMINGTON doesn’t care , for Europe.
    Sorry , enjoy your new gun , for us will remain on pictures.

  • jay

    I have the new versa max i have been shooting skeet with it and around every 50 round the nut on the fore stock keeps coming loose? so i took it back to the gun shop where i bought it and got anther one and it does the same thing does any one know why this would happen ?

    • montague63

      That item was recalled and a new design does not do that. Call Remington

  • jon

    I bought a versa max last year from buds gun shop online. duck blind camo was 1210 shipped to my ffl. Greatest deal I have found. This is also by far the nicest shotgun I have ever shot.

  • Tim

    I bought my Versa Max at the end of last Waterfowl season and have loved every hunt with it. I have yet to have a miss-feed with it, and I have put around 500 rounds through it with just basic cleaning. I hunt alot and in bad conditions. The only complaint that I do have is the same issue mentioned before about the forgrip screw coming loose occasionally. But this is better than only getting 1 shot off before my SBE jammed…… Every other go!!! I just remember to check it every once in a while.

  • ApexRR

    I love my versa Max except for when it malfunctioned the other day. After 500 rounds, the bolt would not cycle all the way back. After two frustrating days, a gunsmith determined the plunger was binding due to excessive carbon fouling.

  • Montague63

    Versa Max black synthetic I bought for my wife for trap shooting has been troubling. She is on her second serial number since Remington swapped out the original one. 5-8% of the time the shells would not go into the barrel from various companies when the bolt moved forward cutting the shell tip. Now with the 2nd gun after 500 rounds the firing pin fouled intermittently. Now after 650 rounds of target loads the button to release the bolt forward is immovable. With cleaning and oiling per Remington both problems seem to clear up. Is anyone out there having problems? Their technical support suspects a bent part since the button when working seems to need a lot of pressure to engage. Remington has been very helpful but I have not read much about problems. The recoil reduction on this model is outstanding. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Jason

    i bought my versa max last november. Everytime i shoot it now, my third shell will never come out of the magazine n kick into the chamber. the chamber opens and ejects the used shell but wont cycle the 3rd shell. It does it every time with Black Clouds which i shoot but it dont for blind side or Kents. Anyone else with this problem? and i have a huge problem with my key/pin for my chamber falling out. It has fallen out 3 times just this year already. I found the key 2 times but last weekend couldnt find it and i called remington on monday and its gunna take 5-10 days to ship my new part! In my opinion that is ridiculous. So now i sit with a gun with no key/pin to hunt with for geese this wkend….c’mon remington…..your better then that